5 Custom Skincare Brands for Men that Deliver Targeted Results

Want a killer skincare routine, but have no idea where to begin? Trust us, we get it. Sure, we live in our skin 24/7, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to understand what our precious epidermis actually needs. And finding products to satisfy those needs once we almost kind of sort of figure them out? Fuggedaboutit!

Which is why custom skincare brands are pretty much our favorite things right now. Log on to one of these sites, fill out an easy questionnaire, upload some photos, and presto bamo, you’ve got a fully customized parcel of products ready for your doorstep whenever you need it.

Curious to learn more? Keep reading below for our full breakdown of the most popular custom skincare brands on the internet today.


Proven is powered by the brand’s award-winning Skin Genome Project, which aggregates data from millions of consumer reviews, skincare products, ingredients, and academic studies to provide its users with hyper-specific skincare recommendations. To access the SGP’s suggestions, customers need simply complete a questionnaire detailing everything from their overall skin health to hours spent using phones, staring at computer screens, and lounging in the sun. It’s an easy survey to finish and once you do, you’ll be presented with your very own skincare system, which includes three items: Protect (daily SPF), Cleanse (daily cleanser), and Repair (night cream). Though everyone receives different products depending on how they filled out the form, all ingredients are paraben-free, eco-friendly, and made without phthalates.

Price: The trio of products typically cost around $145 and should last for two months. Bonus? Shipping’s free!
Perfect for: Folks who appreciate a data-driven skincare slant, as well as some ultra-sleek packaging.

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As the name implies, Geologie is all about harnessing natural ingredients from the earth to make simple skincare essentials. According to the brand, every single product — from nighttime moisturizers to daily cleansers and eye creams — is formulated for a simple daily routine, a straightforward approach that could work for those minimalist guys in the bunch. To get started, all you need to do is fill out a quick survey, upload a selfie, and get ready for your personalized recs. What’s especially great about Geologie is that you can choose the number of products you receive, so you’re all set whether you want a 90-Day Complete Set (two bottles of face wash, one day cream, one night cream, and one eye cream) or just the 90-Day PM regimen (one face wash and one night cream).

Price: A 30 day trial subscription is currently priced at $30. Ongoing subscriptions range from $83 for the 90-Day AM or PM regimens to $148 for the 90-Day Complete Set.
Perfect for: Guys who want it simple, straightforward, and all-natural.

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Instead of drawing from its own skincare line, Bottlecode packs its personalized packages with the best-of-the-best products on the market. This means guys can snag lotions, cleansers, and balms from the likes of Baxter of California, Pilot, Port Products, and more. To help you figure out which products are going to be 100% right for you, the brand walks you through a simple survey covering all your skincare wants and needs. Then, you’ll get paired with your special suite of goods. Another great feature? Bottlecode uses a replenishment model, so once you take the quiz, your results are locked in for life, which means you can restock your bathroom cabinet as often (or as infrequently) as you like.

Price: You can opt for either a Basic package (three products) or an Expert one (for those who need help with things like skin irritation or acne). Prices range from $80 to $150 for a three-month supply.
Perfect for: Those who want to get paired with the finest skincare products on the market today.

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Think a full skincare system is a little much, but still wanna get in on the customized game? Enter Curology. Unlike the other options on this list, Curology ditches the carefully curated package and provides its customers with a singular “superbottle” of ingredients tailored to their specific skin needs. The special mix of ingredients is inspired by an online consultation all users must undergo, which covers skin history and asks for several pictures of any affected areas. Once everything’s signed, sealed, and delivered, you’ll start receiving your fully customized night cream in either 30-day or 60-day installments.

Price: Monthly shipments of smaller bottles are $19.95 + $4.95 S&H. Larger bottles shipped every 60 days cost $39.90.
Perfect for: Guys whose skincare could use a punch-up with a specialized elixir.

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While technically not a custom skincare brand, OM4Men is still a fantastic option for guys in search of something a little more specific. All of its products are divided into different collections based on skin type: sensitive, oily, dry, mature, and everything in between. That way, you can hone in on the goods that are going to be best for you, as long as you’ve already got a clear sense of the kind of skin you’re rocking! Additionally, the brand offers a ton of great tips for both skincare and shaving as well as packaged four-product regimens you can snag for a one-time purchase of approximately $150.

Price: Each collection’s regimen runs for around $150 (again, it includes four items). Individual products go for around $55 a pop.
Perfect for: Fellas who already know what kind of help they need and don’t mind a less-involved process.


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