Fossil and Crosley Band Together for Stylish Collection Celebrating National Record Store Day

fossil crosley turntable

Twice a year, music nerds, vinyl snobs, and small business proponents unite to celebrate National Record Store Day, a biannual holiday for all that is sacred in the precarious world of independent commerce. Across the country, artists will give live performances, labels will release limited editions, and corporations will express their effusive support for the beautiful but fragile ecosystem of community-minded capitalism that is nowhere better represented than in the neighborhood record store.

So dear is this concept to America’s idea of itself that unrelated industries have been finding ways to jump in the game. While in some instances this kind of effort can land as heavily as a lead zeppelin, it sometimes results in remarkable flights of creativity. Such is the case with Fossil’s upcoming collaboration with Crosley Radio.

Crosley Radio is one of the first names in turntables, jukeboxes, and other classic audio electronic technology. Founded in 1984, the company has made its name in manufacturing high-quality sound machinery that embodies a gorgeous vintage aesthetic. Fossil watches also boast their own vintage style inspiration and uncompromising quality and materials. The convergence of these two iconic American companies, with their shared values of functional style and homage to history, was all but guaranteed to yield a smash hit.

The Crosley x Fossil collection begins with two watches that have been designed to embody the whimsical elegance and minimal panache of a bygone era of musical excellence. The timepieces feature vinyl record detailing on the grooved dials, minute hands resembling a record player’s needle (naturally), and a center dial that spins out the seconds. Built in both 42mm and 36mm sizes to accommodate a range of wrists, the watch case offers two options of either polished black or warm brass.

fossil crosley turntable

The third member of the Crosley x Fossil collection is a limited-edition record player fitted with Bluetooth speakers, retro-chic graphics, and two-tone metal detailing to match its companion timepieces. All three items are guaranteed to strike an instant rapport among music lovers and style connoisseurs alike.

The Fossil x Crosley collection will drop in limited quantities online at Fossil and Crosley Radio on Monday, April 15.

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