Must-Have Winter Accessories to Get You Through this Year’s Cold Season

The wet weather is here, which only means one thing: winter is right around the corner. Now, at this point you should already be sufficiently stocked up on cozy winter coats and rubber boots or shoes. And while these are absolute necessities, there are other ways to go about staying warm while also upping up your style, too. A few winter accessories judiciously applied can easily elevate any winter outfit from so-so to spectacular. 

winter accessories

We’re talking about the little things that make life a bit easier when cold conditions hit: Scarves, hats, maybe a pair of long underwear – anything that protects you from the elements in the most comfortable (and cool-looking) way possible.

Winter Accessories Every Man Should Own

Some items may vary based on personal comfort and physical location (you likely won’t need long underwear in Florida, friends), but these are these are the winter accessories that every man should own – no matter what.

  • Scarves
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Hats
  • Long Underwear
  • Umbrella


You know, those lightweight neckpieces that cut-off cold gusts of wind. Scarves are great for protecting your head and ears from the cold, which in turn normalizes your body temperature and makes you more active and more productive.

Everlane Merino Wool Scarf – $22+
must have mens winter accessories striped scar

Not only is this merino wool scarf from Everlane a versatile and stylish addition to your winter wardrobe, but the ethical-minded U.S.-based manufacturers also made so many of them that they give you the option to let you pay what you want for this durable, draft-blocking, double-knit merino scarf.

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L.L. Bean’s Pistil Dane Scarf – $38
must have mens winter accessories cashmere scarf

Charcoal is a perfect hue for winter because of its neutral hue that pairs well with anything, making this insanely soft, wool-acrylic blended scarf from L.L. Bean a great addition to your cold-weather collection.

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Keeping your hands warm is one of the best ways to keep your internal body temperature regulated. Plus, winter gloves can go a long way toward keeping your phalanges functional and fashionable.

Hestra Utsjö Elk Fleece Gloves – $140
must have mens winter accessories hestra gloves

Hestra has been making high-quality gloves since 1936, all of which are made in their own factories and are crafted from extremely high-quality materials. The Utsjo is a dress glove – best made for a business or fancy fit – and is crafted from a comfortable and flexible Nordic elk leather with Primaloft insulation for warmth and a fleece lining for comfort. Sure, they’re made with appearance in mind, but man these will keep your hands toasty.

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Downholme Leather Cashmere-Lined Gloves – $60
must have mens winter accessories leather touch screen gloves

These simple, yet classic Downholme gloves are the epitome of a minimalistic craftsmanship that offers functionality and comfort, a wide range of dexterity, and allows you to use your phone or other touchscreen devices without having to remove your gloves, which is key from November through February. 

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Sure, a nice pair of rubber shoes or durable boots will help keep your feet dry and snug, but the socks you wear truly do the work when it comes to keeping your feet comfortable in cold weather – whether you’re hanging out inside or out on the town for your daily grind.

Anonymous Ism Indigo Cable Crew Sock – $40
must have mens winter accessories huckberry anonymous ism socks

Just because they’re hidden doesn’t mean they need to be ugly or easy. Anonymous Ism lives by Benjamin Franklin’s probably apocryphal phrase, “I will never leave home without a nice pair of socks,” and they do him justice with these durable cotton-poly knit socks that won’t shift in your kicks throughout the day. 

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STANCE Stack Socks – $16
must have mens winter accessories stance socks east dane

A statement sock is an essential component to any wardrobe if you want to look and feel your best. If you’re looking for a cheaper yet stylish option, the supple ribbed-shaft and colorful, printed STANCE socks are an ideal addition to your footwear collection.

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Like a scarf, hats and beanies go a long way toward keeping your head and ears warm. Cold weather headwear does more than just being a practical addition to your wardrobe, too. Sometimes the right hat or beanie can bring your outfit to life with its undeniable visibility and verve.

Columbiaknit Knitted Cap – $17
must have mens winter accessories columbiaknit knitted cap burgundy

Portland, Oregon-based Columbiaknit has been crafting garments for almost a century now – beginning in 1921 and still using their ’20s era knitting machines. Their devotion to making high-quality knitted products doesn’t go unnoticed and their knitted cap, which is available in assorted colors, is a flawless inclusion in any winter wardrobe.

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Finisterre Fisherman Beanie – $34
must have mens winter accessories finisterre fisherman beanie

A life on the water in early dawn is a cold one, as any fisherman would know. Finisterre’s dedication to supplying warmth to those braving the cold front results in a snug beanie constructed from 100 percent merino wool.

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Long Underwear

Long underwear is a lifesaver when the mercury drops. They insulate a large and important portion of your body (your legs), all while remaining quietly hidden beneath your favorite fall or winter pants

Mack Weldon Long Underwear – $78
must have mens winter accessories mack weldon long underwear

Dubbed winter’s workhorse, Mack Weldon’s merino wool long underwear provide the thermoregulation you’re looking for. It’s a great go-to for layering up when the cold comes, especially when many of us men may fail to realize that you can layer up below the waist, too.

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BN3TH Long Underwear – $55
must have mens winter accessories beneath long underwear

Whether you need to rake leaves, are embarking on a long backpacking trip, or simply need extra warmth and comfort for when the snow hits town, BN3TH’s long thermal underwear provides great support for the family jewels while retaining heat. The brand’s coveted and widely popular MyPakage technology is designed to cover the activities of a gentlemen, whether it’s rural or urban, outside or inside.

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The practicality of an umbrella goes without saying. It’s basically the one item that can keep you and your wardrobe dry and protected from heavy rain or wet snow that doesn’t have to be worn. Ten points for portability!

London Undercover Midnight Blue Oversized Check Umbrella – £104
must have mens winter accessories blue plaid umbrella london undercover

If you’re looking for style on top of your practical umbrella usage, London Undercover’s midnight blue umbrella is oversized to give you extra coverage against rainfall and boasts a beautiful malacca wood handle and beech wood shaft for added style. Its checkered design is simple but gives off more personality than your typical black silhouette, and the silver spokes give it a nice refined touch. The frame is also crafted with steel, making it strong enough to stand up to high-wind conditions.

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Blunt Metro Umbrella – $59
must have mens winter accessories blunt metro umbrella

We mentioned above that a pure black umbrella gives off less personality, but depending on who you are, it might give off just the vibe you’re looking for. Blunt’s metro umbrella is offered in other colors, too, but their black silhouette is a go-to, wind-and-rip resistant canopy umbrella that is quick and easy to open and close, and also offers unmatched UV protection for those of you in high-snow, but still sunny environments like Colorado.

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If you’re a little behind on the cold weather gear, don’t worry. Here are some great options for winter boots and snug sweaters.

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