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The 10 Best Car Leather Cleaners

Leather seats were once seen as a luxury feature, reserved for high-end vehicles. Now, they’re found on a wide range of vehicles, but they’re still seen as a luxurious touch over cloth upholstery. If you want your leather seats to provide you with opulent accommodations for years to come, you have to take care of them.

Without the proper care, leather seats are prone to cracking, wrinkling, and getting rough patches. Over time, leather seats can also fade because of their exposure to sunlight. Not only do these imperfections look unsightly, but some of them also result in uncomfortable seats. Don’t let these issues scare you away from getting leather seats in your car. By regularly using a high-end cleaner and conditioner to care for your leather upholstery, you’ll ensure that the material ages gracefully and remains comfortable for decades.

While it may be tempting to use household products on your car’s leather seats, don’t. Most of the products on this list have been formulated specifically for your car. Some of these products are pricey, but think of them as an investment. A good leather cleaner and conditioner, like the ones below, are much cheaper than buying a new set of seats.

Best Overall: Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner Duo

This leather two-pack includes a gentle cleaner with a conditioner designed to remove spots and minor stains without drying out the surface. It works on any leather surface from car seats to shoes. The ph-balanced cleaner lifts dirt and grime from the pores of the leather to refresh its look and feel.

The conditioner contains a slight leather-like fragrance, and vitamin E nourishes and helps reduce UV damage. The cleanser itself is odorless and colorless. You need very little to get the job done, making it efficient and long-lasting.

Best Protectant: Leather Honey Conditioner

The Leather Honey line helps you get more out of all your leather surfaces. It contains odorless conditioners designed to bring back the supple, soft feeling of fine leather and protect it from drying, damage, and UV exposure.

It’s non-toxic and non-sticky, going on smoothly for a soft finish that feels great. You can use it on a variety of leather surfaces, and a little goes a long way.

Best 2-in-1: TriNova Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

For a cleaner and conditioner in one easy bottle, this option takes care of both. It not only cleans and restores your leather’s rich color, but it also helps condition the surface of the leather to prevent further damage.

It helps restore damaged leather from cracking and flaking if used regularly. After you apply, it continues to protect from drying air and UV damage. You’ll lengthen the life of your soft, quality leather.

Best Spray: Tyger Tonneau Cover Cleaner & Protectant 2-in-1

It’s hard to beat a spray for ease of use. Tyger Tonneau has mastered the balance between convenience (the spray top) with thickness in the formula required to clean and protect leather surfaces.

The simple system is interior car leather cleaner because the spray gets into the nooks and crannies easier than a standard conditioner. It’s also safe for both leather and vinyl, giving you more flexibility.

Best Cleaning Kit: Lexol Leather Conditioner and Cleaner

For small leather products or especially soft leathers, this kit offers a simple solution for cleaning and protecting. It includes a two-step process for cleaning and deep conditioning along with two specialty applicator sponges that are gentle enough for even the softest leather.

The cleaner penetrates the pores of the leather to lift dirt and stains. The conditioner contains fine oil droplets that spread evenly and deeply over the leather, helping protect against cracking. With regular use, leather will age beautifully.

Best Wipes: Armor All Car Interior Cleaner Leather Wipes with Beeswax

For fast cleaning of leather surfaces (especially in your vehicle), these gentle car leather cleaner wipes from Armor All are a convenient option. The wipes contain natural beeswax to condition the surface, while gentle cleansers remove dirt and grime.

It’s non-greasy and doesn’t require rinsing. You can keep them in your car for quick touchups to protect surfaces from cracking or fraying under UV exposure, helping prolong the life of your investment.

Best Gentle Option: Carfidant Leather and Vinyl Cleaning Spray

All the cleaners on this list are gentle, but this option takes it one step further. It contains no fragrances or harsh chemicals, just a light cleaner and conditioner in one. With high-quality oils, it protects leather surfaces from UV damage, drying, and cracking.

It works on all types of leather as well as vinyl and contains no dyes that could alter the natural coloring. With a microfiber cloth, it’s even possible to clean aged and delicate leather surfaces.

Best Premium Choice: Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Cleanser and Conditioner

Chamberlain’s formulas use gentle, nontoxic ingredients that condition and restore even damaged leather surfaces. There’s no fragrance or harsh chemicals, only gentle cleaners and high-quality oils that condition surfaces and reduce cracking.

The premium applicator pad is suitable for vintage leathers. It spreads easily and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling, despite the rich conditioners. No dyes, no toxins, and no chemical smell — it’s perfect for your ultra-premium leathers.

Best Full-Service Kit: Chemical Guys Cleaner and Conditioner Set

Need to clean your car, sofa, shoes, and vintage leather goods? This kit contains everything you need to handle all leather surfaces and condition each one to prolong its beauty. It comes with a cleaner, conditioner, and detailer spray, plus two microfiber towels, two premium applicators, and a horsehair brush.

It’s suitable for a variety of surfaces. You’ll maintain all leather surfaces with ease and help reduce damage from UV rays and prevent cracking from lack of moisture. It uses a water-based formula with a blend of aloe and Vitamin E.

Best Leather Repair: Chamberlain’s Healing Balm

If your leather is degrading from lack of moisture, this gentle healing balm restores color and heals minor cracks and scrapes. It helps bring out the natural, rich color of your leather and offers it a second life.

The tin is convenient to store and contains ingredients designed especially for aesthetic work. Cosmetic grade ingredients are suitable even for delicate leathers, and it offers intense moisture and damage repair.

How to deep clean car leather

Car leather is especially subject to damage from UV and grime. Without deep conditioners, it can dry out and crack, causing irreversible damage. You need a car leather cleaner formula with nontoxic ingredients and high-quality oils to remove dirt and replace moisture.

What is the best leather conditioner?

High-quality conditioners contain rich oils that replace moisture without leaving a greasy feeling. You need something that won’t layer on toxic fragrances and will protect it from UV exposure for the long term. Look for gentle ingredients with rich oils designed to penetrate leather surfaces.

Caring for your leather long term helps extend the life of leather and age it beautifully. As long as leather surfaces have good moisture, it will remain soft and supple. Cleaners shouldn’t have any harsh chemicals, just gentle ingredients that can penetrate leather pores to remove dirt.

Our choices care for even your most expensive leathers and restore their look and feel. Bring out the full glory in your car, your home, and your accessories — no more worrying about how to care for this luxe material.

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