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Grooming Journals: Luke DiTella’s World-Inspired Skincare Routine

Welcome to Grooming Journals, where we talk to men across the country about one of their most intimate daily investments: Grooming.

This week, we sit down with professional surfer turned model and overall modern-day Renaissance man, Luke DiTella. DiTella is an actor, model, brand ambassador and a motorcycle enthusiast with an extensive (and impressive) resume. From sun gazing to using all natural deodorants, we take a look at what goes into DiTella’s skin care routine to keep him dapper and looking his best. DiTella will serve as a panelist for our annual Grooming Awards, which will launch on April 27. Read on to learn more about his grooming routine. 

Occupation: Business Owner and Brand Ambassador

Age: 40

Location: New York, NY

Hobbies: Outdoors, cross-country skiing, surfing, automotive enthusiast

Skin Type: Normal

Hair Type: Thick and wavy

My Skincare Routine

Being a professional surfer has given me the opportunity to travel the world and interact with different cultures and ways of life. A lot of what I have incorporated into my current skincare are a reflection of my take-a-ways from trodding the globe. Whether it be adopting coconut oil, African Black Soap, or activity-based skincare, I always try to bring home something new from my travels.

And it certainly doesn’t stop at skincare.

A lot of the ancient Egyptians and Mayans credit their success to the powers of the sun and its ability to open up the aura. And that’s why I dedicate time every morning to sun gaze. Whether it be walking out on my balcony, the beach or just a walk around the neighborhood, I always a couple of minutes in the morning to gaze at the sun. It keeps me grounded to the earth and a great way to clear my mind.

Here are a few products that I use regularly and highly recommend.

Best All Around: Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

I use this for virtually everything skin-related. As aforementioned, I spent a lot of my earlier years as a professional surfer and during that time I got to travel a lot and learned about a lot of different cultures and how they use the natural resources that are available to them. I noticed that a lot of natives had resilient skin and it seemed to be no coincidence that coconut oil was a staple skin care ingredient. I have been using this stuff for 20 years and even started using it for oil pulling.

Hair Product: American Crew Pomade

I personally don’t like any hair products that will weigh down my hair. I simply work this into my hair and it gives me a great natural look with the hold my hair needs for the day. I’ve been using American Crew for the past 10 years. With this hair product, less is more and it’s super easy to wash out of my hair since it’s a water-base pomade.

Cologne: Jo Malone Londons Scarlet Poppy

I was introduced to this fragrance when I was working with them on one of their campaigns in which I was working closely with the marketing director. I was even fortunate enough to join the Jo Malone cologne school. What sets them apart is their attention to details, the ingredients which gives it a unique scent, but above all their integrity. This cologne works well with my body’s chemistry and I have been using it faithfully for nearly 5 years. All you need is one spray, which I apply most mornings.

Best Soap: African Black Soap

This product is about as natural as it gets and is one of my skin care staples. I love to use this on both my body and face!

Face Scrub: Lab Series Invigorating Face Scrub

I exfoliate my face as necessary, but normally I would say around once or twice a week. I find that a lot of facial scrubs, don’t have the exfoliation power I like. Because I don’t have sensitive skin, I prefer my exfoliants to be a little more on the abrasive side.

Dry Brush:

Dry brushing has a lot of benefits and I have been using this on and off for the past 4 years. Not only does dry brushing exfoliate the skin, it helps your skin eliminate toxins. I always try to brush toward my heart.

Sun Care: Burt Bees After Sun Soother

Because I’m so active, this after sun lotion is a must have. It protects me from not only the sun when I’m surfing, but it protects me from windburns as well. This lotion is great for all year-round use.

Deodorant: Charcoal Native Deodorant

This has been my go-to deodorant for the past two years, leaving behind traditional deodorants that are often saturated with chemicals and other additives. Native deodorants are free from parabens and all around safe to use on my skin.

Shave Cream: Dollar Shave Club Shave Butter

I was recently introduced to this product and I really like it. What I noticed when I use this shave cream is that it keeps my skin from getting irritated from the razor and I love the smoother butter texture of the cream. It’s not oily and does exactly what I need for it to do.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar works for my dry skin and scalp. Adding ACV to my bath helps soothe my dry skin and you can also use it to rinse your scalp if it’s itchy or dry. Add two parts water, to one part ACV, and you can use it to rinse your scalp.

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