Men’s Body Spray: The Lighter, Fresher, Alternative to Summer Cologne

men's body spray
The last thing you want to be wearing on a hot, humid summer night is heavy cologne. Overpowering fragrances can be downright suffocating when the temperature rises and the air is stifling. Of course, many brands offer a summer version of their winter fragrances, which can be a great option. Or you can lighten things up even more, by spritzing a men’s body spray instead. As a bonus, some promise deodorant and wetness protection that will keep you cool and dry. So go ahead and give the under arms a go and feel free to hit the rest of your body as well. Like cologne, body spray is meant for your skin, so avoid spraying it on your clothes. Keep it upscale and fresh this summer with these designer scents.

Voyage d’Hermés Deodorant Body Spray – $43

Voyage d’Hermés Deodorant Body Spray

File this body spray under best when shared. This skin softening formula offers unisex protection with woody notes that are both fresh and musky. But be careful, this is the body spray your other half will want to steal. Make it last by pairing it with the brand’s Eau de Toilette.

Dior Sauvage Very Cool Spray – $79

Dior Sauvage Very Cool Spray

Don’t give up on the power of a wearing a memorable fragrance, try Dior Sauvage Very Cool Spray. It’s a fresh, masculine Eau de Toilette that goes on with the help of Dior’s innovative, environmentally safe air-powered system. It’s fresh and juicy with a woody dry down.

Armani Code Deodorant Body Spray – $28

Armani Code Deodorant Body Spray

You’ll have them falling at your feet with Armani Code Deodorant Body Spray. This sexy fragrance blends fresh Mediterranean citrus aromas like lemon and orange tree blossom with bergamot, warm wood, and Tonka bean. It’s a full body intoxicating spritz.

Polo Red Body Spray – $23

Polo Red Body Spray

Get fired up with Polo Red Body Spray. This energizing blend of fragrance notes combines spicy red saffron, fresh red grapefruit, and deep redwood to awaken your senses. This fiery scent will be the boost you’re looking for to spice up an already hot summer’s day.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino All Over Body Spray – $68

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino All Over Body Spray

Who wouldn’t want to experience the Italian Riviera with Tom Ford Neroli Portofino All Over Body Spray? Let this vibrant scent transport you to a paradise of crisp clear water, cool breezes, and lush Mediterranean flowers. Grab your swim trunks, we’re spritzed and ready to jet!

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