Stave off that Summer Stank with the Best Men’s Cologne this Season

best men's colognes

The sun has arrived and with it comes the start of summer scent season. Staying fresh and smelling good this season takes a little extra effort since you obviously have to deal with more heat and more sweat. However, an effective summer fragrance is fantastic way to keep the stank at bay. While your favorite fall and winter aromas may be your go-to masking method, summertime calls for much lighter, citrusy scents. Here are the best men’s cologne to get you through the stifling conditions.

Hermès Pamplemousse Rose – $130
hermes pamplemousse rose best mens colognes

This Hermès fragrance will liven up your summer presence with a airy kick of grapefruit and rose. The rose notes dampen the powerful grapefruit scent, leaving this blend perfectly balanced and suitable for even the most sensitive noses. Although it’s subtle in nature, the cologne boasts a lasting scent that’ll keep you smelling fresh all day.

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Dior Sauvage – $77
dior sauvage best mens cologne

Given Dior’s high-quality reputation in the fashion world, it comes as no surprise that their dedication to detail would follow through to their fragrances. Their Sauvage scent comes off strong out of the bottle, but is quickly replaced with hints of juicy Reggio di Calabria bergamot and finishes with a masculine punch for longevity.

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Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Casual Life – $69
salvator ferragamo uomo mens cologne

Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Casual Life is a great go-to when temperatures start to rise and humidity is wreaking havoc on your scent. Casual Life boasts a summery, yet foresty finish that’s accentuated with violet leaves, lemon, and cardamom to top it off. Its body doesn’t really stand out in public, but that’s kind of the beauty of it.

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Le Labo AnOther 13 – $184
lelabo another 13 best mens colognes

Le Labo’s collaboration with AnOther Magazine resulted in a truly amazing scent that happens to be a favorite here at The Manual. Don’t let the price scare you, because AnOther 13 is reinvigorating and addictive. Made with a total of 13 ingredients such as jasmine, moss, and ambrette seed absolute, Le Labo’s blend provides the ample amount of spike and shine for a summer day. Better yet, each bottle is crafted in store when purchased, so you know it’s fresh.

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Jon Varvatos Artisan Blu – $89
jon varvatos artisan blu best mens colognes

Artisan Blu cologne by Jon Varvatos will take your nostrils to a cliff overseeing an ocean view. This aquatic blend boasts French lavender, chayote, and bitter orange aromas from the get-go, which then eases into a masculine blend of pine, pistachio, and patchouli. Although it’s packed heavy with scents, Artisan Blu retains a light and airy presence.

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Diptyque Philosykos – $165
diptyque Philosykos best mens colognes

Diptyque’s Philosykos is another favorite among our best men’s cologne picks, mainly for its uniqueness. Philosykos isn’t for everyone, though. It uses three parts of the fig tree (wood, leaves, and sap), which comes off heady in the initial nose. After a few whiffs you’ll start to understand its appeal. This innovative approach results in green, woodsy, and citrus hints all at once. Think of yourself as a walking citrus grove and embrace it.

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Jo Malone London Black Cedarwood and Juniper Berry – $135
jo malone black cedar best mens colognes

You may have caught on to the trend, but complex blends of citrus and wood make for absolute nose ticklers for the summer season, and I mean that in the best way. Jo Malone London’s cologne is complex, mixing black cedar wood, chili leaves, and juniper berry together for a powerful, yet mature concoction for warm weather. This one is stronger than the options above, so it will mask any stank that may arrive throughout the day. But, please, don’t overdo it.

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English Laundry Oxford Bleu – $70
english laundry oxford bleu best mens cologne

English Laundry’s Oxford Bleu cologne leads off with a zesty lemon and mint scent that is fresh and light enough for those stifling summer days. The cologne then offers middle tones of iris,  geranium, sandalwood, and vanilla that pairs well with summer weddings and sunny vacations.

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While these aren’t exactly appropriate fragrance for summer, some guys just need a bit of smoke to their scent.

Article originally published by Katie Dickens October 17, 2016. Last updated by Bryan Holt on May 22, 2018.