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The 6 Best Cutting Boards to Equip Your Kitchen With Serviceable Style this 2022

Although it’s usually tucked away in a cabinet most of the time, your cutting board is unquestionably one of the most essential kitchen tools and should be treated as such. Too often these carving boards come second to kitchen knives when both require ample attention and care. The surface of your cutting board also will help keep your knife sharp for a longer time. Even though they require a bit more upkeep than plastic or other synthetic options, wood cutting boards are generally gentler on knives and can last for years as long as you know how to properly care for your cutting board. Maple, bamboo, and teak are the best options for blade longevity because they don’t tarnish the blade-like rough plastic, marble, or glass cutting boards tend to do as time passes. Top-notch woods can cost a bit more, so we’ve included both affordable and splurge-worthy suggestions in our list of the best cutting boards.

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Epicurean Slate Cutting Board

epicurean slate cutting board

This slate chopping block is the first of two from Epicurean our list of best cutting boards. Epicurean crafts durable products for the outdoors, so you adventurers don’t have to sacrifice a good, hearty meal in order to explore. This board is made with wood pulp, which is then boiled with food-grade resin and finally pressed into sheets, giving the board a durable texture to protect against cracks, warping, and dullness.

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks Walnut Board

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks Walnut Board

If you want a durable and bold addition to your kitchen arsenal, this walnut board is as blade-saving as it is beautiful. The handmade butcher block uses edge grain construction to provide a smoother, thus softer, cutting surface. Don’t just do it for you; do it for the chef knives.

Epicurean Big Game Cutting Board

This extra-large, portable cutting board is perfect for processing or prepping all types of freshly acquired hunting game. Featuring Epicurean’s fancied eco-friendly wood fiber composite, the board gives off a desirable natural look that is soft on knives, nonporous, dishwasher-safe, and a perfect fit on any tailgate. Epicurean also has fish cutting boards for prepping fillet fish.

Bambüsi Bamboo Cutting Board

Available in both medium and large sizes, the Bambüsi Bamboo Cutting Board is the perfect companion for carving meats and preparing them. Boasting a built-in grid to hold large hunks of meat in place, a trenched perimeter to catch necessary juices, and dual-sided capabilities, this high-quality Moso Bamboo board is eco-friendly and quite versatile.

Catskill Craft Cutting Board with Tray

Catskill Craft Cutting Board with Tray

This puppy from Catskill Craft is a perfect grab for small kitchens or cooks who are stern on avoiding cross-contamination. Created from flat-grain North American hardwood, this cutting board comes equipped with raised legs, non-slip rubber pads, and three removable plastic trays, providing a full-service kitchen station.

Ironwood Gourmet Baguette Miter

Ironwood Gourmet Baguette MiterThis new creation for slicing french baguettes is an exceptional tool for the kitchen. Baguette textures can vary immensely, and it’s important to have a strong guide for beautiful cuts on your bread. This purpose-made, acacia-wood board allows for precise slicing and serving of traditional baguettes.

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