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This Ferrari V12 engine coffee table costs as much as a supercar

Why buy a supercar when you could have bought this Ferrari V12 engine table?

For diehard automotive enthusiasts that can’t bear to spend any time away from cars, coffee tables made out of the engine blocks are a great way to remain connected while staying inside your house. Some people use engine blocks from scrapyard cars, cheap vehicles off of Craigslist, or affordable crate kits from automakers. For the ultra-wealthy enthusiasts out there, there’s another option: a table with a V12 engine from a Ferrari. The only downside is it costs as much as one of Ferrari’s supercars.

RM Sotheby’s had a Ferrari V12 engine table that interested buyers could bid on during one of its auctions in Miami Beach, Florida. The table had an estimated sales price between $30,000 to $60,000. At that price, you’d be able to Toyota GR Supra with a manual transmission that actually drives and everything. As you can probably tell, we thought the estimated sales price for the V12 table was insane. It may have a V12 engine from a Ferrari in it, but it’s just a table. Albeit a beautiful one, but a table nonetheless.

Well, RM Sotheby’s original estimate of $60,000 was way too conservative because someone paid $246,000 for the table. That’s not a typo. For that price, someone could’ve bought a Ferrari Portofino or a Roma – or four six-cylinder GR Supras. But they chose to spend their money on a table with a non-working Ferrari V12 engine. It’s confusing, maddening, and somehow really cool, all at the same time.

Sadly, RM Sotheby’s doesn’t have any information on what kind of Ferrari V12 engine this table has. The Drive believes that it’s an engine from the Ferrari 365 GTC/4, which could explain why someone paid so much money for the vehicle. The 365 GTC/4 was built between 1971 to 1972, and Ferrari only made 500 units of the vehicle. While the 365 GTC/4 utilized the same chassis and V12 engine as the Daytona, it never really caught on as the Daytona did. That’s probably because of one simple difference – the 365 GTC/4 came with a set of rear seats and some extra luggage space, making it a makeshift family car. This gave the car a slightly ungainly design compared to the gorgeous Daytona, though it offered nearly the same level of performance.

It seems like engine tables are everywhere; you can find them on Etsy and Costco, for crying out loud. So, for those looking to stand out with something unique that’s sure to start a conversation, this V12 Ferrari table was a great way to get that in something that can also function as a table. Let’s be honest, $246,000 for this table is ludicrous, absurd, and egregious. But it’s going to look good anywhere and is one-of-a-kind.

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