Warm Up Your Whiskers this Fall with a Hot Oil Beard Treatment

hot beard oil treatment
Nothing dries out your hair and skin like the dreary months of fall and winter. Wind, cold, and indoor forced-air heating all do a number on the derm. Dandruff acts up, your face gets flaky, and, oh, your poor beard! Never fear, because there are a number of great beard oils out there that will keep your whiskers looking fresh and moisturized all year long — and if you’ve never used a hot oil beard treatment before, you’re missing out.

We asked master barber Michael Haar to fill us in on the benefits of such an application and his top product recommendation: the Proraso Hot Oil Beard Treatment.

Proraso hot beard oil treatment, hot oil beard treatment
Proraso Hot Beard Oil Treatment/Amazon

“It’s an intense, nourishing treatment for even the wiriest, driest beards. It hydrates, nourishes, repairs, and promotes healthy growth, using ingredients such as glycerin, eucalyptus oil, and aloe. It will leave the beard healthier and softer, feeling invigorated, and smelling great,” he says.

Tell us more. How long does your beard have to be? Do you need a full fluffy beard or can you treat scruff? 

You can use the Hot Oil Beard Treatment on a long, full beard or scruff. Simply adjust the amount of oil you use – half a vial or so for a shorter beard, and a full vial for a long, full beard. The oils are super nourishing and promote healthy growth, so they help the beard grow in smooth and hydrated, and help repair and condition fuller beards in need of some extra TLC.

Can you describe, from start to finish, how to use Proraso Hot Oil Beard Treatment in order to get the best results?

To use, immerse the product vial into a bowl of hot, but not boiling, water for one minute. Next, dampen your beard with warm water and rub oil into the beard, working the treatment from the root to the tips. Leave the treatment on for at least two minutes and then rinse thoroughly. 

Is the treatment good for the skin underneath your beard?

The Hot Oil Beard Treatment contains many ingredients that are valuable to the skin, like aloe, which soothes, moisturizes, helps promote healthy hair growth, and protects; and glycerin, a humectant, which helps draw in, and protect from loss of, moisture.


What can you tell us about the scent? 

The Hot Oil Beard Treatment has a warm, woody scent of cedar wood and Mediterranean cistus (rock rose) with a hint of fresh and invigorating menthol and eucalyptus.

How often should you condition your beard with hot oil?

You should condition your beard as needed. Be sure to ask your barber how dry or brittle your beard feels to them. Very wiry beards may need to be conditioned with hot oil every week or so, but others may only need to apply it once every couple of weeks.

Other Product Recommendations

As Haar points out, the magic behind a hot oil beard treatment is the heat. You can just easily use a standard beard oil and repeat the process that Haar details above. To help you find the perfect potion for your precious locks, check out some of our favorite beard oils below. (You can find a more detailed list here.)

If you’ve never used a beard oil before, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. You want a treatment that hydrates, nourishes, repairs, and encourages healthy hair growth with natural essential oils that won’t irritate your skin. You’ll also want to steer clear of any oils that are too fragrant, as the smell will linger in your beard for a long time and can cause some serious sniffles if you’ve got allergies.

Leven Rose – $13

Leven Rose Beard Oil hot oil beard treatment

The fragrance-free beard oil from Leven Rose is a great option for the guy who wants a conditioning treatment that’s affordable and 100 percent natural. With only two ingredients (organic jojoba oil and Moroccan argan oil), this quick-acting oil moisturizes and calms even the coarsest whiskers.

Beardbrand – $25

Tea Tree Beard Oil Beard Brand

The Tea Tree Beard Oil from Beardbrand features a soothing jojoba oil base and the crisp, clean scent of tea tree oil. The concoction is lightweight and won’t leave your beard feeling damp or greasy. In fact, the special blend is guaranteed to make your facial hair look lush and shiny.

CanYouHandlebar – $20

Handlebar Wisdom Beard Oil

Wisdom Beard Oil by CanYouHandlebar is for the man looking for a pungent, woodsy fragrance. Made with olive, grapeseed, Vitamin E, apricot and essential cedar oils, this conditioning treatment not only keeps your beard healthy and dandruff-free, but also produces a great earthy musk.

The Blades Grim – $10

Cinder Beard Oil

Handmade in the U.S., the Beard Oil from The Blades Grim is a full-bodied elixir that’s ideal for taming knots and calming any skin irritation from combing. Mixed with several oils, the liquid gives off a distinct fireplace scent that is both warm and inviting.

Article updated September 8, 2017 by Cody Gohl. 


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