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Why We Can’t Get Enough of This Hydrating Cooling Mist

Cooling Mineral Hydro Mist
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With the gradual lifting of quarantine restrictions around the country, many areas are reopening their beaches, parks, and recreational spaces. If you’ve stepped up your workout routine in response, you’re not alone. The long months of COVID-induced hibernation, combined with humankind’s Pavlovian response to the onset of summer, have created a “get back in shape” boom like no other. Where we used to grunt and scowl our way through a sweaty midday run or core day at the gym, now we’re doing our laps and crunches with an ear-to-ear grin. After seemingly endless weeks of trying to work out in the living room, even couch potatoes are overjoyed to be exercising out in the wild.

Alas, the same hardcore workout that gives you a beach-worthy body can take a heavy toll on your skin. Sun, sweat, physical fatigue, combined with the inevitable workout grimace, are the culprits behind skin issues like hyper-pigmentation, age lines, loss of elasticity, breakouts … the list goes on. Even if you’re wearing sunscreen (which you’d better be) and washing your face directly after your workout, the vigorous motion and loss of hydration that come with exercise can lead over time to cosmetic woes like saggy jowls and marionette lines, gaping pores, and a general baseball mitt texture to your skin that is anything but sexy.

Fortunately, Alder New York has come out swinging this summer with a newly launched product to cure your summertime skin care woes. The brand’s new Cooling Mineral Hydro Mist is a refreshing mix of mineral-infused water and calming plant extracts that you can spritz on your face anytime the heat gets feverish. The bottle emits a superfine spray that nourishes your skin’s natural elasticity with magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Chamomile extract, rich in the compound alpha-bisabolol, calms inflammation and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, while pomegranate seed oil fuels your skin’s collagen production, fighting the sag effect to preserve your face’s youthful firmness. The mist even includes a dose of hyaluronic acid (our new favorite skin care ingredient) to boost your skin’s ability to attract and retain moisture.

Cooling Mineral Hydro Mist
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Even Marlboro Man types who don’t give a rip about preserving their youthful glow will love the mist’s one-two punch of eucalyptus and peppermint oils, which provide a wonderfully cooling effect with every refreshing spritz, offering fast relief from sunburn and dehydration. And like every product from Alder New York, the Cooling Mineral Hydro Mist is formulated without any toxic chemical compounds like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or synthetic additives, which are shown to do long-term damage to your skin and your health in general.

The 2-ounce bottle is compact and lightweight, making it easy to stash in a backpack or even a pocket no matter where you’re headed — a neighborhood jog, backyard beers (in a small group setting, of course), a protest march, etc. The ultra-fine texture and herbaceous smell are addictive in hot weather, and unlike a cold beer, they won’t undo the progress you’ve made in the gym. We also have to applaud Alder New York for committing 10% of sales of the new Cooling Mineral Hydro Mist to Fair Fight, The NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and Communities United Against Police Brutality, all organizations active in the nation’s fight for justice and racial equality.

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