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The 5 Best Tire Shines Available in 2020

Mercedes-Benz Tire Shine

Making your car’s tires shine after giving it a wash is one of the best ways to add the finishing touch. While it may seem like an unnecessary thing to do and a waste of time, adding some tire shine to your car’s rubber helps your whole car pop. If you haven’t already, putting some tire shine on your car should be a regular part of your car cleaning routine.

Sure, a good tire shine product will help your car’s tires look great, but they’re also good at protecting your tires. Over time, UV rays, road debris, contaminants, and regular road use can cause your tires to fade and crack. A high-end tire shine will protect your tires from fading and cracking, while adding an additional layer of protection. Regularly applying a high-end tire should prolong the life of your tires on top of making them look better.

These are our top five choices for the best tire shines available on the market in 2020. Regardless of whether you decide to go with an easy-to-apply spray or a long-lasting gel, all of these options will make your car’s tires shine.

CarGuys Tire Shine 

CarGuys Tire Shine

While not the most affordable option on this list, CarGuy’s Tire Shine will really help your tires pop. This product has a polymer additive that, in the company’s words, helps extend the longevity of the shine and enhance its glimmer. In addition to helping your tires look like new again, this tire shine also adds a UV protective layer for added protection. That means your tires won’t fade or crack if you keep your car out of the garage.

Like a lot of CarGuy’s other products, Tire Shine can safely be used on a variety of surfaces. If you’re looking to make other things shine, you can use it on plastic, vinyl, or rubber trim pieces. Unlike other tire shines, CarGuy’s Tire Shine doesn’t have harmful chemicals in it, which is what makes it safe to use on various surfaces. As a spray, this product is incredibly easy to use and only takes a few minutes to apply.

There aren’t many drawbacks with CarGuy’s Tire Shine, but one of the major ones is that it’s not water-resistant. Light rain will see the shine wash off your car, so if you live in a climate that gets a lot of rainfall, you might want to go with another product.

Chemical Guys TVD 107 16 VRP

Chemical Guys TVD 107 16 VRP

Chemical Guys makes quite a few products that can help your tires shine, but the company’s TVD 107 16 VRP is our favorite. The product may have an odd name, but it explains exactly what this is for – vinyl, rubber, and plastic (VRP). Unlike other tire shine products, this one can be used on a wide range of materials and brings the same shine and protection to whatever you put it on.

As a cream and not a spray, TVD 107 16 VRP takes a little more time to apply to your tires. You’re going to need an applicator pad to spread it on, which is an extra step compared to a spray. But the extra work is worth it, as this water-based shine will bring your tires back to life. Additionally, it leaves a non-greasy finish and has special UV blockers to protect your tires from the sun’s harmful rays.

If not applied properly, this product can leave white streaks. It will also wash away in rain, so you’ll have to reapply the product every time it rains.

Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel

Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel

Meguiar’s is a household name when it comes to automotive cleaning products. So of course, the company has a product that makes it on this list. If you’re looking for a tire shine that will last a long time, Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel is the way to go. It’s also an affordable option. With those two things, it’s the clear value choice on this list.

The formula that Meguiar’s uses will give your tires an excellent, high-gloss shine that will protect the rubber from UV damage and browning. The formula will also help keep your tires from cracking in high heat. Unlike a lot of other shines, Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel won’t completely wash away when it rains. While it won’t be as shiny, you won’t have to reapply it if you drive through a few puddles.

Gels take a lot of patience and time to apply. Wearing gloves is advised, as you’re going to get your hands dirty applying this onto your tires. If you don’t let the product dry properly, you could see a lot of slinging on your car. Applying this gel certainly isn’t as easy as spraying on a tire shine, but the results this product brings speak for themselves.

TriNova Tire Shine Spray 

TriNova Tire Shine Spray

TriNova isn’t a well-known name in the automotive industry, but its Tire Shine Spray will get you a high-gloss shine with minimal effort. Unusually, this product can also get rid of harmful contaminants that could affect your tires’ sidewall, including dirt and salt. On top of that, this shine will also protect your tires from cracking, yellowing, and fading.

While the majority of tire shines will leave a glossier shine if they’re kept on longer, TriNova’s Tire Shine Spray takes it to another level. Leaving this product on your car’s tires for a long time will result in a nearly unparalleled shine. Of course, if you’re not interested in having the shiniest tires on the block, you can simply wipe the product off after a few minutes.

Since leaving the product on for a long time can result in a drastically different look, it’s best to be careful when applying this tire shine or else you’ll end up with a spotty finish. If you opt for the spray bottle, the nozzle has a wide spray pattern that can cause a lot of overspray if you’re not careful. Another reason to apply this product cautiously.

Black Magic Tire Wet

Black Magic Tire Wet

Black Magic Tire Wet is the standard for tire shines. The company claims this is the number 1 tire shine in the country and we’re inclined to believe them. The tire shine utilizes PolyShine technology to immediately give your tires a high-gloss shine. And when we say shine, we mean it. This stuff is mighty glossy. If you’re more interested in getting a low-gloss shine, you can apply the product using a sponge or cloth before letting it dry.

While Black Magic Tire Wet is incredibly easy to apply, one of the more impressive things about the product is how long it lasts. The company claims it can last up to four weeks. It also dries quickly, as you only need to wait three minutes before being able to wipe it off. Other tire shines require you to wait up to 10 minutes. So, there’s a very low chance of having the product sling off your tires if you go for a drive after application.

Anyone that’s used Black Magic Tire Wet knows that the trigger spray can be a hassle to use. Somehow, you never get the required amount you want out of the nozzle. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that this product has petroleum. That’s what helps give it such an incredible shine, but that means it will damage wheels that have been coated with Plasti Dip.

Putting tire shine on your car should be the last step in your car-washing process. Before applying tire shine to your tires, it’s best to wash and wax your car. If you’re looking for the best car soaps available, check out your list of the 10 best soaps on sale.

After you’ve washed your car, the next step is to wax your car. While it’s a tedious process, waxing your car adds an additional layer of protection to your car’s paint to protect it from the elements, debris, and contaminants. We also have a list of the eight best car waxes you can apply to your car.

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