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John Mayer, G-Shock, and Hodinkee Watch Collab Sells Out in Just Minutes… Again

As a high-end celebrity, guitarist John Mayer tends not to be limited in his watch-collecting hobby. Whether it be a $130,000 platinum Patek Philippe 5270G chronograph or a more accessible $13,000 IWC ‘Big Pilot,’ Mayer has shown that he’s moved more by style than by luxury or exclusivity.

Take Mayer’s recent team-up with classic watchmaker Casio G-Shock and horology website Hodinkee. On December 14, the trio released the second retro keyboard-inspired G-Shock wristwatch. To get your hands on the piece, though, you’re going to have to find it on the secondary market as the originally $180 piece sold out in just minutes.

The G-Shock Ref. 6900-PT80, the second collaboration with guitarist John Mayer.

The first 2020 Mayer-G-Shock collaboration, the gray G-Shock Ref. 6900, was motivated by the Casiotone SK-5 sampling keyboard that the musician played as a skinny kid growing up in Fairfield, Connecticut. This year’s white version, the G-Shock 6900-PT80, is influenced by another 1980s keyboard, the Casio PT-80.

It’s plain to see why the watch was so quick to fly off shelves. Coming from Mayer, maybe the most influential watch enthusiast out there, the 6900-PT80’s snappy white band and casing gives some pop to the classic G-Shock look. With a modern radiance under Mayer’s influence, the new timepiece doesn’t sacrifice its utility, reliability, and seeming indestructibility for design. The wristwatch is still made to resist virtually any stress — be it mechanical, vibrational, or aquatic — and remains favored by military, police, and other demanding professions.

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All of the colors used on G-Shock Ref. 6900-PT80 come directly from the original PT-80 keyboard. Bursts of bright color light up the timepiece’s functionality — sunshine yellow for Mode and Start/Stop indicators and tangerine orange for the Adjust and Split/Reset indicators. Periwinkle colors the G-Shock’s top text and its legendary “Triple Graph” display are circled in red, green, and gray.

With the 6900-PT80, G-Shock continues to show its enduring attraction since its 1983 debut. Similar to its co-designer Mayer, the watch is just as comfortable on stage as it is aiding daily commutes. Appearing at New York Fashion Week as well as on astronaut wrists aboard the International Space Station, you know what you’re getting with the G-Shock — durability and distinct style, just as you would expect from its famous guitarist backer.

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