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Good Light Review: Is This the Most Inclusive Skincare Brand on the Market?

Credit: Courtesy of Good Light

When David Yi launched Very Good Light in 2016, he aimed to efficiently create an inclusive community surrounding skincare and beauty. Breaking boundaries through transparent conversations, beauty reviews, and grooming tips, the unique site quickly became known in the industry. Naturally, the next step for Very Good Light founder Yi was undoubtedly to launch his very own line of inclusive skincare products. This past March, Yi, along with his Very Good Light Co-Founder Michael Engert, launched Good Light, a skincare line created as a response to the outdated binary divide in the beauty and grooming industry. Not to be confused with genderless  by being gender-inclusive, the brand aims to accurately represent people of all walks of life. 


The trio of products offered by the company includes a Cosmic Dew Water Cleanser, Moon Glow Milky Toning Lotion, and We Come in Peace Probiotic Serum. Each product is carefully formulated to be clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainably produced, seamlessly incorporating ingredients like carrot seed oil, seaweed (for maximum hydrating properties), and snow mushroom and ceramides (to gently nourish the skin). Every essential component added into the line is intentional with only sustainably sourced ingredients. Yi is also taking steps to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint wherever possible because it’s not only better for you but for the world.

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Credit: Courtesy of Good Light

Design is typically the first thing that catches your eye when spotting a unique product on a shelf or unboxing, for reasons that are apparent. Good Light doesn’t disappoint with an attractive minimal design that I feel coincides with the brand’s ethos, “Completely transparent with nothing to withhold.” The We Come in Peace Probiotic Serum features the world’s first patented no metal, 100% recyclable pump, a unique design feature noted in the press release. The sustainable packaging the products arrived in was made of fully recyclable soy-printed paper — overall reflecting Good Light’s longstanding commitment to mindful packaging that minimizes waste.


Credit: Courtesy of Good Light

Typically when trying out new products, I require a few days to sight defined results. However, when it came to the Good Light trioI invariably witnessed instantaneous results while I was still in the process of promptly going through each step. The gel-to-foam cleanser noticeably rids skin of all impurities in one go (that‘s right, no need for a double cleanse). I naturally have a little above-average oily skin; as soon as I gently applied the toner, I instantly saw the niacinamide go to work. It mattified my oily spots while still producing a natural rosy glow. The serum provided the lesser “wow” factor, but notably, still, a fantastic everyday serum to soothe inflammation and strengthen the skin barrier.


The Good Light product line is sold as a set in its metamorphosis skincare version ($64) or separately — the Cosmic Dew Water Cleanser ($18), the Moon Glow Milky Toning Lotion ($22), and the We Come In Peace Probiotics Serum ($24). Justly compared to similar skincare trios, the Good Light set is attractively priced on the mid-accessible end. We at The Manual would reasonably consider this the steal of the century considering its effectiveness and eco-conscious properties.

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