5 Excellent Hand Sanitizers to Clean Your Paws On-the-Go

dirty hands that need hand sanitizer
Summer is packed with myriad activities that keep you out and about and away from a proper sink. So whether you’re spending the day at the beach, hiking local trails, or picnicking in the park, there’s a chance you’ll need to wash up, but also be lacking a proper place to attend to said hygienic matters. While most germ-aware types keep a bottle of standard issued hand sanitizer, uh, on hand, there are alternatives to help you clean up nice.

Byredo Vetyver and Suede Rinse-free Hand Wash $30

Byredo Hand Sanitizer

While most hand sanitizers smell like straight up rubbing alcohol because that’s the active ingredient, these luxe water-less hand washes smell decidedly more pleasant. One is infused with a blend of fresh, earthy vetiver, pomelo and violet, while the other smells of musk, pear and not-too-feminine florals.

Aesop Resurrection Rinse Free Hand Wash $10


Sanitize without sacrificing moisture with this hydrating, citrus and cedarwood oil scented hand purifier.

Jao Hand Refresher $10

Jao Refresher

Kill germs and enliven your mood at the same time with this disinfectant that offers the aromatherapy benefits of a natural antibac blend of lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, geranium and sage essential oils.

Lulu Organics Hand Purifier $10

Lulu Organics Hand Purifier

Been searching for an organic, gluten-free and vegan sanitizer? Well, here you go. The handmade hand cleaner employs lemon, cinnamon, rosemary and thyme oils to naturally eradicate germs.

Susanne Kaufman Hand Spray Purif-I Sanitizing $24

 susanne kaufmann

With a less drying form of alcohol derived from vegetables, this fancy option also hydrates hands with arnica and silk proteins.

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