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This is the only cabin suitcase you’ll ever need

Rimowa suitcase by the beach.

Every once in awhile, there will be a moment when you should splurge on a luxury product that will last you a lifetime. Right now, we think that product is the Rimowa Original Cabin Carry-On Aluminum suitcase. Although this product is expensive and retails for over $1,000, it will last you forever and will become a staple on every single trip that you take.

Why you should buy the Rimowa Original Cabin Carry-On

As one of the best luxury suitcases on the market, this carry-on is made from high-end anodized aluminum that is extremely robust and lightweight for any type of travel. It is designed to fit in most airplane overhead compartments and is great for short weekend trips, business trips or a fun road trip. Let’s not forget the Rimowa Lifetime Guarantee that is included with the purchase of this suitcase, which includes repairs, tutorials and client care. This covers any type of damage, including those made during transport. All you have to do is register your Rimowa online to reap all of these benefits.

This aluminum spinner suitcase is known for its distinctive grooves and has been regarded as one of the most iconic luggage designs of all time. It features a classic and timeless look that will never go out of style and each purchase comes with a complimentary leather luggage tag and a sticker. The Rimowa Original Cabin Carry-On features TSA-approved locks that can be opened by security during baggage checks, an interior flex divider that can be adapted to fit all of your belongings, an adjustable telescopic handle, and a patented multi-wheel system with ball-bearing mounted wheels that offer easy and effortless steering.

Don’t let the price of this luxury suitcase scare you away. It is a great investment piece for those who are constantly traveling and want one of the best suitcases for every travel circumstance. With the brand’s promised lifetime guarantee, you will never have to buy another piece of luggage again once you have this Rimowa suitcase. This is a worthwhile purchase that you will continue to reap the benefits of for years on end.

Victoria Garcia
Victoria is a NYC based editor and writer that writes about everything from beauty and fashion to tech and home products.
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