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Don’t Sweat It: Here’s Our Review of OffCourt Performance Body Sprays

Will OffCourt Really Go the Distance to Beat Body Odor?

As much as we often try to avoid it, sweat and body odor happen. The question then becomes: How can we effectively manage it and avoid smelling nasty in public while also keeping potentially harmful ingredients off our skin? The team at OffCourt insists that they have the solution that checks all the boxes and keeps that pesky body odor in check.

I’ve recently had the opportunity of trying OffCourt’s newest collection of body sprays on my own body. The three body sprays come in different scents that all smell great from the can. Below, I’ll explain how well they actually smell on my body, whether I get any complaints about how my body smells when I’m using these sprays, and what else you can expect should you try OffCourt’s body sprays on your own body.

What’s the Deal with OffCourt?

A group of three OffCourt Performance Body Sprays.
Andrew Davey/The Manual

According to OffCourt, “We create fuel for post-sweat skin. It’s not that complicated: We make premium products for active men who sweat and shower frequently.” OffCourt currently offers Performance Body Spray in four scents, plus they have bar soap and a facial hydrator available, and they’re working on additional skincare and grooming products that they plan on releasing soon.

Today, we’re focusing on OffCourt’s signature Performance Body Sprays. They claim these body sprays work much better than the stick deodorants that so many of us use most often, and they claim these body sprays offer premium cologne scents and top-notch odor control at unbeatable prices. We put those claims to the test.

How Do These Products Work on Our Skin?

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After you bathe or shower, spray some OffCourt under your arms and wherever else you tend to produce body odor. They’re designed as body sprays that allow the body to “sweat like normal” without releasing a torrent of unpleasant body odor. They’re also developed to function as deodorant and “light cologne that goes wherever you go”. 

OffCourt currently offers four scents of Performance Body Spray: Fig Leaves + White Musk, Fresh Citron + Driftwood, Coconut Water + Sandalwood, as well as a limited edition Citrus + Suede scent that’s a collaboration with the Dogpound gym. Each scent can be purchased separately, plus OffCourt offers a three-pack bundle of Fig Leaves + White Musk, Fresh Citron + Driftwood, and Coconut Water + Sandalwood. Today, we’re reviewing the three scents that come in the bundle.

What Are the Features of OffCourt Body Spray?

A group of three OffCourt Performance Body Sprays.

If you’re curious about what these products are and what’s in them, here are all the critical details:

  • All the body sprays’ ingredients include denatured alcohol, tetrafluoroethane, dicaprylyl ether, propanediol, zinc ricinoleate, ethylhexylglycerin, xylityl sesquicaprylate, triethanolamine, dipropylene glycol, ethylhexylglycerin, Octenidine HCl, lactic acid, and propylene glycol.
  • Fresh Citron + Driftwood also includes fragrances sourced from Italian lemon, green apple, pink grapefruit, Mandarin orange, sea breeze, green violet leaves, anise, cardamom, cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli, and white musk.
  • Fig Leaves + White Musk also includes fragrances sourced from bergamot, lime, Italian fig leaves, cardamom, green figs, violet leaves, rosewood, cedar, vetiver, and white musk.
  • Coconut Water + Sandalwood also includes fragrances sourced from bergamot, Meyer lemon, black pepper, coconut water, geranium, cardamom, cedarwood, sandalwood, and patchouli.

While all these body sprays are safe for human use, they are flammable, so please don’t use them on your eyes, puncture the spray cans, or store them at temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 48 degrees Celsius.

Orders over $25 get shipping at no extra cost. Due to the nature of these products, they can’t offer refunds, but they will offer replacements if your products arrive damaged and/or if you receive the wrong items.

What Do I Like About OffCourt Performance Body Sprays?

A man holds three cans of OffCourt Performance Body Spray.
  • They smell great! OffCourt’s body sprays truly do smell like the special fragrances we usually find in high-end beauty boutiques and department stores, yet…
  • They’re (much more) affordable! While OffCourt’s Performance Body Sprays cost more than most drug store deodorants, their prices are on par with other premium deodorants, and they cost much less than those ultra-high-end fragrances and body sprays while offering similarly high-quality scents and feels.
  • They provide great results. Even after several hours of outdoor activities, I still didn’t smell disgusting. Even when I sweated up a storm, these body sprays kept me smelling decent while also making my skin feel comfortable (after those first few seconds of stinging following application).
  • They’re incredibly easy to use. Just spray, and go. They’re perfect for trips, and for busy days when you can use a powerful deodorant and skip the elaborate primping routine.
  • They provide generous portions. These have lasted me quite some time, so you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck. Especially if you’re mostly using them as a deodorant for your underarms, one spray can should last several weeks. 
  • They’re more than convenient enough for travel. Even though OffCourt provides enough body spray in one can to last a long time, the can is compact enough to slide into a briefcase, an overnight bag, checked luggage, or wherever else you need it. 

What Do I Not Like About OffCourt Performance Body Sprays?

A group of three OffCourt Performance Body Sprays.
Andrew Davey/The Manual
  • They sting! Unfortunately, I have felt an acute stinging sensation after spraying one of the Performance Body Sprays onto myself. The stinging sensation typically dissipates well within one minute, but those first few seconds of the body spray on your skin might not feel all that great.
  • Their grooming offerings are still limited. While I fully understand why a small startup company like OffCourt doesn’t currently offer a lot of deodorants and additional grooming products, I wanted to note this here so no one’s surprised by what they find (and do not find) on the website.

FAQs for OffCourt Performance Body Spray

A group of three OffCourt Performance Body Sprays.

In case you have more questions, we have some more answers.

How Do They Feel?

Again, I did feel some stinging sensation within the first minute of spraying some onto my body. The sting was especially noticeable in areas where I had recently shaved. Yet after that first minute, the sting was gone. For the rest of the day, I felt great and had no complaints. 

Do OffCourt’s Body Sprays Meet “Clean Beauty” Standards?

From everything I’ve seen and felt, my answer is: Yes. They don’t use parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or hundreds of other ingredients that are banned in places like the European Union (EU) with stricter consumer safety laws than the U.S. They also use an environmentally friendly propellant and VOC-free (as in, no volatile organic compounds) in their body sprays.

Where Are OffCourt Products Made?

OffCourt formulates and manufactures all their products in the U.S.

Are OffCourt Products Tested on Animals?

No! They’re verified as 100 percent cruelty-free.

Is OffCourt’s Packaging Sustainable?

The aluminum they use for body sprays is fully recyclable — you just need to remove the plastic cap and the plastic actuator. In addition, the mailers they use are made from fully recyclable paper.

What Are OffCourt’s Return and Warranty Policies?

Again, they can not offer refunds for body sprays. But if any of the body sprays you ordered arrive damaged, or if the specific body sprays you ordered are not the items that show up, contact them and they will provide a proper replacement.

Should You Buy OffCourt Performance Body Sprays?

A close-up of two cans of OffCourt Performance Body Spray.

Short Answer: Probably, yes. 

Long Answer: Unless you have very sensitive skin that requires very gentle deodorants with minimal or zero fragrance, you will probably like what OffCourt has to offer.  

OffCourt Performance Body Sprays work quite well in preventing the accumulation of unpleasant body odor without suppressing the perspiration that our bodies need to release. They even have fragrances that work well in nearly every outdoor or indoor setting, yet these body sprays cost much less than comparable products that you find in upscale boutiques and department stores. 

If you need more help in developing better grooming habits, please consult our review of Dr. Tusk’s grooming products, our list of great shampoos for great hair, and our guide to the best fair trade grooming items for ethical self-care. We’re glad you’re bringing us along for your grooming journey, and we wish you nothing but the best as you figure out the best ways to take better care of yourself.

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