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Everything We Know About Alex Rodriguez’s New Makeup Line for Men

HIMS Blur Stick A-Rod

Hims, the specialty telehealth destination for providing health and wellness solutions for the modern man, is teaming up with baseball legend Alex Rodriguez. Together, the two came up with The Blur Stick, a simple, easy-to-apply concealer for hiding, acne, dark spots, and more. While the partnership may feel like it’s coming out of left field, we think it’s actually right on cue for what the growing men’s makeup movement needs.

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A-Rod has had two careers. One in the world of professional sports, and one in business. He’s made a living diving for balls on the diamond, and now he’s making a living swimming with the sharks — he’s even been a shark, as A-Rod’s appeared several times as a guest investor on the show Shark Tank. The point being is A-Rod’s a man who wears many suits; and when you’re constantly on the go — whether it be commentating Sunday Night Baseball, promoting the release of a new business venture, or working to buy that NBA franchise up in Minnesota — you’re going to need quality cosmetics with you every step of the way.

So, where does The Blur Stick fit in? Well, it’s a concealer, and a concealer is essentially a color corrector that will hide any visible blemishes.

The first step is choosing your skin shade. Hims offers a nice visual guide on how to choose your shade from the 8 different types. If you find yourself in between two different shades when deciding, go with the lighter option. The lighter tone will offer better ease in blending and will help you avoid any dark splotches on your face.

HIMS Blur Stick

Once you have your shade, you’ll then be ready for application. Maybe you nicked yourself shaving or you have a couple of blemishes you want to clear up? Twist open the concealer and either dab it onto the areas of your face you want to cover up, or dab it onto your fingers and then onto your skin. Make sure to be conservative with the application, a little product goes a long way. After it’s applied, you’ll want to do a little blending. You can use your fingers for this, too. Gently rub the concealer around the area so it starts to work itself in with your overall skin shade. Blending is a must, as you want to make sure the concealer isn’t noticeable on your face.

And there you have it! Concealer application complete.

No matter if you’ve worn makeup before or not, a trusted concealer is a must-have. And let’s be real, Women have known about concealers for years now. They’re trained professionals, so don’t be afraid to ask your friend or significant other how to use it. Some of you may have been lucky enough to go through a walk-through of your significant other’s routine in the past, thus, you might’ve learned the little-known trick of using her products for your own touch-up before going out. If this is you, make sure to give thanks to said woman.

HIMS Blur Stick

Men’s makeup is something that’s just scratching the surface. Everyone deserves the choice of using products to spruce up their appearance without feeling like less of a man in doing so. Makeup doesn’t have a gender; it doesn’t have an agenda of who should be wearing it.

And that’s why we love this partnership. Simply put, A-Rod is a man who’s comfortable using makeup. It’s time we all start considering doing the same.

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