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Grooming Journals: Inside Brendan Fallis’ Essential Personal Care Routine

Brendan Fallis

Welcome to Grooming Journals, where we talk to men across the country about one of their most intimate daily investments: Grooming.

This week, Brendan Fallis shares his essential personal care regimen with our Style and Grooming Editor, Christian Gollayan. The 40-year-old influencer and husband to fellow social media star Hannah Bronfman is one of the most sought-after DJs in the world, and keeping up his appearance is a key to growing his online following (with more than 116 thousand followers and counting). Adding another feather to his cap, Fallis will serve as a panelist for our annual Grooming Awards, which will launch on July 8. Read on to learn more about his grooming routine. 

Occupation: DJ and Influencer

Age: 40

Location: New York City (Currently quarantining in Amagansett, New York)

Hobbies: Music, Snowboarding, tennis, traveling, cooking, and home improvement.

Skin Type: Normal to Dry

Hair Type: Thin

Morning Grooming Routine

Brendan Fallis
Brendan Fallis

In terms of grooming trends, I’d describe myself as a generalist who’s passionate about the space, but I’m not trying to push the envelope. That being said, I’m constantly trying a bunch of new products and understanding the best practices.

Much like working out, I stick to a daily grooming routine to feel good, but to also have a long-term successful face and body. It all comes hand in hand: Your grooming regimen comes along with your workout and diet, and it’s all-encompassing. So I look at it as if you’re trying to keep your insides healthy by eating well, you should be doing the same on an exterior level and trying to do everything you can to alleviate the stresses of aging, and it’s just a full package.

Soap: Nécessaire Body Wash

Necessaire Body Wash

My grooming routine starts during my morning shower. When it comes to body washes, I’m a big proponent of using whatever my wife is using, and right now we love Nécessaire’s Sandalwood Body Wash because it smells so good.

Face Wash: Jaxon Lane Shake and Wake

Jaxon Lane Face Wash

I’m definitely a face-wash-in-the-shower guy. I travel a lot, and I only bring carry-on luggage, so it’s tough to find a liquid face wash that you won’t burn through too quickly, and won’t be flagged by airport security. That’s why I really like Jaxon Lane’s powder-based face wash. You don’t have to use a lot of it, and it works really well.

Moisturizer: Jaxon Lane Rain or Shine

Jaxon Lane Sunscreen

I first got into moisturizers and sunscreens when I took up skiing in my 20s, and I needed something to protect my skin from the elements. Right now, I’m using Jaxon Lane’s moisturizer since it’s hydrating and also contains SPF.

Body Lotion: Nécessaire Body Lotion

Nécessaire Body Lotion

I rarely use fragrance. I took a non-verbal communication class in college, where I learned that a big part of our attraction to our partner is because of their natural scent. So I try to keep my products non-scented, which is why I like this fragrance-free lotion from Nécessaire.

Deodorant: Ursa Major Base Layer Deodorant

Ursa Major Deodorant

I also use this unscented stick deodorant from Ursa Major that works really well.

Hair Product: Kelsen Signature Pomade

Kelsen Pomade

I have thin hair, so I only wash it once a week to keep it looking thicker. Brands send a lot of hair products for me to try, and right now I’m a sucker for Kelsen’s pomade. When I was in the city, I’d put this on everyday to add texture to my hair. I got it a few weeks ago and I’m already halfway through it. A lot of these natural hair products are water-soluble, so it still leaves a slight hold even after I wash my hair.

Body and Beard Trimmer: Wahl Peanut Cordless Clipper

Wahl Peanut Clipper

Admittedly, I haven’t shaved with a blade in over a decade. I shave my face about once a week before showering, and I like these peanut clippers because they’re battery operated (great for traveling), and they cut pretty closely, too. They’re also perfect for manscaping. Just choose a clipper setting and go to town.

Evening Grooming Routine

Night Cream: Ole Henriksen Goodnight Glow

Ole Henriksen Goodnight Glow

I use the same cleanser at night, but afterwards, I like to put on this night cream by Ole Henriksen before going to bed.

Serum: Consonant HydrExtremeConsonant Serum

I’m a big fan of oils and serums. I put this on top of my night cream, and I think it works really well. You sleep, and it’s doing the work of repairing your skin overnight.

Eye Cream: One Ocean Eye Revival Marine Cream

One Ocean Eye Cream

I don’t like eye creams that feel overly cooling since the fumes can be a bit much. I like this one from One Ocean because it gives you a chill, glowing feeling and it feels like your undereyes are being replenished.

Face Mask: Loops Night Shift Mask

Loops Face Mask

I love a good face mask. Every guy should be using one. Right now I’m using Loops, a rosemary-infused mask that doesn’t stick to your stubble, which is great for guys growing out their facial hair right now.

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