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The Best Hair Paste for Men for a Fresh Hairstyle

While there are plenty of product solutions for the man who needs a fresh way to style his hair, you can’t really top hair paste.

Why, you may ask? Hair paste is pliable and flexible yet delivers a firm hold and it works quickly and efficiently. Best of all, it’s delivered in compact packaging that you can easily toss in your dopp kit. Hair paste offers a less shiny look than gel, so it’s also a perfect hair styling aid for more casual, breezy style situations. Read on for our favorite picks.

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Best Hair Paste for a Matte Finish: Hair Craft Co. Hair Paste

Hair Craft Co. Hair Paste

This Hair Craft Co. paste comes from a team of experts that focus on all things, well, hair. It’s for that reason that we appreciate the matte finish and medium hold. This hair paste is also designed to provide volume and lift, something that’s always a benefit to more casual hairstyles.

Best Hair Paste for An All-Day Hold: Bravo Sierra Hair Grooming Paste

Bravo Sierra Hair Grooming Paste
Bravo Sierra

Don’t get us wrong: Each of our hair paste picks offers plenty of all-day hold and style. Bravo Sierra’s Hair Grooming Paste, however, is field-tested by members of the U.S. Army and designed to offer styling potential in adverse conditions. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you.

Best Hair Paste for a Dressy Look: Baxter of California Liquid Styling Paste

Baxter of California Styling Paste
Baxter of California

When you want a hairstyle with some polish, reach for this easy-to-use, liquid-based hair styling paste. It’s a more unique option as far as hair paste is concerned, but you’ll get the hang of using it right away. While you shop for this hair paste, consider picking up other Baxter of California grooming essentials, too.

Best Hair Paste for a Casual Look: STMT Grooming Matte Paste

STMNT Hair Paste

STMNT Grooming was developed by seasoned industry pros to bring the magic of the barbershop into your medicine cabinet. So, when they put out a matte paste that offers a textured look, we’re inclined to consider it carefully before adding it to our rotation. We think the choice is easy: Make this hair paste yours now.

Best Hair Paste for Textured Hair: Fellow Texture Paste

Fellow Texture Paste
Fellow Barber

It’s right in the name, but this texture paste is great for creating definition and, naturally, texture. It’s a fan favorite and trusted by the pros, so consider this a ringing endorsement as far as the best hair paste for men is concerned.

Best Moisturizing Hair Paste: Maapilim Hair Paste

Maapilim Hair Paste

Maapilim’s Hair Paste is packed with unique ingredients designed to target your hair at every level. If you want a hair paste that moisturizes as it provides a medium hold, this is the one to buy.

Other Hair Pastes That We Love 

Murdock London Texture Paste

Murdock London Texture Paste

Murdock London’s Texture Paste provides a low-shine finish and is ideal to use in dry hair to generate a soft hold. If you don’t want to fuss too much with your hair in the mornings, this could be an ideal solution.

Old Spice Swagger Putty

Old Spice Swagger Putty

Old Spice continues to push the boundaries as far as bold and effective men’s grooming products are concerned. The aptly named Swagger Putty can refresh your quarantine and post-quarantine hair through a flexible hold and moderate shine.

American Crew Fiber

American Crew Fiber

American Crew’s legendary Fiber is designed to increase volume and texture all at once, while also providing a pliable hold and a matte finish for shorter hair. That sounds like an ideal hair paste to add to your shopping cart ASAP.

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