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5 reasons you need to invest in a Rimowa suitcase right now

Rimowa suitcase by the beach.

With a rich history of making fantastic luggage, Rimowa is one of the best luxury luggage brands around, and strongly worth your investment. Regular travelers have likely already noticed that Rimowa is the luggage to own. Its iconic design is seen everywhere across business class thanks to being built to last, offering excellent style, and providing plenty of space for everything you could need on your journey. If you’re short on time, know this much — you need Rimowa luggage in your life. However, if you still need some convincing, read on. We’re here to highlight all the best reasons why Rimowa suitcases are worth it so you can be confident that you’re not wasting your time on inferior luggage that will need upgrading soon.

Its heritage is unparalleled

The Rimowa Original Silver next to a door.

Rimowa has a rich history within the luxury luggage world. Founded in 1898 in Cologne, Germany, by Paul Morszeck and Heinrich Görtz, the company has outlasted a seemingly endless supply of competitors. That’s thanks to its iconic aesthetic and design, along with being incredibly robustly built. The company is best known for its parallel aluminum grooves so you can easily spot a Rimowa suitcase. In the past two decades, it has also introduced the Multiwheel system, TSA-approved locks, telescopic handles with stage-free adjustment and much more to ensure it’s always ahead of the crowd in terms of functionality as well as style.

As the perfect example of the iconic nature of Rimowa, the brand has formed partnerships with many well-known German brands such as Lufthansa and Porsche, while it has also launched custom versions of its luggage with brands like Supreme, Off-White, Dior, and contemporary artist, Daniel Arsham. Its ambassadors number famous people such as LeBron James, Rihanna, Patti Smith, Roger Federer, and many more.

Rimowa suitcases are very well designed

Rimowa suitcases aren’t just iconic and stylish — they’re also well thought out. Now, that doesn’t mean they have an endless supply of pockets like some luggage does, but it does mean it has everything you’re likely to need. After all, much of the time, complex hidden compartments and pockets tend to simply take up a lot of space without particularly rewarding you with convenience. With Rimowa, you get the essentials with its signature flex dividers. They’re compressing and have a neat tug-and-pull velcro system so that they are very simple to use. Even better, you can always remove them so you’re always in control.

In addition to the well-thought out planning, Rimowa suitcases also glide like no other suitcase you’ve ever used. The wheels are greased and ready for action, being able to withstand any cracks or crevasses you may find yourself pulling the luggage over. Alongside that, the handles are firm without any flex or flimsiness so you can tug them tightly without worrying about running into issues while you’re running for your flight.

Much of that success is thanks to Rimowa’s Multiwheel system which is made with ball-bearing mounted wheels with cushioned axles. They handle airport linoleum brilliantly along with bumpy sidewalks or rough carpeting. Impressively, they can even cope with mud or sand if you run into those kinds of unusual issues, with the wheels not being damaged from such an experience.

Rimowa suitcases offer plenty of space

A close up of the Rimowa Sea Blue luggage.

As mentioned, Rimowa suitcases may lack as many pockets as some of the competition but its flex divider system is easily adjusted to provide you with more room. As it is, Rimowa suitcases are super spacious. For instance, the Original Cabin has an interior capacity of 35 liters which easily fits about five days worth of clothing for light packers but there’s always the Original Cabin Plus which offers more room.

It can be a little heavier than the pure polycarbonate options around due to aluminum weighing more, but such materials can handle knocks so much better than others. You may end up with some minor dents and scratches but the case is always built to last and protect what’s inside.

They’re gorgeous additions to your collection

Rimowa are truly eye-catching pieces of luggage. The company were responsible for the aluminum luggage trend having introduced them back in the 1930s. It’s moved onto provide polycarbonate suitcases too but it’s the hybrid collection that many people will stick with. In any case, you get great looks and style. All of Rimowa’s suitcases have the iconic grooves that mean you can instantly recognize them from anywhere in the airport.

Most of Rimowa’s cases are 80% made by hand with 90 steps to build. 200 parts are used across 33 technicians so it’s a detailed process that means you gain iconic style. These are the kind of suitcases to turn eyes wherever you go, while being so much more than just good looking.

Rimowa luggage comes with a lifetime warranty (seriously)

A collection of Rimowa luggage lined up next to each other.

Rimowa now offers a lifetime guarantee on all its suitcases made from July 25, 2022 onwards. That’s an incredibly confident move by a company that’s passionate about offering the best quality luggage possible. While the lifetime warranty doesn’t cover cosmetic wear and tear, misuse, or abuse, all the essentials are considered here.

To ensure sustainability, Rimowa aims to repair its luggage as much as possible rather than replace it. For basic repairs, you can simply bring your luggage into any Rimowa store and in many cases, such as when dealing with broken wheels, the luggage is repaired on the spot. Even better, several luxury hotels offer in-house Rimowa repair services to save you from traveling too far.

If the suitcase can’t be repaired immediately, Rimowa stores will help organize shipping the suitcase to its client care team for more advanced repairs. Ultimately though, this shouldn’t happen too often. Rimowa suitcases are built to last and the company knows this, being so confident as to offer a lifetime warranty. Still, it’s fantastic peace of mind and means you’re not just buying a suitcase for the next few years but for many years to come. Pretty great, right?

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