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The Best of the Best

Person running with a knee brace

Cambivo, Bracoo, and more: The 10 best knee braces for running support

Knee injuries are a big no-no for runners, so we've rounded up the best knee braces for running.
Man shaving

Oui the People, Dr. Tusk, and more: The 8 best shaving creams that won’t irritate your skin

We've found the best shaving creams of 2024 to help you remove facial hair and leave your skin feeling supple and rejuvenated.
Man walking his road bike

Specialized, Giant, and more: These are the best bikes worth pedaling in 2024

Explore scenic routes and rugged roads with the best bicycles, guaranteed to nurture your wanderlust and up your fitness level.
Close-up of shiny car tire with Brabus wheels on pavement.

ExoForma, Car Guys, and more: Shop the best tire shines to get your car’s kicks looking like new again

A good tire shine can protect your tires from regular wear and debris, while making them pop. These are the best tire shines worth buying in 2024.
Man wearing motorcycle boots

Suit up with the best motorcycle boots for men in 2024 – TCX, Taylor Stitch, and more

Just because motorcycle boots are practical doesn't mean they can't also be stylish. Check out the most fashionable boots for men this year.
Happier camper exterior cliff feature

Road trip tips: Travel with one of the best ultralight travel trailers

The best travel trailers can take a mobile campsite anywhere you want to go. Here's a list of the top lightweight options for all your adventures.
Cans of RisEau cbd drinks.

Seltzers, cocktails, and more: The 9 best CBD drinks we tried in 2024

From tasty fruit flavors to drinks that help to de-stress and mellow out, these are our favorite CBD-infused drinks.
Taking a break from hiking to drink some water from an insulated water bottle

Up your hydration game with one of the best insulated water bottles from CamelBak, Yeti, and more

Whether you're hiking, backpacking, heading to the gym, or just in the office, stay hydrated with these insulated water bottles.
Man applying cream to his face

Skinceuticals, Pure for Men, and more: Try these 9 night creams for your skin

Skin repairs itself while you sleep. This year, try incorporating night creams for men into your routine to improve skin recovery and reduce wrinkles.
Rimowa suitcase by the beach.

The best luxury luggage from Rimowa, Tumi, Antler, and more

We take a look at all the best luxury luggage currently out there and sum up why they're worth your money.
Close-up of someone lighting a cigar with a lighter.

The best luxury lighters from St. Dupont, Cartier, and more

If you're looking to pair one of the best luxury lighters with your new batch of cigars or smokes, you need to see this list.
Man using muscle rub cream

From Tiger Balm to Bengay, here are the 7 best creams, CBD oils, and gels to relieve pain

For nagging aches, pain relief creams can make pain more manageable. Here are our favorite muscle gels and creams.
Man wearing shorts squating

The 6 best products to avoid swamp crotch once and for all – from body powder to the right boxers

Swamp crotch and sweaty balls are nothing new, but the many grooming products that have been created to prevent and alleviate this sweaty situation are.
A man wearing the Borden Bomber Heritage

The 7 best Canada Goose jackets for men in 2024

We take a look at all the best Canada Goose jackets for men and evaluate what's best for which scenario.
Man holding water gun

From the most powerful to the biggest water tank capacity, these are the best water guns and blasters (they’re not just for kids)

Nothing says summer quite like heart-pounding water gun fights in the backyard. So, here are the best water guns and blasters.
Rival Nemesis Nerf Gun

The best Nerf guns to help you start the next big office war or backyard battle

From '90s-era throwback dart blasters to modern automatic beasts, these are the best Nerf guns for adults to unleash your inner child.
A man wearing a Canada Goose parka jacket.

The best Canada Goose alternatives: Moose Knuckles, Moncler, and more

Looking for great winter wear and want to try something other than Canada Goose? We've picked out all the best Canada Goose alternatives.
Man putting product on his face and beard.

The 15 best beard oils reviewed for the modern man

Beard oil keeps your whiskers soft, staving off unwelcome itchiness caused by your facial hair. Here are the best beard oils you should try.
write a letter pen paper notebook

The best fountain pens from Montblanc, Parker, and more

The best fountain pens for 2024 have been selected, ranked, and detailed in our guide. If you're looking to jot down or write manually, this is the way to go.
Duck boots

I love duck boots, and these are the only pairs I’ll buy

Duck boots are perfect for the wet seasons. But just what are duck boots and when should you wear this odd looking footwear?
Bald man shaving face over sink

Dr. Tusk, The Art of Shaving, Cremo, and more: Here are some of the best aftershave balms for men

Make sure to use one of the best aftershave balms after removing facial hair to keep your skin fresh, hydrated, and in the best shape possible.
Man relaxing alone under a MoonShade Portable Vehicle Awning while overlanding.

Everything you need to have an overland adventure with the vehicle you (probably) already have

To kickstart your journey, we’ve gathered the best, most essential overlanding gear we’ve field tested and personally recommend.
Friends playing drinking card game

Cards Against Humanity, Sotally Tober, and more: The best drinking card games to beat the winter blues

Remember King's Cup? There are tons more fun drinking card games out there you can try at your next party.

Make shopping easy: The best gifts for men (no matter what he’s into)

We rounded up the best men's gifts of 2023 to get any man the best present for any occasion, including yourself.
A vodka martini with olives

These are the best potato vodka options on the market

Potato vodka is the "healthiest" of vodkas, due to its gluten-free and sugar-free make. Here are a few savory, versatile vodkas that are worth a taste.
Man riding an electric bike

The best electric bike options to make your commute or adventure greener

Cover long distances while staying green with our latest roundup of the best electric bikes, with each one promising a less-polluted commute or adventure.
Supply co. safety razor

The best razors for sensitive skin: Our top picks

We've rounded up the best razors for sensitive skin to make shaving close, simple and easy.
Man putting gel in his hair

A good hair gel is a haircare necessity, and these are our faves

Keep your hair looking slick with hair gel, which offers both hold and shine. Find the one that’s right for you with our top hair gel picks.
best gifts idea for mom adult son gives present

Shopping for mom? Here are 9 gifts for mom she’ll actually love

Make your mother feel loved with our 9 best gift ideas, ranging from clothing accessories to personal care and subscription boxes.
Man and dog walking in the woods with a wool blanket for camping strapped to a backpack

These are some of the best wool blankets for camping

The best wool blankets are soft, durable, odor resistant, and naturally fire retardant, making them ideal for keeping warm around the campfire.
person showing pair of blue-and-white running shoes

Best pickleball paddles: Picks for every skill level, playstyle

Pickleball paddles, at first, appear somewhat samey, but getting the right one seriously impacts your play. Here are our picks for the best pickleball paddles.
A large roasted ham on a wooden chopping board with assorted plates of food

Ham is a holiday staple: Where to buy the star of your Christmas dinner

To help you get started planning the perfect holiday dinner, we’ve rounded up our picks for the best ham brands you can buy online.
Practicing self-defense with a weapon

From stun gun flashlights to tactical pens, these are the best self-defense weapons to protect yourself

Self-defense tools should be convenient to carry, easy to use, and nonlethal. Here are some of the best self-defense weapons for men.
A man's hair with hair oil in it

Jack Black, Moroccanoil, and more: The best men’s hair oils are the answer to your dry hair problems

The best hair oils for men are rich with antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids that nourish, hydrate, and protect. They can even prevent graying or hair loss.
Friends sharing a meal while camping by a lake

Make your next camping cookout epic with the best mobile kitchens

Pack everything and the kitchen sink for your next camping trip. Check out our favorite mobile camp kitchens to whip up gourmet meals in a snap.
Two containers of Fellow Barber Texture Paste.

Hair products 101: Get all-day texture and hold with the best hair paste for men

The best hair paste for men give your hair volume and flexible hold. Use hair paste with many different men's hairstyles.
Man leaning in tan shacket and black denim

The best black jeans for men: Class up your casual look

Black jeans are some of the most underrated additions to your wardrobe, here are the best of the best to upgrade you.
Stephen King book signing

The 13 best Stephen King books to read, ranked

From a Stephen King reading list of almost 100 books, here are the 13 best Stephen King books, ranked. They're as chilling as they are well written.
Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepard in Moonlighting

Your weekend watch list for October 14-15: John Oliver, Moonlighting & more

These new shows, movies, and sports will give you plenty of options for what to watch this weekend.
Ernest Hemingway

From the Sun Also Rises to Death in the Afternoon: The best Ernest Hemingway books you need to read right now

Ernest Hemingway is considered by many the greatest author of all time. Find out which of his novels are at the top of our list of the best Hemingway books.
Slender man in a suit

These are the best clothing brands for men you should shop right now

Check out our list of the best men's clothing brands, from Levi's to Thom Browne. Keep your style trendy for this year and beyond.
Arm with Rolex Submariner on it

The best Rolex watches for men: These incredible watches are iconic for a reason

Rolex is one of the most famous, luxurious, and recognizable brands in the world. When you're ready to invest in a timepiece, these are the best of the best.
Man using face moisturizer

Neutrogena, Jaxon Lane, and more: The 14 best men’s face moisturizers with SPF to slow down aging

Moisturizers and sunscreens are two essential skincare products. So, we've rounded up the best face moisturizers with SPF for every skin type and budget.
A bourbon whiskey decanter and bourbon on the rocks in a tumbler sitting on a bar with bottles in the background

Here are the best bourbons, according to top bartenders

Getting the best of a category often involves getting insider info. For best bourbons, we reached out to some of our favorite bartenders.
Man tying his brown dress shoes

The best men’s shoes for every occasion and every style

Shoes are the first fashion impression people receive. Invest in these essentials and reap the rewards. These are the best shoes for men to buy now.
Birch vihta hanging in a Finnish sauna.

The best home saunas for ultimate relaxation

Home saunas have experienced a surge in popularity this year. If you’re adding a sauna to your home, I hope these options help narrow down your decision. 
Man washing hair in the shower.

The best shampoos for men for healthy and happy hair

Finding a shampoo suited for your hair type isn't easy. To help, we rounded up the best shampoos for men to keep your mane moisturized and clean.
Man waxing his mustache

Try these 10 best mustache waxes for better facial hair

From super-stiff styling wax to softer tamers of flyaways, we gathered all the best mustache waxes out there for men in 2023 and listed them down.
Mark Cuban is a long time Shark Tank panelist on the show.

The most useful Shark Tank products: Get these immediately

"Shark Tank" has introduced viewers to a lot of creative and helpful merchandise through the years, and we're here to pick out some of the best ones.
Vintage Electric Roadster e-bike

E-bike gear roundup: Everything you need for safety and peace of mind

Looking for the best e-bike gear for keeping you and your bike safe and secure? We've got you covered with these extensively tested recommendations.