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Zenith watches have a new addition: A Chronomaster Original with first-ever feature you’re going to love

A tri-color dial might just push you to buy one

A side by side of the new and old Chronomaster Original watches.
Courtesy of Zenith Watches

From iPhones to watches — whenever a new model is dropped from our favorite brand, we go crazy. If you live for the newest release of wrist candy to see what simple but exciting update has been added, Zenith watches are giving you a feature to fall in love with. Known for vintage treasures from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, the brand just released a new version of its Chronomaste Original fans will rush to add to their collection, all thanks to one little but luxurious change.

The Chronomaster Original watch in stainless steel.
Courtesy of Zenith Watches

The Chronomaster Original

Remember the chokehold those Timex Indiglo watches had on us in the ’90s? We love it when a brand does something to make us go mad. Whether it’s as groundbreaking for the time as a light-up watch or something as elegant as a color update we didn’t see coming – we want it all.

Zenith watches have been around since 1865, making this one of the oldest watch companies continuously giving your wrist something to feel good about. That alone is impressive, but knowing they keep coming up with fresh ways to keep us interested is key.

The watch getting the update is the Chronomaster Original, which made its debut in 1969 in the form of the A386 El Primero. This release has all the same details as the version Zenith did in 2021 as far as the dimensions go, but still kept the original good stuff.

Chronomaster Original in stainless steel.
Courtesy of Zenith Watches

The dialed-in details

The main change

  • The black dial is a matte to keep that vintage style, not the shinier lacquer Zenith did for the Sport.

The detail Zenith has locked in is all about the dial. The original version had a silky white dial, which made the tricolor subdials stand out. Zenith decided to do what it had done to all of the other models and bring it back in black.

We think it’s a smart move. Not only was it the last version to get the update, but the tricolor subdials pop more against the darker hue. It looks even more prominent with the stainless steel band. It’s the little things that make a piece more exciting.

Other small changes

  • The date wheel has been updated to black as well.
  • The chronograph scales have been inverted.

Ways to wear it

  • You could grab the Chronomaster Original two ways. Go for a calfskin strip or the classic stainless steel bracelet.
  • The calfskin goes for $9,500.
  • The stainless steel version sells for $10,000.

If you are someone who likes to change their watch based on outfit choice, the calfskin strip would be the better fit, as you could get a gray, black, or tan strap.

From pro-athlete Aaron Rogers to actor Will Ferrell — even Mahatma Gandhi carried a pocketwatch — Zenith has created beautiful and timeless pieces that are enjoyed by many. Having one of the most precise chronographs out there might not be a bad thing, either. If you are looking to grow your timepiece collection, the Zenith Chronomaster Original is the perfect watch to get.

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