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The Best Water Guns For Summer 2021

It’s time. Summer is here, and this list of the coolest water blasters will keep you holstered and holding to win the duel with any man, woman, or child. There’s no better time to revert to your pre-pubescent self this summer while staying six feet apart than with an arsenal of soakers and an epic water gun fight for the history books.

Pro tip: refuel with Gushers, Otter Pops, and other 90s snacks.

Which of these coolest water guns will be your heavy hitter?

The Best Water Guns

For the guy who loves retro 007 : Nerf Super Soaker XP30 Water Blaster

Nerf Super Soaker XP30 Water Blaster

The Super Soaker XP30 could fit right in to the ’70s James Bond flick Moonraker, with its removable top-tank, extended nose, and hand-held size. Holding about 9 oz of water, manually pump the handle to pressurize the chamber then pull the trigger to blast a continuous air-pressurized stream. The colorway isn’t quite so Walther PPK but this is for children (correction: man-children), so Nerf opted for a bright retro throwback to the OG Super Soaker blasters.

We’ve also found the best Nerf guns for adults if you need to take your epic battle inside.

For the tech guy: Spyra One

Spyra One

Ok, so you’re not messing around. Time to bring out the big-boy toys and invest in a Spyra One adult water gun. Initially launched on Kickstarter, Spyra One is delivering its first batch this summer. The futuristic block design reaches 50 feet and sprays 24 “powerful water bullets” the website says. There’s an automatic refill that takes about 10 seconds, plus a digital display to show your tank and battery status. Yep, big boy toys take batteries. But the Sypra One is also a no-pump, 100% pressure soaker that will bring grown dudes to tears. Choose your color: red or blue.

For the classic guy: JoinJoy High Capacity 2000CC Water Blaster 10 M Water Pistol

JoinJoy High Capacity 2000CC Water Blaster 10 M Water Pistol

Pop open the lid of Joinjoy’s High Capacity 2000cc 10M Pistol and fill a hefty 67.7 fl oz that should last you longer than your foes on the field. Don’t worry, this water blaster is designed with round edges so the weight won’t hurt your hands, or your kids’ hands if they borrow it. The 2000CC shoots about 32 feet and fires a massive blast of water from not one but two nozzles. Its product description promises “extreme soakage” and indeed, opponents will be left for drench. But the best part is how simple this water gun is. No extra bells and whistles. Easy to use and enjoy (while still inflicting damage).

For the Terminator guy who thinks ‘bigger is better’: Super Soaker CPS 3200

The largest water weapon created by Super Soaker in the height of its glory, the 3200 is a prized piece of nostalgic fun that can only be found on eBay if you’re super-duper lucky. Technically, this soaker was created to be so big it was made with a backpack-carry. Four nozzles will absolutely end your opponents as the firing chamber lets out an extreme load of water. Pro tip: Attach a hose to the fill in the backpack and never run out of ammo. Sore shoulders? It’s heavy! Oh … and there’s a ‘Typhoon’ setting, which is good fodder to scare someone away but in use, it’s not that impressive.

For the lady in your life: Joyin Phaser High Capacity Water Gun

Joyin Phaser High Capacity Water Gun

This water blaster from Joyin is a little bit Fifth Element and a smidge My Little Pony. A fine choice to surprise that special lady in your life so she can get down with the boys and snipe your best friends for all the video game time you spend ignoring her. Power-pump action allows for a forceful streak of water that reaches 35 feet and the 15 oz tank size is not too shabby. Honestly, you’ll probably end up snagging this water gun for yourself because it looks cool, is durable, and the power-pump makes you feel like Rick from Blade Runner.

For the build-it-yourself guy Sugru Gatling Water Pistol

If you somehow get your hands on the 2014 single-edition Sugru Gatling Water Pistol, then call us because we’re coming over. This insane water pistol was hand-built by engineers at the self-setting-rubber company Sugru. People use this rubber, which bonds to almost anything, to fix and customize a ton of gadgets and outdoor gear. The firm’s engineers thought it would be fun to build a water pistol to end all water pistols. The mechanics, pressure flow, special color injection, and Gatling system were all designed from scratch. Better yet, from stuff you can find at the hardware store. Anyone wanna go to Home Depot later?

For the dad or cool uncle: Zuru X-Shot Water Warfare Double Stealth Soakers

Zuru X-Shot Water Warfare Double Stealth Soakers

Start ‘em young. If you’re celebrating Water Gun Fight Day with kiddos, train them on proper form and aim with the Zuru X-Shot Water Warfare Double Stealth Soakers. This two-pack of small hand-held blasters holds 8 oz of water and reach 16 feet. Compact enough to always be packing.

For the gamer guy: Nerf Super Soaker Fortnite TS-R Water Blaster

One reviewer praised the Super Soaker Fortnite TS-R as “the best water gun you can ever ask for.” Modeled from the blaster in the online video game Fortnite, this Nerf water gun replicates the exact style and colors, only this one you can hold it in your real damn hands. Quick fill and fire with a pump-action handle that unleashes massive soaker power. If you find yourself shouting, “He’s one shot!” just roll with it until the 36 fl oz tank is spent. One reviewer estimated the take holds about 41 shots.

Before your water fight, make sure to read our guide to waterproofing your shoes. You’re welcome and happy hunting.

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