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Chelsea Batten

Chelsea Batten

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Chelsea Batten is a writer, photographer, and Kerouac groupie. One of the original digital nomads, she was seduced from life on the road by the wild beauty of Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. She covered diverse topics for The Manual related to travel, gear reviews, and odd cultural sidetracks. Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Chelsea’s work.

Man using nose strip

How to get rid of those annoying blackheads once and for all

Spotting a blackhead on your skin is never a good thing. Follow this guide to removing it fast.
Workouts for the Cold and Snow

These winter workouts get you out of the gym and into the great outdoors

Winter isn't the easiest time of year to get outside and stay fit, but these four ideas can help you to change it up this year and keep up your fitness journey.
dream destinations for christmas around the world market goslar germany getty images

Escape to these 5 dream destinations to celebrate Christmas around the world

If all you want for Christmas is an escape, get away to these dreamy destinations where you can enjoy the holidays in peace, quiet, and communion with nature.
Diamond head in Honolulu.

The best hotels in Hawaii: Where to book your next stay so you can feel like a local

Hawaii beckons in a number of ways and if you go, you'll want to stay a while. Here are the best hotels to accommodate your getaway in paradise.
Morning at the beach at Ko Olina in Kapolei, Hawaii.

What to Know About Environmentally Sustainable Tourism in Hawaii

Hawaii is a pristine paradise, but it may not stay this way if we don't clean up our act. Here are some tips for environmentally sustainable tourism in Hawaii.
Forsake Range High Waterproof Boots

The Best Waterproof Boots for Men Tackling All Weather

Our lineup of the best waterproof boots will not only keep your feet toasty and dry but make you feel impervious to the most punishing elements. Go ahead, weather — do your worst.
Best Backyard Camping Ideas

The Best Backyard Camping Ideas for Curing Cabin Fever

You can set up a campsite in whatever space your home offers. A backyard, a deck or patio, a rooftop, even a balcony will work.

The Best Natural Insect Repellents That Don’t Stink

To save your game (and your skin) this summer, drop the DEET and reach instead for one of these natural insect repellents.
how to wash your clothes laundry tips household chores 101 a grown mans guide doing

Household Chores 101: A Grown Man’s Guide to Doing Laundry

As doing the laundry is an essential life skill, we've written a no-nonsense guide to help grown men master this household chore.
a complete guide to meditation for men completeguidetomeditationformen

A Complete Guide to Meditation for Men

If your motivation for the new year has run out of steam, it’s time to scrap the resolutions and focus on making at least one change: learning how to meditate.
how to support your pregnant wife howtosupportyourpregnantwife

Here’s How to Support Your Pregnant Wife

Learn how best to support your pregnant wife from someone who knows what's up, an actual pregnant woman. With these surefire tips, your wife will be reassured.
Artet Aperitif

The Best THC-Infused Drinks To Try Now

THC-infused drinks offer a uniquely precise dosing measure that lies lightly on your palate and takes it easy on your digestion.
how to take care of teeth in your 30s taking

How to Care for Your Teeth in Your 30s

Oral hygiene is important, especially in your 30s. We talk to dentists about how to take care of your teeth, and the best toothpastes and mouthwashes for men.
Pizza Lupo

How to Reheat Pizza the Best Way

You shouldn't reheat your pizza with a microwave oven or kitchen stove. Here's the best way to reheat your favorite pizza.
cloos x tom brady glasses review bxc sunglasses

Cloos X Tom Brady Glasses Review: One of the Best Men’s Sunglasses Collection

We got an early look at the new Cloos x Tom Brady sunglasses collection, and are pleased to present our review below. Short version: We dig.
best jumpsuits for men cos jumpsuit

The Best Jumpsuits for Men in 2022

Stylish guys are wearing this workwear staples in all manner of cuts, fabrics, and styles.
california fires

How to Support Relief Efforts for the West Coast Wildfires

There have been about 3,754,729 acres burned, 28 human lives lost, and over 7,000 homes and structures damaged.
Fjallraven Classic Trekking Event

Explore the Great Outdoors at Home With This Virtual Trekking Event

Outdoor brand Fjällräven global hiking event is on YouTube rom September 30 until October 2, where adventurers will livestream their journeys.
feather floyd furniture collaboration x 2

You Can Now Rent Floyd’s Bestselling Furniture Collection. Here’s How

Feather, the furniture rental company designed around urban tumbleweed types like you, is adding Floyd furniture to its stable.

Add Some Zen To Your Home With These Japanese Houseware Brands

We’ve pulled together some of our favorite Japanese houseware brands for your viewing pleasure.

How To Find the Best Men’s Workout Clothes, According To 3 Designers

We spoke with some of our favorite fashion designers from small fitness brands to learn how to choose the right workout gear.
California Cowboy Shirts

How To Look Like a Grown Man While Camping Outdoors

We advise you to upgrade your camping wardrobe with some of our recommendations from the best men's fashion brands.
fire lookout rentals

8 Breathtaking Fire Lookouts You’ll Want to Rent Right Now

Fire lookout towers were first used to spot wildfires. Now, these unique off-grid destinations can be booked as bucket-list-worthy rentals.
how to treat maskne man wearing mask 2020

What is ‘Maskne?’: How To Prevent Breakouts and Acne From Wearing A Face Mask

Acne and breakouts caused by wearing face masks can be a pain. We reached out to a dermatologist on how to to keep your breakouts at bay.
Man touching the corner of his eye.

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Skincare

Cannabidiol — the non-intoxicating, minimally psychoactive compound derived from cannabis plants — is now showing up in the skincare aisle.
tackling diversity inclusivity issues in outdoor community outdoorafro desert leader

Tackling the Issue of Inclusivity and Diversity in the Outdoor Community

While nature itself doesn’t discriminate, organizations that maintain and market outdoor adventure are hardly exempt from the effects of racial inequity.
beginners guide to boating man getty images

A Beginner’s Guide to Boating, Your New Favorite Pastime

To encourage would-be boaters to take the plunge, we’ve compiled a list of the essential ways to prepare for this outdoor pastime. It’s all worth it when you take that first big breath of salt air, catch sight of dolphins playing in your wake, or hear loons calling over a twilit lake.
urban cycling

The New Urban Biking Boom, and How to Keep It Going

By the ‘90s, mainstream cycling had largely moved indoors, thanks to the advent of the stationary bike. At that point, urban biking became identified with the punk-infused counterculture.
exercise fitness at home watching tv

10 Best Workouts to Do While Watching TV

These movements are simple, repetitive, quiet, and take up minimal space in a room.
Mac Cosmetics Team Attend Pride

How the LGBTQ+ Community Has Transformed the Grooming Industry

The LGBTQ+ community has had a longstanding influence over the beauty and grooming industries. We highlight some of our favorite queer-owned brands, and why they're making genderless products.
Christian Dalbec

Dive Into the Heart of Lake Superior With Photographer Christian Dalbec

Few photographers have served this purpose better than Christian Dalbec, who has spent more than a decade documenting the rugged, rarely explored shoreline of Lake Superior from a vantage point even more rare: Within the lake itself.
Cooling Mineral Hydro Mist

Why We Can’t Get Enough of This Hydrating Cooling Mist

Alder New York has come out swinging this summer with a newly launched product to cure your summertime skin care woes.
FLR House

The Cheapest-Ever Frank Lloyd Wright House Just Went Up for Sale

Okemos, Michigan is home to what has to be most affordable Frank Lloyd Wright home in existence. And it’s for sale, right now.
Nico Marley Feature

Why Nico Marley Wants You to Use CBD to Naturally Boost Your Wellness

Bob Marley's grandson opens up about his journey with CBD, and his new wellness line.
gerber custom shop

Could Your EDC Use Some TLC? Try Out Gerber’s New Custom Knife Shop

Gerber launched a custom knife shop where you can personally build the EDC knife that best serves your needs and represents your identity.
camping tent hammock chair furniture

Camping Is Poised for a Post-Quarantine Comeback: Here’s What to Know

Camping is poised to be more popular than ever. We spoke with Dan Yates of Pitchup to get some tips for navigating the changes.

See Ya, Sourdough! Kombucha Is Our New Favorite (and Easy) DIY Kitchen Project

If, like me, you’re attracted to the idea of a home fermentation project, but not ready to commit to the labor and attention required for sourdough baking, you’re the perfect candidate for brewing kombucha.
Someone holding a vial of CBD oil and a leaf in the other hand.

If You Like CBD, You Need to Know About the New CBs

Industry experts are discovering that CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid with desirable properties.
journalism news newspaper online media couple

Improve Your Love Life (Even In Quarantine) With Advice from Relationship Coaches

Every relationship coach works differently, which means there’s usually an option for every personality and learning style.
Man choosing hair product in department store.

Confused About the Best Skincare Products? Start With These Ingredients

We spoke with grooming experts to find out what ingredients to look for in skincare products to fight sun damage, signs of aging, and more.
guitar neck practice learn

10 Easy Guitar Songs You Can Play to Brush Up on Your Skills

Here are our 10 easy guitar songs that are also classics tunes.
mental physical health isolation

How to Stay Physically and Mentally Well in Isolation

You need to realign your lifestyle. We consulted Dr. Dan Pardi on how to adapt these core health principles to current shelter-in-place conditions.
best hemp clothing brands jungmaven featured image

The 7 Best Hemp Clothing Brands to Shop Sustainably in 2020

The hemp clothes we’re seeing these days are anything but hippie threads. With its airy weight, breathability and soft texture, hemp turns out to be the perfect fiber for all your summer wardrobe staples. Here are a few of our favorite hemp clothing brands.
Someone going over their financials.

Tips for Doing Your Taxes During Coronavirus

A seasoned tax professional addresses the most pressing issues about filing taxes during COVID-19, including the deadline extension.
floyd bed

Celebrate Earth Day Indoors With an Environmentally-Friendly Home Makeover

High-quality, thoughtfully designed home goods made from sustainably sourced materials will save you money and preserve the integrity of our planet.
Patagonia's Worn Wear

Patagonia’s Worn Wear Collection Is Saving the Planet

The brand collects busted — excuse us, well-loved — gear and repurposes it into new items.

Why You Should Start Meditating in Quarantine

Meditation helps with weathering coronavirus for the same reason it helps with any type of stress: by giving your brain a chance to fix itself.
iced dalgona coffee

Need a Treat? Try Dalgona Coffee, the Internet’s Most Shareable Drink

The drink’s predominant name, “dalgona coffee,” refers to a popular Korean candy with a similar color and texture.
best baby books 7 every new parent should own

7 Best Baby Books Every New Parent Should Own

“There’s no manual for raising a child.” If you’re expecting to become a parent, prepare to hear those words over and over.
The Best Long Books for a Good Read

The Best Long Books for a Good Read

We’ve compiled the best long books, historic as well as contemporary, into a literary tasting menu. We’re talking really long — upwards of 500 pages.