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Joel Patel

Joel Patel

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Joel Patel is a former contributor for The Manual. His work has also been featured on Autoweek, Digital Trends, Autoblog, CarsDirect, U.S. News & World Report, and Right Foot Down.

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Front end angle of 2021 Ford F-150 parked on a dirt trail in front of a red barn and trees.

Buyer beware: The least reliable cars you can buy in 2024

Looking to buy a car? You’d better stay away from these brands, as they were found to have been the least reliable vehicles on sale in 2024.
A cluttered garage with tools on shelves and a dirty floor.

Simple garage organization tips for better car and motorcycle care

You don’t have to be wealthy to have a functional garage to work on projects and store bulky items. With these tips, you can have an organized garage.
Front left golden wheel on a yellow Lamborghini

Follow these car tire maintenance tips for long-lasting tires

Tire maintenance is just as important as gas and oil. Follow these tips to get the maximum out of your tires without sacrificing safety.
Tire chain in the winter

The best tire chains for every vehicle (for when snow tires aren’t enough)

Need that extra bit of traction to get over unplowed snow-covered roads? Tire chains, like the ones on this list, can help you get through harsh winters.
Lamborghini countach

Porsche, Land Cruiser, and more: 10 incredible cars that best define their automakers

These 10 game-changing cars from legacy brands like Jeep and Ford have set a high bar for automakers and modern vehicles.
Motorcycle rider looking at mountain range on the side of a dirt path.

The best beginner-friendly motorcycles for first-time buyers – consider a Honda, KTM, and others

Looking to dive into the world of motorcycles? These are our top picks for new riders that are just getting their bearings on being on two wheels.
Someone filling up their gas tank with fuel rewards app.

Upside, GasBuddy, and more: Save money on gas with these fantastic fuel rewards apps

Gas is expensive, but with the right fuel rewards apps, you can save money each time you fill up and often earn points to use on drinks, food, and more.
Ford F-150 Lightning at Ford's Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in a factory with bright lights in the back.

What you need to know about the electric vehicle tax credit

The federal tax credit for EVs recently got a major shakeup, making things even more confusing than before for shoppers.
2022 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class on the side of a street in a busy city with blue skies in the back.

These are the definitive top luxury cars in the world right now

Nothing says luxury like fine leather, upscale features, and a refined powertrain. These are the world's top luxury cars that money can buy.
Land Rover Defender 2 driving

Get far, far off the beaten path with the best off-road vehicles on sale

Few things are as enjoyable as off-roading. If you're looking to escape the pavement, these are the best off-roaders worth shopping this year.
2021 Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Aprilia, MTT, Kawasaki, and more: This is what the fastest motorcycle in the world looks like now

With less wind resistance and a low-drag coefficient, motorcycles define speed. Here are the fastest bikes, from icons to turbine-powered monsters.
Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ Coupe

The 9 fastest cars in the world right now

With top speeds above 200 mph, these are the fastest cars in the world. Most of them have confirmed top-speed runs, making them the kings of speed.
2023 Nissan Z

The 7 best sports cars under $50k: Get an amazing ride without breaking the bank

Looking for a cheap sports car? These are our top choices. With a budget of $50,000 or below you're likely to find one you'll love to test drive.
Genesis GV80 Coupe side profile of the SUV parked on stage.

The 7 best SUVs you can get: There’s a vehicle for every type of driver

Looking for an SUV? From an all-electric model to a rugged off-roader, these are the top options available in 2023, across multiple sizes.
Close-up of front end tire of black Porsche 911 being washed with a spray foam gun

This is how easy it is to wash your car at home

Sure you can take the car to the car wash, but it's not as good as if you did it yourself. We've put together a quick list of how to wash your car at home.
2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blacking front end angle from driver's side parked on a race track.

7 cars so incredible they’ll have you rethinking that SUV

Cars might be losing the sales war with SUVs, but there are plenty of good options to choose from these days. These are our top-rated cars of the year.
BMW M3 inside of a BMW dealership with glass windows and light.

These are the questions you should always ask before buying a car

Buying a car isn't like it used to be. Here are some questions to ask when you go to find your new ride.
2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV and Turbo S parked in front of a bridge from rear end and front end.

The 2024 Mazda CX-90 marks the start of the manufacturer’s upscale trajectory

While the 2024 Mazda CX-90 is the brand's first attempt at moving upstream, it's also one of the best-handling midsize SUVs available.
2020 Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition

Study reveals the cars that are least likely to be recalled

Hate recalls? These 10 vehicles are the least likely to be involved in a recall according to a study from iSeeCars.
Lincoln MKZ Black Label parked inside of a building with large windows and hardwood floors.

Consumer Reports: These are the best used luxury cars you can get

A used luxury car doesn't have to cost a fortune, as these top choices from Consumer Reports can be found between $10,000 to $40,000.
Ford Crown Victoria Crash front end angle with bumper and front headlight damage.

7 things you probably didn’t know car insurance covers

While everyone with car insurance expects their vehicle to be covered in an accident, car insurance covers some other surprising things too.
Genesis GV80 Coupe front end angle from the passenger's side on a display pad.

The Genesis GV80 Coupe brings some much-needed style to the SUV coupe segment

Genesis is set to enter the coupe-inspired SUV segment with the GV80 Coupe that was on display at the New York Auto Show.
2025 Ram 1500 REV front end rendering from driver's side with blue skies in the back.

Upcoming Ram 1500 REV will have 500 miles of range and 3 large screens

Ram has released more information about the 1500 REV, which will have 654 horsepower, up to 500 miles of range, and three enormous screens.
2024 Porsche Cayenne front end angle from driver's side parked in front of mountains.

Revealed: The 2024 Porsche Cayenne has had a dramatic mid-cycle refresh

Porsche has revealed the 2024 Cayenne, which receives a hefty mid-cycle update with new tech, more powerful engines, and an even higher price tag.
Front end angle of the 2025 Polestar 4 from the driver's side in front of a white background.

The new 2025 Polestar 4 is missing one significant feature

Polestar has unveiled the upcoming 2025 Polestar 4 will come with a rear-facing camera and digital rearview mirror instead of a rear window.
Hyundai Ioniq 6 side profile from the rear end parked in front of a building

Going green for Earth Day? These are the EVs with the longest range

Don't want to experience range anxiety? These are the 10 longest-range EVs on sale today.
2022 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X front end and rear end angle in front of blue skies on a dirt trail

The Nissan Frontier Pro-4X validates the existence of old-school trucks

A simple, rugged truck like the Nissan Frontier Pro-4X is exactly what you want if you plan on traversing the Mojave Road through the desert.
Front end angle of the 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLS Maybach 600 parked in front of the Maybach logo.

Mercedes-Benz gives the GLS a slightly updated design and new tech for 2024

The Mercedes-Benz GLS is a getting a mid-cycle refresh with an updated look, new tech, and more powerful engines.
Two cars crashing into one another from above in BeamNG.Drive PC game.

Watch: Simulations of cars crashing at different speeds show when things get deadly

One thing that sets BeamNG apart from other automotive games is its realistic crash physics that lets you endlessly crash cars.
2024 Kia EV9 GT-Line parked in the woods with tall trees.

All-electric Kia EV9 premieres with Level 3 autonomous tech and up to 379 hp

Kia's latest all-electric SUV has arrived with the EV9, which is a midsize option with three rows of seating, up to 379 hp and a targeted range of 300 miles.
2024 Lamborghini Revuelto overhead front end angle parked in a garage with light in the back.

Lamborghini unveils the Revuelto PHEV, a 1,001-HP replacement to the Aventador

Lamborghini's replacement for the Aventador has finally arrived with the 2024 Revuelto, which is the automaker's first plug-in hybrid model.
2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 front end angle doing a wheelie on a drag strip in front of trees.

Dodge says goodbye to the gas age of muscle cars with the 1,025-HP SRT Demon 170

Dodge is ending production of the Hellcat engine and giving it a proper sendoff with the new Challenger SRT Demon 170 that has 1,025 horsepower.
2024 Ferrari Roma side profile with the roof down parked in front of a house with a cliff in the back.

Ferrari Roma Spider looks to the past with one special feature

Ferrari is bringing back the soft-top roof for a front-engined supercar with the 2024 Ferrari Roma Spider.
7Charge electric vehicle charging station by 7-Eleven with an EV charging at a convenience store

These popular chains are adding electric charging stations

7-Eleven and Subway want to give you something to do while you charge your car with new charging stations at locations across the US.
Front end angle of the 2022 Audi Q7 Prestige from the side in front of trees.

Audi Q7 Prestige: 5 things we love about it (and 3 things we hate)

The ultra-luxurious and high-tech Audi Q7 Prestige has a lot of great qualities that make it easy to love, but it also has some drawbacks that we hate.
2023 Lexus RZ 450e front end angle from driver's side parked in front of a beach.

J.D. Power: Owners say EVs are less satisfying than gas-powered cars in one big way

There are plenty of good reasons to make the switch to an electric car, but JD Power's latest studies found a few downsides with EV ownership.
2023 Cadillac Celestiq rear end angle from the driver's side overlooking mountains during a sunset.

Whether you’re ready or not, GM is looking into bringing ChatGPT to everything 

GM wants to use the AI in ChatGPT to create an advanced virtual assistant in its future electric cars.
2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 front end angle from passenger's side with a city in the back.

This could be good news for anyone who wants to use the federal EV tax credit

The United States and the European Union are currently in negotiations to increase the number of EVs that are eligible for the federal tax credit.
2022 Acura MDX Type S front end angle from the passenger's side in a hay field with blue skies in the back.

Acura MDX Type S: 4 things we love about it (and 3 things we hate)

There’s a lot to like about the Acura MDX Type S and some things not to like. Here's what we love about the SUV and a few things we hate.
BMW Panoramic Vision in a rendering in a car driving down the road with futuristic buildings in the back.

BMW may be starting its path to full-screen VR with new ‘Panoramic Vision’ feature

BMW is introducing "Panoramic Vision" for all cars, set to enter production in 2025. Is this the first step towards full in-car VR?
BMW i5 electric sedan under a cover parked in a studio.

BMW teases new 5 series, with an i5 EV model for the first time ever

The 2024 BMW 5 series will stick to tradition, says BMW - but there will be an i5 EV model, too.
Lamborghini LB744 PHEV Powertrain from overhead in the engine bay of a chassis.

Lamborghini’s upcoming supercar will have a 1,001-hp plug-in hybrid V12 powertrain

The next supercar from Lamborghini will be equipped with a 1,001-horsepower plug-in hybrid V12 powertrain.
2023 Mercedes-Benz GLC front end angle from passenger's side parked in front of mountains during sunset.

Despite its recognizable design, Mercedes’ best-seller has been fully redesigned

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the fully redesigned 2023 GLC and officially announced pricing for the compact SUV.
Rolls-Royce Phantom Syntopia side profile in a studio with purple swirling lines in the back.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom Syntopia brings haute fashion to cars

The most complex Phantom ever was built in collaboration with Dutch designer Iris van Herpen and took four years to make.
BMW CE 04 Vagabund Moto Concept parked in the middle of a studio with a man looking at the scooter.

BMW’s latest all-electric concept is a beach-ready scooter with a surfboard

BMW Motorrad has teamed up with Vagabund Moto for a concept CE 04 that can hold a surfboard and looks like a work of art.
2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Superscreen close up on TikTok application.

Mercedes just integrated TikTok into its in-car entertainment system (really)

The new 2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class will debut with a new Superscreen that brings TikTok integration.
Honda CR-V Hybrid Racer front end angle from driver's side parked in the middle of a road at night.

Honda stuffed an 800-HP IndyCar powertrain into the family-friendly CR-V

As a teaser for the 2024 IndyCar, Honda put an 800-horsepower IndyCar powertrain into a Honda CR-V.
2023 Indian Sport Chief front end angle parked under an underpass.

Look out Harley-Davidson, Indian’s new Sport Chief is up for a fight

Looking to take Harley-Davidson on at its own game, Indian Motorcycles has introduced the 2023 Sport Chief.
2023 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 front end angle from passenger's side parked on a grassy field in front of mountains.

First drive: 2023 Chevrolet Colorado is a pickup that appeals to everyone

The all-new 2023 Chevrolet Colorado enters the midsize segment as the new leader in the midsize pickup truck segment.
how much horsepower is ideal 2019 dodge challenger srt hellcat redeye widebody charger r t scat pack 5

What’s the ideal amount of horsepower for a sports car?

From 707-horsepower Dodges to 205-horsepower Toyota 86 coupes, there's a wide array of horsepower available. But how much power is the perfect amount?