Best Non-Greasy Body Lotions for Men to Soften Your Rough Exterior

body lotion for men

With the onset of winter comes the onset of dry skin. Not just that regular dry skin either — tight, itchy, ashy dry skin due to a combination of cold weather, dry heat blasting indoors, lack of humidity in the air, and longer, hotter showers everyday (yep, that actually strips moisture from your skin, more than you might imagine). I get it though, I’ve been there too — I’d rather have dry skin than greasy skin. Right? You end up spending all that time in the shower just to feel dirty all over again. Well, personally, I can only take that deep kind of dryness for so long.

That being said, I have some good news for all you dry guys out there reading this, wondering why I’m getting into my personal dryness. I have found some body lotions that actually hydrate my skin and don’t feel like butter. No, I’m not kidding — these are actually great, and do what the promise. If you want to get the most bang for your buck out of these, or any lotions, the best bet is to towel dry and put on before you do anything else. The lotion then has the chance to absorb, and essentially dry off with your skin. Try one of these out, and you’ll wonder what the hell took you so long.

Vaseline Extra Strength Body and Face Lotion for Men – $5

Vaseline Extra Strength Body and Face Lotion for Men

An oldie, but a goodie, this fragranced extra-strength Vaseline Extra Strength Body and Face Lotion packs a punch. It absorbs quickly and feels great to the touch. Although hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (fancy-talk for non-irritating and won’t clog pores), I wouldn’t recommend for your face as it suggests. Splurge a little more for a good face lotion. Your elbows and knees stay covered up in the cold, but your face bears the brunt of all that wild winter weather out there.

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Prospector Co. Wormwood Absinthium Hand & Body Cream – $16

Prospector Co. Wormwood Absinthium Hand & Body Cream

This light and extra absorbent Prospector Co. Wormwood Absinthium Hand & Body Cream is void of any artificial additives and colorings. For you, that means it’s safe for all skin types, non-oily, and refreshing. Although it’s inspired by the infamous hallucinogenic absinth, it won’t mess you up. In fact, it delivers quite the contrary, you may just feel better than ever. Well, at least your skin should.

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Dermalogica Body Hydrating Lotion – $48

Dermalogica Body Hydrating Lotion

You know what can really help out with dry skin? Exfoliating. If you think that means scrubbing your skin as hard as you can, you’re wrong. With this Body Hydrating Lotion from Dermalogica, you can do it just be rubbing it in. Loaded with lactic acid and hydroxy acids from sugar cane and apple, this eats away dry skin with every use. Add to that the lack of artificial fragrances and colors, and you have yourself quite the grown up lotion here.

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EVERYONE Men Cedar & Citrus 3-In-1 Lotion – $11

EVERYONE Men Cedar Citrus 3-In-1 Lotion

This is a true 3-in-1 that works well for hands, face, and body. The pure cedar scent in this Everyone Men Cedar & Citrus 3-In-1 Lotion is balanced out by a hint of citrus essential oil gives this lotion a winter-friendly fragrance you won’t mind using through the warmer months. Organic Aloe, Calendula, White Tea, and Chamomile offer a natural softening solution to the natural problem of dry skin.

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MenScience Androceuticals Advanced Body Lotion – $22

MenScience Androceuticals Advanced Body Lotion

Oil and fragrance free, the MenScience Androceuticals Advanced Body Lotion has two dermatological-grade hyper-moisturizers: hyaluronic acid (occurs naturally in the human body and found to plump skin) and glycerin (a powerful humectant that attracts and holds onto water). These two heavy-hitters work with aloe, allantoin, and vitamins A, C, D, and E to make an ultralight lotion that dramatically increases skin’s own moisture levels and softens on a professional level. When winter really does show up, you may just want to go pro.

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Article first published by Jennifer Jones on September 16, 2016. Updated by Barret Wertz on November 21, 2017.