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New Year’s Grooming Is Easy to Maintain With Barrel and Oak

Once you figure out how to untwist the Black Oak All-In-One wash from Barrel and Oak, be careful — you’re not going to want to rinse the bergamot and black pepper soap off of your hands. The perfect mix of citrus perfume and piquant pepper is only the start of Barrel and Oak’s inspiring products to step into 2022 so fresh and so clean.

Barrell and Oak's grooming products
Elliott Smith Jr./Bend, Oregon

It’s an accepted fact that a well-groomed man enjoys and exhibits much more confidence. When you’re washed, shaved, and smelling of Bourbon Cedar, you radiate self-esteem and exude a magnetic aura. All you need is water and a brand like Barrel & Oak that brings the goods. The grooming products offer a full spectrum of exclusive body products with pared-down choices made with simple, time-honored practices, and premium ingredients “because we think our bodies deserve more,” Barrel and Oak says.

Rather than steamroll customers with an endless line of products, Barrel and Oak simplifies bathroom routines with easy-to-use products, classic aromatic combos, and clean ingredients. If the New Year is all about a new you, then the foundational place to start is in the bathroom.

This includes the fragrant 24-Hour Deodorant — aluminum-free for a healthy battle against armpit bacteria. Barrel and Oak’s proprietary formula releases fresh scents like Mountain Sage with a mix that is sensitive to skin and stain-proof. Certified organic, vegan, and gluten-free, it’s a deodorant that works with you instead of against you.

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The brand’s Caffeinated Shampoo positively makes the head tingle with organic coffee extract and scalp reenergized with vitamin B-7 (biotin), vitamin B-5, organic bergamot oil, and quinoa protein. Striding out with a coffee and citrus pelt, there will be no stopping the positive lasting impressions.

Barrel and Oak’s All-In-One Wash does the universal job. Handcrafted with essential oils, it is a refreshing welcome to the day either in the shower or out in the open air. Organic white birch extract helps to purify the skin, and vitamin B-5 hydrates hair and beards.

Exfoliating bar soap, in Black Oak and Mountain Sage, help to wash away a hard day and give pores an exfoliating clean. Containing Kaolin clay and ground olive stone for a deep clean, Barrel and Oak’s bar soap is gentle on the skin. Certified organic, vegan, and gluten-free, the soap is also RSPO-certified for sustainable palm oil use.

Get the New Year going by leveling up your grooming regimen without doing damage to your wallet or to the planet. Prices range from $4 for lip balm to $35 for Barrel and Oak cologne. Check ‘em out now.

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