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Claudia Savin

Claudia Savin

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Claudia is a fragrance enthusiast based in the Pacific Northwest. She has a passion for exploring unexpected and overlooked perfumes and expanding her collection. When not following her nose, she loves antique and thrift shops and finding exciting new places to dine.

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Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid mattress side view

The Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid is the company’s most popular mattress for a reason

The Posturepedic Hybrid is Sealy's most popular mattress for a reason, integrating virtues of soft and firm mattresses to create one that will please anyone.
Cologne bottles

Here are the best places to store your cologne to ensure it lasts

Does cologne really go bad? This is what you need to know about storing your cologne.
Tempur-Pedic LuxeAdapt Mattress in a bedroom.

Review: Does the TempurPedic LuxeAdapt mattress stand the test of time?

Does the Tempur-Pedic LuxeAdapt hold up over time?
Chanel shopping bags

Give your holiday shopping list a makeover with Chanel fragrances

Your guide to the best Chanel men's cologne to gift this holiday
Gift wrapped presents

Gifting got you down? Cologne for men to add to your holiday shopping list

Not sure what gift to give this year? Men's cologne is a wonderful gift — and these are our favorites.
Fragrance bottles

The best cologne for men: These incredible fragrances transition from fall to winter

Smell your best this winter with the best cold weather cologne for men.
Maison Margiela REPLICA Under the Stars

Your complete Maison Margiela cologne guide: What to wear for every occasion

Want to smell your best? These are the Maison Margiela colognes to wear for every occasion.
Chanel package on wood table

What’s my vibe? A closer look at the best Chanel cologne options

Chanel is an incredible brand on its own merit, but the Chanel cologne choices you're faced with can seen daunting. We break it down for you
TempurPedic ProBreeze

TempurPedic ProBreeze and Ergo Power Base review: Reliable, long-lasting comfort

We get a closer look at the TempurPedic ProBreeze and Ergobase.
Cafe Rose by Tom Ford

A complete guide to Tom Ford cologne: What to wear for nights out, beach vacations, and more

Your definitive guide to the latest Tom Ford colognes, the occasions they're best suited to and overall vibe.
Razor Icon scooters

Razor Icon electric scooter review: Does this Razor scooter live up to the brand’s legacy?

Razor has gone electric, but does its Icon scooter live up to the Razor scooter brand legacy? We find out.
HAVA R01 countertop dishwasher

Review: The HAVA R01 Compact Countertop Dishwasher might be the game-changer your home needs

Think your bar doesn't need a small dishwasher? Our review might change your mind
PurpleRenew mattress

Costco has an exclusive Purple mattress you can’t get anywhere else, the PurpleRenew

Costco is known for its exclusive deals, and this is a doozy. Purple mattress made its PurpleRenew exclusive to Costco members
Man spraying luxury perfume on black background, closeup

Scentbird vs. ScentBox – the top two fragrance subscription services rated

Scentbird vs. ScentBox — which is the best? We rate each to let you know which is worth your money.
Man putting on cologne

The 7 best fragrances for men (no matter what your favorite scent profile is)

Find your signature fragrance with our helpful list, no matter what type of scent you prefer. Let us help you find the one right for you.
Man holding a bottle of fragrance.

How to apply cologne so you smell amazing all day

How do you apply cologne so your scent isn't too strong? We'll help you find the balance between smelling intriguing to others without making heads turn away.
Man spraying luxury perfume on black background, closeup

A deep dive into the most popular YSL colognes — discover which one is right for you

Read all about the vibes and main notes of the buzziest YSL colognes for men
Someone sticking a label on a bottle of the Creed Aventus cologne.

Gucci owner’s acquisition of Creed signals a significant push into high-end fragrances

French luxury mega-conglomerate Kering has added the luxury fragrance brand Creed to its portfolio of brands.
riseau cbd seltzer review cans of

Chill out this summer with these CBD drinks from RisEau

With so many CBD drinks to choose from, finding the right one can be hard. Here's why RisEau can take your summer from regular to relaxing.
besa mi vino organic canned wine review img 0545  2

Experience summer the right way with organic, travel-friendly wines from Besa mi Vino

Who says organic wine has to be expensive and canned wine has to be ordinary? Besa mi Vino puts both ideas to bed for good.
helt chef apron review deep sea navy bib

The heavy duty apron from Helt that you didn’t know you needed

Professional chefs can't work without a high-quality apron, and once you try this one, you won't be able to either.
Build your home gym floor with the Amazon Basics floor mat tiles.

5 men’s colognes that go from work to the gym (and back again)

Have you ever wondered what colognes are fresh and versatile enough to go with you to work, the gym and then out on the town? Read on to see our top picks.
earthfoam mattress review 211103 sg shot12 still life 01164 3274sg b adobergb

I slept on an Earthfoam mattress made of natural rubber for 3 months: Here’s my verdict

This natural foam rubber mattress made from syrup has given me a great night's sleep. Here's how.
Man spraying on cologne

Your guide to natural fragrances for men

More fragrance brands are stepping up to serve natural men's fragrances that make you smell delicious, nourish your skin, and improve your mood.

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Moms will love these incredible perfumes

Not sure how to surprise your mom on Mother's Day? Find the perfect fragrance for her in this list.

Atelier Chardonnay taste test: Our take on this crisp beverage

Here is our in-depth taste test of Atelier's 2021 Chardonnay.
indie fragrance

‘Succession’ season 4 is here — These are the fragrances your favorite characters would wear

Ever wondered what would your favorite "Succession" character spritzes on before heading into the boardroom? Find out with this surprising list.
Person spraying cologne on their neck.

5 incredible fragrances guaranteed to boost your mood and confidence

Boost your mood and your confidence with these five fragrances that will brighten your day.
man spraying fragrance

5 Men’s Fragrances that Shine All Winter Long

Whether you want to bask in the chilly darkness of winter or need something bright and floral that reminds you of the coming spring, we've got you covered.
Man holding a bottle of fragrance.

6 spots you didn’t know you could apply winter scents (that aren’t on your body)

Layers of winter clothes shouldn't cover up your cologne. Here's how to get the most out of those fantastic scents, even when you're bundled up.
Man applying aftershave

It’s the Year of the Rabbit: Change your routine with these intriguing fragrances

Ring in the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rabbit with these six unexpected fragrances.