Chelsea Batten

Chelsea Batten

Chelsea Batten is a writer, photographer, and Kerouac groupie. One of the original digital nomads, she was seduced from life on the road by the wild beauty of Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. She covers diverse topics for The Manual related to travel, gear reviews, and odd cultural sidetracks. She’s currently building a yurt on the shore of Lake Superior. You can follow along on Instagram: @thechelseagrin

Land of the Midnight Sun: Where the Sun Never Sets in the Summer

Midnight sun like the title of a Hemingway novel or a Chuck Norris movie from the '80s, but it's actually a cool natural phenomenon.

The Best Rail Bike Tours and Where to Find Them

Put simply, rail biking is riding pedal-powered machines along railroads that have no train traffic.
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'Top Gun 2' is giving us all a chance to rediscover our love of the 1986 movie … or, at the very least, to rediscover how good we look in a leather bomber jacket.

How Permethrin-Treated Clothing Repels Ticks, Mosquitoes, and Other Bugs

Nothing ruins the endorphin buzz of a backcountry adventure like discovering a tick burrowing into your hair or skin at the end of the day.
Fashion & Style

Zippo on Screen: Marvel’s Propmaster Talks Lighters, Heroism, and Props

"When choosing a prop, nothing is accidental..."

Finally, a Comprehensive Guide to the World’s Greatest Cabins

Cabin Escapes is a lot more than just a cabin-specific version of VRBO — it’s a carefully chosen collection of secluded outdoor dwellings.