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This Award-Winning Grooming Brand Has a New Body Wash We Can’t Get Enough Of

A set of Odele body washes on the floor.
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Odele Beauty, an April “Manual Grooming Awards 2021” winner for stylish, inclusive, salon-quality shampoo, opened August with a new addition to its line, Odele Body Wash.

Odele Beauty now offers a new product for the skin. Odele’s crisp new options with make daily bathing an experience as opposed to a chore. A cleansing, exfoliating morning announces a man is ready to face the day. And a restorative rinse in the evening helps wash away built-up stress and worry.

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Traditional soap is an important part of cleansing, but can leave the body dry and cracked with corrosive chemicals. It is important then, to moisturize the body’s largest organ with mild, natural body cleansers like Odele Body Wash, a new, mellow lather for your head, shoulders, knees, and toes, in four styles. 

First up, Odele’s Clarifying Body Wash provides a deep yet gentle exfoliating clean that won’t strip oils from sensitive skin. With a 100% natural bergamot and mint fragrance included, coats of all colors will come out fruity and fresh after a clarifying soak. 

Odele’s second recent offering, Moisturizing Body Wash, contains eight vitamin B complexes, which act like a multivitamin that hydrates and nourishes. Its bitter yet bright grapefruit and orange peel scent augments a nutritional bath with a citrus bouquet. 

Odele’s Soothing Body Wash features a moisture-rich and restorative oat extract that cleanses and calms skin with a sweet aloe after scent and an earthy cucumber aroma to continue that mind-body connection. 

And an Ultra Sensitive Body Wash (as accepted by the National Eczema Association) cuts out the pheromones for a fragrance-free froth for extra tender epidermises that balances and calms as it cleanses.

Incorporating Odele’s herbal products is a reassuring way to know that you’re treating your skin as it should be:  treated: As the one and only suit you’ll always sport. Keep it clean and keep it happy with high-quality body wash. 

Odele’s 16 oz. shower staples are all vegan, EU-formula compliant, gender neutral shower gels that make for great bubble baths as well. Odele Body Washes are now available for $8.99, an affordable option to keep skin shining, aromatic and irresistible.

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