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The best luxury luggage from Rimowa, Tumi, Antler, and more

If you regularly travel, it’s important to have the best luggage for your situation whether that happens to be the best suitcase or the best lightweight luggage. Odds are you also want it to be pretty stylish and good looking too, exuding the classiness you demonstrate with every other part of your life.

There are many different luxury luggage makers around which can make figuring out what to buy tricky. That’s where we come in with the best luxury luggage all rounded up below. We’ve considered many different situations so there’s something for everyone here. Take a look below at what we consider to be the best luxury luggage currently available as well as see how we came to our decision.

The best luxury luggage

  • Buy the for the perfect combo of functionality and style
  • Buy the for plenty of flexibility
  • Buy the for lightweight durability
  • Buy the for plenty of space
  • Buy the for the environmentally conscious option
  • Buy the for a hugely spacious option
  • Buy the for classy recycled quality
  • Buy the  for a timeless look

Rimowa Cabin

Best for combining style and functionality

Rimowa Cabin luggage.
Pros Cons
Highly durable Look won’t suit everyone’s style
Well designed dividers

Designed with short trips in mind, the Rimowa Cabin is ideal if you regularly take short business trips or weekends away. It’s made from a high-end anodized aluminum alloy with riveted high-gloss aluminum corners, and hand-made leather handles.

It has TSA-approved locks that can easily be opened by security as needed, while there are flex divers inside to help keep packed items safe at all times. A multi wheel system makes it simple to move the case around while a telescopic handle offers height adjustments to suit everyone with an ergonomic grip feeling comfy.

Luggage type weekend trips
Material aluminum
Unique extras none

Tumi Voyageur Leger Carry-On

Best for plenty of flexibility

A Tumi Leger luggage.
Pros Cons
Charging capabilities Not quite as robust as others
Plenty of dividers

A compact wheeled case that’s perfect for all your carry on items, the Tumi Voyageur Leger Carry-On has a neat front lid that means you can separate and access your items as needed without struggling to find anything. Better still, it has a front top-zip compartment that houses a USB cable. Add on a power bank and you can charge your devices while they’re in storage.

Besides that killer feature, the Tumi Voyageur Leger Carry-On also has front-lid or split-case zip entry, plenty of pockets, along with a three-stage telescoping handle and four recessed wheels. It also has a leather-wrapped top and side handles while there’s a bottom grab handle for those moments when that method is easier.

Luggage type carry-on
Material nylon
Unique extras built-in USB port

Carl Friedrik The Carry-On

Best for lightweight durability

Carl Friedrik The Carry-On luggage
Carl Friedrik
Pros Cons
Lightweight build Not the biggest of carry-ons

The Carl Friedrik The Carry-On might not be the biggest of carry-ons but it’s certainly durable with a lightweight polycarbonate design paired up with an aluminum lock frame. Leather detailing means it looks good while polyester on the inside keeps your belongings safe.

Each side is an open compartment with compression straps to keep items secure. It includes one removable compression pad with a pocket while a modular design means you can add packing cubes for better organization. It also has silent Japanese spinner wheels for great manoeuvrability.

Luggage type weekend trips
Material polycarbonate
Unique extras modular design

Antler Stamford 2.0 Large

Best for plenty of space

Antler Stamford luggage
Pros Cons
Large build Little heavy
Stylish appearance

Looking super sleek, the Antler Stamford 2.0 Large is a hefty way of storing everything imaginable on your travels. It’s still relatively lightweight thanks to its polycarbonate shell but be aware of its heft if you need to be extra light on your feet. It has a removable packing divider with a pocket that sits under compression packaging straps to cut down on creasing and allowing you to keep clothes flat. There’s also an expander zip on the case which adds 5cm of space. On the inside, you can enjoy a D-zip mesh lid pocket and three internal zipped compartments along with an extra pocket for valuables.

Understandably, a TSA-approved combination lock keeps everything safe. The Antler Stamford 2.0 Large also has double whisper quiet Japanese wheels with full 360 degree rotation so it’s easy to move around at the airport.

Luggage type large hold luggage
Material polycarbonate
Unique extras none

Bric Positano 21-inch Spinner

Best for the environmentally friendly option

Bric Positano luggage
Pros Cons
USB connection Basic dividers
Uses recycled materials

The Bric Positano 21-inch Spinner looks pretty stylish while being made from recycled polycarbonate which will make you feel better about your contribution to the environment. It offers a USB connection for those times you need to charge items via a power bank on the move, while alongside its ultra-secure zip is a TSA-approved combination lock.

The case has an ultralight D section multi-step aluminum pull-handle system while the inside has two zippered pockets. They could be easier to arrange but the basics are here while a reinforced rib on the shell bottom keeps things stable.

Luggage type weekend trips
Material aluminum
Unique extras built-in USB port

Louis Vuitton Horizon 55

Best for the hugely spacious option

Louis Vuitton Horizon luggage
Louis Vuitton
Pros Cons
Great leather design Too big for some

For when you need to take everything with you, there’s the Louis Vuitton Horizon 55. It’s a far more spacious carry-on than you’d expect with a pull zipper closure padlock system keeping everything safe.

It’s also highly stylish thanks to its cowhide leather exterior and trim, with a polyamide lining protecting the interior. Elastic straps and a divider with pocket helps divide up your items while there’s a large external cane for gripping onto it as you move it across the airport. It’s subtle yet undeniably Louis Vuitton so it looks great on the move.

Luggage type spacious carry-on
Material leather
Unique extras none

Tour Paravel Aviator 100

Best for classy recycled quality

Paravel Aviator 100 luggage
Pros Cons
Made from recycled materials Not the biggest of carry-ons
Decent storage dividers

So very stylish, the Tour Paravel Aviator 100 is made from an impressive amount of recycled material. It’s crafted entirely from six recycled water cooler jugs so it’s great for the environment. Because it retains the natural color of the jugs, each carry-on looks slightly different meaning you have an unique model.

It has steel axles and 360-degree wheels so it’s great for moving around with, all while looking good. On the inside is a compression board that helps flatten items to save you space, while all its zippers are made from recycled materials too. It could possibly have more dividers and organizers but otherwise, this is a stylish yet practical carry-on.

Luggage type weekend trips
Material polycarbonate
Unique extras limited edition design

Globe Trotter Centenary 18-inch cabin suitcase

Best for a timeless look

Globe Trotter Centenary luggage
Globe Trotter
Pros Cons
Classic look Limited dividers

Looking like luggage from centuries gone by, the Globe Trotter Centenary 18-inch cabin suitcase is great for a classic look. Globe Trotter has been around for a long time so it knows how to create such classic looks while making them effective for modern times.

While it might lack some extensive organizers or dividers, the Globe Trotter Centenary 18-inch cabin suitcase is still great. It has a retractable handle with its leather trim looking good wherever you take it. A two-wheeled base is pretty sturdy so you can’t really ask for more from such style.

Luggage type weekend trips
Material vulcanized fibreboard
Unique extras none

How we chose these luxury luggage items

Knowing what luggage to buy is a very personal process. However, there are some general things to consider before buying one. We’ve considered such things when making our choices, as well as highlighted what we’ve thought about so you know how we came to our decision.

Size is everything

If you’re regularly taking weekend trips or short business excursions, you don’t need a huge piece of luggage. Alternatively, if you’re going on long adventures, a carry-on isn’t going to cut it a lot of the time. Think long and hard about what kind of trips you take and how your luggage can make such journeys easier for you. Don’t go for the wrong size for your needs.

Think about style

The thing about luxury luggage is you’re not just thinking about how practical it is — you want it to look good too. Consider your aesthetic and how the luggage will match that. Don’t go for a colorway or design that will stand out in the wrong way next to how you look. You’ll only regret it.

What are you packing?

Not everyone needs extensive dividers and organizers in their luggage although it’s certainly helpful. Think about what you’re going to store. Certain clothing will need more careful support than others. This is also your chance to consider if you need a USB port to charge devices on the move. Not everyone does and you’ll always need to add a power bank if that’s you.

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