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Eight of the Best Apartment Dogs

best apartment dogs
Finding the right canine companion to fit your lifestyle isn’t as easy as it seems. We all have that breed of dog that we’ve always admired, but sometimes their living requirements don’t mesh with ours — especially if you live in an inner city apartment. The best apartment dogs are not the bigger dogs that have high energy levels, such as a Retriever, German Shepard or Border Collie. They will not thrive in a cramped space. In fact, many dogs that are not suited for small spaces may become more of a menace than man’s best friend.

When looking for the best apartment dogs, there are three boxes we recommend you prioritize: size, grooming rate, and energy level. If a dog is too big for your living area, sheds heavily, or likes to tear your couch pillows apart when you’re gone, then having it in your tight knit abode can become quite a hassle for both of you.

You can go to Pedigree and take a dog-to-environment personality test if you feel it’s necessary, but there are some dogs that acclimate to apartments better than others. Luckily, there are plenty of smaller, yet manly, pooches that make for the best apartment dogs. Here are eight dog breeds that adjust well to apartment life and live up to man’s standards of courage, intelligence and friendliness.

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is one of the best apartment dogs simply because they’re lavishly lazy. A short walk and a little play time is all they need to thrive. Otherwise, the couch and your lap are their sanctuary. They also check off the box on size, as they rarely grow taller than 18 inches from the ground. Walks are fun, but they easily tire–it’s those stubby legs.


This barkless and bold breed is a great companion in confined spaces. Growing to about 18 inches high and 25 pounds, the Central African descendant won’t take up any significant space or leave fur all over the place. They’re brimming with energy, however, and don’t like to be left alone. So if you’re always on the go and you don’t have the capacity to attend to your canine and facilitate daily walks, then a Basenji may not be for you.

Boston Terrier

The American Gentleman, or Boston Terrier, is another size-pleasing breed that never grows taller than a foot and a half and rarely sheds. Although they’re small, they pack a lot of heart into their sturdy frame and will need some kind of daily routine, walk or exercise to keep them happy. When kept in shape, you can expect owning one of these gentlemen to be one-of-a-kind experience.



Despite their recognition as a lengthy race dog, Greyhounds and their tinier Italian cousins make for a fantastic apartment pet. Their needs are easy to satisfy, as a daily walk or short trip to the park will suffice. Plus, their calm nature means minimal noise and less visits from the neighbors. Due to their size, though, we recommend something bigger than a studio so they feel like they have some space.

Great Dane

Surprisingly, Great Danes are not just one of the best apartment dogs — they’re perfect. You can catch one of these large and friendly loafers hanging out on the couch more often than not. They have very mild energy levels, even if they are one of the world biggest breeds, and are devoted companions. With that being said, they enjoy and seek time outdoors such as hikes or even an occasional jog.

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This feisty fur ball is a perfect size for the apartment and is not an overly dependent breed. If you’re one who likes to go out on the town often, you shouldn’t have to worry about a Pomeranian digging through the trash while you’re away. They do have lots of energy, though, and require daily walks to burn some of that off, or else they’ll be barking for attention. Yes, they bark a lot. Fur on the couch is an inevitability, but their intelligence and loyalty makes up for it.

Basset Hounds

Basset Hounds are another breed that is bigger than a lot of the other dogs well-suited for an apartment, but are nonetheless a great pairing because of their calmness and mild need for exercise. Make no mistake, Bassets have the capacity to walk all day and smell everything in your neighborhood, so don’t think twice about bringing him with you when you’re running errands or eating out.



They’re so ugly, they’re cute. Pugs are playful, loyal, and charismatic pets that require lots of attention and like to be close to their owners as much as possible. Due to their inactive lifestyle, quiet nature, and size, Pugs make for a great pet for apartments of any shape or size. Some do enjoy being active and it’s good for their weight to get some exercise.

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