Celebrate 5 Years of Great Grooming with “The Best of BirchboxMan”

Help BirchboxMan celebrate their five year anniversary with their limited edition “The Best of BirchboxMan” featuring a collection of their bestsellers and customer favorites.

Since 2012, BirchboxMan has been devoted to finding the best and most convenient ways for men to enhance their grooming experience. With an unparalleled passion for top-notch grooming tools and products, BirchboxMan delivers quality grooming bundles to their subscribers every month for just $20.

These monthly boxes are great for those gift searching, or those who want to upgrade their grooming routine, but aren’t sure where to get started. Boxes include four quality grooming samples, covering essentials like bath soaps, beard oils, and hair products, among others. They also throw in some stellar lifestyle items, such as a pair of socks or sunglasses.

On April 18th, BirchboxMan released their exclusive box in honor of their five-year anniversary. This is a great gift for any guy with a spring or summer birthday or e for those going off to college. Boasting 10 of their best and brightest products all packed into one, “The Best of BirchboxMan” delivers daily essentials to get any man through his day.

What’s Inside ($55)

First, this is a $141 value package that’s being offered at a total steal of a price. And we know BirchboxMan doesn’t hold back in quality, especially when it’s the best they have to offer. Here’s what’s inside:

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