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The 5 Best Body Powders for Men in 2022

This summer is poised to be a hot one, and it’ll bring with it murky pits, odorous feet — or worst of all, swamp crotch. The bacteria and fungus that accumulate in your sweat-ridden crevices can yield an unpleasant stench that leaves you feeling unclean and uncomfortable. Of course, you can wick a bar of deodorant under your arms and be good to go, but what can you do about the other sweaty (and more delicate) parts of your body?

Enter body powder, also known as talcum powder (although several formulas on the market now are talc-free). Body powder absorbs moisture, reduces odor, and eliminates chafing so you go from funky to fresh in an instant.

There are lots of men’s body powders out there, so how do you know which one to go for? We’ve done most of the heavy lifting for you and put together a list of the five best body powders for men to help you feel cool and comfortable all summer long — and beyond.

Best Classic Body Powder: Pinaud Clubman Powder

Pinaud Clubman’s world-famous men’s body powder has been around since 1810 and has become a barbershop staple since. Enjoy that fresh-from-the-barber feeling after a shower or heated workout session, no matter where you are. With a blend of cornstarch, zinc oxide, and kaolin, your skin will be dry, smooth, and free from irritation. Oh, and you’ll emit that signature Pinaud Clubman scent, too.

Best Clean Body Powder: Hiki Body Powder

Hiki is a new clean sweat brand that makes an award-winning deodorant we love. Suffice to say, we’re also fans of its body powder. This talc-free formula features a blend of probiotics to fight odor plus moisture-absorbing kaolin. The result is a smooth, silky finish from your head to your toes and anywhere else in between. Bonus: It doesn’t leave any white cast when you rub it in, either.

Best Athletic Body Powder: Dry Goods Athletic Spray

Perhaps you’ve flirted with the idea of using talc after your workouts but just couldn’t fathom making a cloudy mess in the locker room. Fortunately, Dry Goods makes a mess-free sprayable body powder. Simply use the 360-degree spray valve to point and shoot at the areas that need a refresh ASAP. (It is known to dispense quickly so be careful, especially when targeting below the belt.) Although this spray is made with athletes in mind, it’s also handy enough to bring on the road for a quick hit of freshness when you need it.

Best Body Powder for Cyclists: Monkey Butt Anti-Friction Powder

Monkey Butt is a comical term for a red, irritated butt that’s caused by sweating, fabric, and friction. Whether you ride a motorcycle or an electric bike, chances are you’ve encountered this unpleasant backside feeling at least once. Monkey Butt Powder is formulated with calamine, which is known for its soothing anti-itch properties. Dust some Monkey Butt Powder in your drawers for your next bike ride or if you’ll just be sitting in one place for hours on end. Either way, you’ll be sitting pretty (fresh).

Best Cooling Body Powder: Chassis Premium Ice Max Talc-Free Body Powder

When temps reach triple digits and you feel like you’re sitting in a swamp, you’ll want to experience the intense cooling sensation of the Chassis Premium Ice Max body powder. Its Hydro-Shield technology reduces chafing and eliminates odor. There is a scent, but it’s slight so it won’t overpower your cologne or aftershave. If you keep a close eye on ingredients, know that this body powder is free from talc, aluminum, and parabens.

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