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Yes, You Need To Groom Your Private Parts. Start With This Manscaping Kit

Shirtless man wrapped with towel on the waist down, holding a razor.

Here at The Manual, we frequently promote the virtues of grooming your hair and face. It’s no rocket science that using a moisturizer for your mug helps prevent breakouts, while shampoo keeps hair sebum at bay. But admittedly enough, we don’t talk enough about one area of your body that needs TLC — your private parts.

Don’t blush. There are benefits to trimming your hedges: Less swamp crotch and chafing, and more comfort between your legs (plus, studies have shown you’ll feel more confident in the buff). If you’re ready to take the plunge into the well-manicured world of manscaping, we recommend turning to Meridian, a premium upstart that particularizes in below-the-belt grooming.

Founded in 2019, Meridian has grown a buzzy following for their grooming kits that are a bit more affordable and — according to satisfied online customers — more effective than other manscaping products. After trying Meridian out ourselves, we’re happy to report that it lives up to the hype. Here’s why.

Let’s start with the Meridian Trimmer, a pocket-sized mower that can cut even the most unruly hair with ease and precision. The shaver’s agility is made possible by its tightly packed ceramic blades that help prevent any snags and nicks, which was surprising, given that even the most expensive body trimmers we’ve tried have caused some sort of tugging, which can cause side effects like ingrown hairs and irritation.

Need more incentive to manscape? Meridian’s trimmers and clippers feature a waterproof case, so you can mow away in the shower, which is a one-stop grooming shop for most guys. If your nether regions look like a national forest (no judgment), you can use Meridian’s comb attachments to chop down the bulk, then work your way down to a closer shave. And compared to Meridian’s competition, its charger is a discreet USB cord, which is much easier to use than other shavers with clunky charging stations. Boasting a 90-minute battery life, the trimmer won’t require too many charges.

Take note: While the trimmer works just as well for shaving the rest of your body hair, we recommend using a separate blade for your non-manscaping needs. The area around your family jewels has different bacteria than the rest of your body, and using the same shaver for both could cause cross-contamination and spread infections like jock itch.

While not a necessity, Meridian’s spray is a welcome post-manscape treatment that helps your groin area smell great. Made with soothing Ginkgo Biloba and witch hazel, the spray features a pleasant citrus scent that helps fend off swamp crotch, odors, and ingrown hairs. And because it’s pH-balanced, it’s less likely to cause irritation, which is great news for guys with sensitive skin.

These two winning products can be bought together or separately, and Meridian even sells bundle packs for guys who want to upgrade their hair removal routine. The Classic Maintenance Package is one of their bestsellers, which contains the trimmer, spray, and a cleanser, moisturizer, and exfoliant from Lumin Skincare for Men, one of our favorite men’s skincare brands — so your nether regions can stay clean, moisturized, and well-manicured.

Regardless of which bundle you choose, rest assured that Meridian will answer to virtually any manscaping need. Your package is precious cargo, after all — it’s time to start treating it that way.

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