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Baseball by the Numbers: Unbelievable World Series Stats

world series MLB 2017
October is a time of brisk autumn mornings, stout pours, and of course, playoff baseball. It’s the 113th installment of the World Series, and although ticket prices, revenues, and salaries have increased tenfold, there is still just one seven-game series to decide who’s crowned the winner of America’s national pastime.

With the series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros at 2-3, let’s delve into some interesting and revealing facts of the World Series, courtesy of WalletHub.

Quick Hitters

2: The number of times the World Series has been canceled.

$15,000: The price tag on a championship trophy made by Tiffany and Co. $7,600 is the value of gold and silver used to make said trophy.

27: The number of championships won by the New York Yankees, more than double the amount won by any other franchise.

108: The amount of diamonds encrusting the Chicago Cubs’ World Series ring after their historic win in 2016.

1956: The year Don Larsen completed the first and only perfect game in a World Series.

The Matchup

0: The Astros are one of just eight franchises never to win a World Series. Of the eight teams, only the Texas Rangers have been in existence longer than the Astros.

$1.45 billion: The estimated value of the Houston Astros organization.

$1.47 million: Amount the Los Angeles Dodgers spent for each win during the 2017 season. (104 total wins)

$1.60 million: Amount the Houston Astros spent on each victory in 2017. (101 total wins)

It’s the first time since 1970 that two 100-win teams have met on baseball’s grandest stage.

$229 million: The Dodgers have the highest payroll in baseball for the fifth straight year, per Spotrac. The Astros rank No. 17 at $137 million.

83: Combined years of championship drought for both teams.

$137.2k: The amount of money made by Astro Justin Verlander per inning pitched.

$203.3k: The amount of money made by Dodger Clayton Kershaw per inning pitched. Kershaw is currently the highest paid player in Major League Baseball.

TV and Advertising

1st: The World Series 2017 marks the first time YoutubeTV will be the presenting sponsor.

2nd: Los Angeles is Major League Baseball’s second largest media market. Houston is the 7th.

$565K: The cost of a 30-second commercial during the World Series.

Comparatively, the cost of a 30-sec spot for the Super Bowl is $5.02 million.

23.4 million: Average viewership for the World Series 2016, up 59 percent from 2015.

40 million: Viewers of Game 7 in 2016, the most watched baseball game in over 25 years.

$51.7 million: Projected Ad revenue for every game past game four.

$1 Billion: Disney’s 2016 investment in MLB Advanced Media’s spinoff, BAMTech, for a 33 percent stake.

$12.4 billion: Amount FOX, TBS, and ESPN paid for rights to broadcast regular season baseball games, playoff games, and the World Series.

Ticket Sales

$2,144: Average ticket price for World Series 2017 game in Houston.

$3,332: Average ticket price to see a World Series game in Los Angeles.

The average ticket price in 2016 was $2,983, and MLB record. $825 was the cheapest ticket sold in 2016.

Featured image courtesy of Ezra Shaw/Getty Images.

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