Top Poppers: The Best Popcorn Makers for Your At-Home Enjoyment

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Sometimes all you want to do is kick back at home and binge your favorite Netflix series. A booming surround sound and comfortable couch are two items that make your home theater more inviting, but you’ll need one more thing: popcorn, of course. Whether you’re watching your favorite movie or series by yourself or you have company over in the form of friends or a lady, a popcorn maker can recreate the warm and welcoming movie theater experience. Plus, who doesn’t like popcorn?

High-quality popcorn makers can generate delicious popcorn in just a few minutes. The result is much tastier than your everyday bagged kernels. You may be surprised, but sometimes it can be just as easy as tossing a bag of popcorn in the microwave, too.

There’s hardly anything better than a room filled with the olfactory sensation of buttery popcorn, and for that reason, we’ve compiled a popcorn maker roundup so you can make the most of your weekend screen time. 

Best Popcorn Makers

Orville Redenbacher Hot Air Popper – $25
best popcorn makers machine popper maker orville redenbacher

When we think popcorn, about half of us would make the connection with Orville Redenbacher. The brand has been a pop-ular choice for homebodies and movie-goers alike, producing high-quality, gourmet popcorn with real butter since 1952. With that being said, Redenbacher’s hot air popcorn popper is one of the easiest to use, easiest to clean, and one of the healthiest options in our popcorn makers roundup. By using hot air instead of oil, the popper decreases the calorie count immensely, while still providing users with a melting cup for butter so you can distribute the goods as desired.

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Wabash Family Farms Stovetop Popper – $31
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Stovetop poppers are one of the best methods for making popcorn because they use a metal stirrer and oil to evenly heat and cook kernels. Although hot air poppers decrease your calorie count, they do so at the mercy of reducing flavor and overall results. The Wabash Stovetop Popper can finish up to six quarts of tasty popcorn is just three minutes, while its metal stirrer also protects against burning your kernels. And, the popper includes a movie theatre popping kit that features kernels, its secret buttery salt, and its gourmet oil, so you can start popping delicious popcorn right away.

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West Bend Electric Oil Popper – $36
best popcorn makers machine popper maker westbend

Like stovetop poppers, electric popcorn makers also use a stirring rod and hot oil to its advantage. They offer a convenient method for ending up with evenly cooked, tasty, and larger popcorn kernels. WestBend’s electric oil machine features a motorized stirring rod that aids in making up to six quarts of perfect popcorn. Its lid doubles as a serving bowl when the cooking is all compete, and its tight fit makes for optimal storing in a small space.

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Salbree Silicone Microwave Popper – $16
best popcorn makers machine popper maker silicon

Now we didn’t say microwave popcorn was bad. We said the unhealthy bagged microwave stuff you find from your local grocery store is bad. You can still cook up kernels in the microwave without the bag, and this product that does so will actually save you money in the long run. Salbree’s silicone popper is easy to use, easy to clean, and extra easy to store. The silicone construction is “virtually indestructible,” collapsible for easy storage, and it features easy to grab handles. Plus, this popcorn maker is available in 14 bright colors.

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Pangea Stanley Cup Popcorn Maker – $57
best popcorn makers machine popper nhl hockey

Sometimes having company over doesn’t consist of your typical Netflix and chill session. Pangea’s Stanley Cup popcorn maker is made for turning your kitchen or coffee table into a trophy case and impressing your friends with buttery popcorn as you watch the game, especially those moments when a fight breaks out. It’s a hot air popper, meaning its usage is simple and the aftermath is easy to clean up. The top of the cup acts as the perfect popcorn bowl, too.

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Williams Sonoma Star Wars R2D2 Popcorn Maker – $100
best popcorn makers machine popper star wars r2d2 maker 1 v2

This one is for our Star Wars fans out there. If you’re an avid reader of The Manual, you’ve likely seen our Star Wars gift guide. This R2D2 replica popcorn maker should be on it, as this helpful droid gives movie time an intergalactic feel by popping hot kernels right into your living room. R2D2’s head screws off to double as a popcorn bowl and the device includes an essential butter warmer and popcorn scoop to round off this otherworldly experience.

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Nostalgia Vintage Kettle Popper – $58
best popcorn makers machine popper maker classic carnival

If you’re looking for the real movie theatre experience, Nostalgia’s vintage kettle is one of the coolest popcorn makers you can grab. Its stainless steel kettle boasts a built-in stirring system that assures evenly mixed and thoroughly cooked kernels, and its tilt drawer makes serving easy and, dare we say, nostalgic. This puppy pops up to 10-cups per batch and features all the vintage popcorn cart design features you can imagine, but you’ll want to clean it after each use or session. The oil gets very hot and you can’t let residue build up, or else you’ll be dealing with a difficult cleaning job.

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Ecolution Micro-Pop Glass Popper – $13
best popcorn makers machine popper maker glass jar

And then there are moments when you want to kick back and watch your favorite Burt Reynolds movie alone with a Maker’s neat and a batch of popcorn. The Ecolution micro-pop glass popcorn maker is the perfect snack size companion for these moments, making about 1.5 quarts of popcorn in just 3 minutes of microwave time. The heat-resistant glass is durable and dishwasher safe, while its silicone lid can be filled with butter to be delicately mixed in as the corn pops. Ecolution also offers a family-sized construction ($18).

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And now that you’ve got your popcorn situation settled, why not prep for an ultimate winter weekend binge-a-thon with the best documentaries, food docs, food shows, and travel documentaries on Netflix.

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