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This A-Frame Home Offers Stylish Cabin Living in a Kit

Over the last decade, more and more people are looking outside-the-box approaches. Some do it in obedience to a “less-is-more” ethos. Some do it to save money, reduce their carbon footprint or disconnect from the energy grid. Some do it simply for the elemental pleasure of building a dwelling with their hands.

From yurts to cabins, from earth domes to tiny houses, small dwellings are sustainable, affordable options for people from any and all walks of life. And among the growing number of options in small dwelling design, the A-frame cabin is a modern classic.

Estonian company Avrame has paired this iconic design with the compact simplicity of the “tiny house.” Designed for people who value their freedom but still want a place to call home, Avrame’s made-to-order assembly kits offers a unique vision of how to dwell simply.

Constructed of eco-friendly materials and built with energy efficiency in mind, the Avrame represents a fraction of the cost of building and maintaining traditional home (because the brand believes home ownership doesn’t have to be a burden on time and finances). The Avrame is anchored by a steeply sloped roof made of structural insulated panels, perfect for both installing solar panels and conserving utility resources.

The interior masterfully maximizes useful space without sacrificing comfort or appearance. Though smaller than traditional homes, the Avrame includes everything needed to live comfortably in any setting you choose. And because they can be built anywhere and on any foundation (old or new), they are also popular as second homes, offering an easy getaway in the mountaintop or woodland setting of your choice.

Avrame’s many size options allow for a wide variety of other uses. Smaller models in the 600-square-foot range can be tiny homes, sheds, greenhouses, saunas, or office/studios. Larger options, up to 1,300 square feet, are perfect for ski chalets, summer cottages, or year-round dwellings that can comfortably accommodate a family.

The kits include all structural materials, doors, and windows; special add-ons such as terraces, roof gables, and flooring upgrades are also available. Easy-to-follow instructions make installation fast, easy, and straightforward for almost any first-time builder. Your home can be assembled by as few as two people — no professional building expertise required.

If you’re looking for a highly-efficient, modular home that will minimize your footprint while maximizing your quality of life, Avrame has what you’re looking for. Kits start at just USD $12,000 and, yes, the company does deliver to the U.S.

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