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The Best Fuel Rewards Apps to Save You Money on Gas

Fuel rewards apps are phenomenal. Why? Almost no one would disagree that gas is expensive, especially when you’re traveling or driving a lot. The more you fill, the more you’re spending on gas, not including the cost of maintenance or oil. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on gas prices and try to find some cost savings along the way. If you can save even just a few cents per gallon, you’re much better off. That is precisely what most fuel rewards apps offer — a chance to save money on fuel.

The benefits you receive depend on the app in question. Some give direct cashback, while others provide monetary rewards to offset the cost of your fuel expenses. Murphy Drive Rewards, for example, issues rewards points for filling up your tank, which you can use to get money off gas or buy drinks and snacks. BPme Rewards, on the other hand, gives you money off at the pump. All of the apps and rewards services you see here will net you money back for fueling up your vehicle, but the rewards do vary. Choosing one — or all — is not particularly difficult, but it makes sense to go with a fueling station that’s near you or on your driving route(s). Here are the best fuel rewards apps to save you money on gas … and sometimes more.

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BPme Rewards

  • Location: Eastern US
  • Reward Types: Fuel Rewards
  • Average Savings: $0.05 per gallon
  • Points Method(s): Getting gas, shopping in-store at BP locations

For use with BP and Amoco stations, the BPme Rewards app helps you save money per gallon every time you fill up at a participating location. You can also skip using the pin pad or sliding your card, as your payment information is saved within the app. New users can download the app and enter promo code SAVINGS1 to receive an introductory 50 cents per gallon as an additional discount, with the next fuel-up after completing an in-app transaction of $10 or more. You already get 5 cents off per gallon with every use of the app, but that extra money off is good for one time during a second fuel-up. By using BPme Rewards, you will also accrue discounts through the app that can be used in-store. To continue earning the standard $0.05 per gallon, you’ll need to earn points by making purchases in-store at BP locations, which you can do easily using the app.


Woman putting gas in her car.
  • Location: All US/Nationwide
  • Reward Types: Cashback
  • Average Savings: $0.25 per gallon
  • Points Method(s): Shopping, buying groceries, getting gas, dining

If you’re more interested in a universal savings app that can earn you money back on gas, groceries, restaurant bills, and more, then GetUpside is the one for you! With over 30,000 business offers available, you can earn cashback after spending money through participating locations. For gas, you’ll save up to 25 cents per gallon every time you fill up through places like RaceTrac, Exxon, Circle K, Chevron, Shell, Sunoco, Mobil, and many more! After downloading the app, you can see personalized offers nearby, activate them, and then use your credit or debit card at the pump. Getting the rewards is simple — you can either upload your receipt or check in at select locations. It should be noted that while GetUpside may offer up to $0.25 per gallon in savings, the amount you actually save depends on the offer(s) you claim. It can change each time you use the app.

Fuel Rewards App by Shell

Someone paying for gas at a gas pump with a credit card.
  • Location: All US/Nationwide
  • Reward Types: Fuel rewards
  • Average Savings: $0.05 per gallon
  • Points Method(s): Shopping, getting gas, dining, buying groceries

Not only can you save money per fill-up with the Shell Fuel Rewards app, but also you’ll get instant Gold Status, for the first 6 months, right along with a bevy of other perks and savings. With Gold, you automatically save 5 cents per gallon, but additional rewards stack. Silver status members receive $0.03 per gallon for every fill-up. To keep Gold status after the intro offer is over you must fill up at least 6 times over a 3 month period, or two times per month. You can earn rewards by visiting participating restaurants, shopping online or in-store, and visiting events like concerts. All of those rewards add up, and they’re tracked through the Fuel Rewards service. When you’re ready to use them at the pump, you can save quite a bit! If you have a Fuel Rewards Mastercard from Shell, you can save even more! T-Mobile customers can also take advantage of T-Mobile Tuesday rewards, earning an extra $0.10 off on participating days, but you must link your T-Mobile account to your Fuel Rewards App. Smith’s Rewards World Mastercard offers can also be used through Shell and stacked with Fuel Rewards.


Woman putting gas in card.
  • Location: All US/Nationwide
  • Reward Types: Fuel rewards
  • Average Savings: $0.25 per gallon
  • Points Method(s): Shopping, dining, parking, getting gas

Available as both a mobile app called GasBuddy and a free gas card, this fuel rewards app allows you to save money during every fill-up. You’ll earn rewards cash for everyday purchases through select retailers, while you shop, dine, travel, park, and even get gas. You can also use the app to check gas prices nearby and find a cheaper option, which is ideal if you’re on a road trip. It’s a more comprehensive gas-related app, hence “buddy” in the name. You can save up to 25 cents per gallon using the service.


The iBotta mobile app user interface.
  • Location: All US/Nationwide
  • Reward Types: Cashback
  • Average Savings: $20 per month
  • Points Method(s): Shopping, dining, traveling, getting gas

The Ibotta app is a little different than some of the others, as it’s not specifically meant to be one of the major fuel rewards apps. It can save you money on all kinds of purchases, including gas. There’s a mobile app and a browser extension, so you can use it on your computer. After signing up, you’ll be able to find offers through various stores and locations. Just claim an offer, make a purchase, and you’ll get the promised cashback when your order is confirmed. New users of both the browser extension and the mobile app will receive welcome bonuses. You can earn from over 300 retail chains nationwide, with average earnings up to $20 per month on total purchases — not necessarily fuel purchases.


TruNow fuel rewards app with illustrations.
  • Location: All US/Nationwide
  • Reward Types: Cashback, accrued rewards
  • Average Savings: $0.03 per gallon
  • Points Method(s): Shopping, dining, getting gas, traveling

While Trunow is one of the better fuel rewards apps available, you can save money on a whole lot more than just gas. There are several ways to use it, too. After you spend money at a gas station, you can upload your receipt to earn cashback. You can also search for local offers available at gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, and beyond. You’ll earn rewards through the app, which you can redeem or convert into cash. The local deals feature will also highlight some of the cheaper gas prices nearby.

Murphy Drive Rewards

Murphy USA gas station lit up at night.
  • Location: Southwest, Southeast, Midwest, and Northeast US
  • Reward Types: Accrued rewards
  • Average Savings: $1 per gallon (up to 20 gallons)
  • Points Method(s): Getting gas, buying food, drinks or snacks

Compatible with Murphy USA gas stations all across the United States, the Murphy Drive Rewards app allows you to save money on gas purchases, as well as drink, snack, and food purchases at participating locations. You can then redeem those rewards for free snacks or apply them to future gas purchases, earning you up to $1 off per gallon for up to 20 gallons at a time. It’s a great app for those who regularly visit Murphy gas stations, usually located near Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club stores, both of which also offer gas rewards for members. Wal-Mart+ members, for example, can save up to $0.05 per gallon at Murphy USA and Murphy Express locations.