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The Best Suitcase for Every Travel Circumstance in 2022

Back in the day, luggage was pretty basic, serving as little more than a boxy receptible in which to corral all your stuff over the course of your journey. It wasn’t until the 1970s that someone actually “invented” the concept of attaching wheels to a suitcase, thereby making travel forever easier. Since then, the best suitcases have featured an ever-growing array of slick features to make them more functional, and they’ve often become more pleasing to the eye to boot.

With that in mind, we’re taking a look at the best suitcases for venturing forth. These have been selected to suit a wide range of travel styles and needs, ensuring that you can pack the right bag for every circumstance.

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Most Stylish Carry-on Suitcase: Arlo Sky The Zipper Carry-On Max with Front Pocket

This is, simply put, a beautiful piece of luggage. From its finely crafted shell to its uniquely gorgeous color options, it’s a decidedly hip-looking bag. The Max edition means that it offers a bit more packing space, and the foldout front pocket not only provides great organization and protection for your laptop, but makes it easy to whip out your computer while passing through security. It also has a built-in charger for your phone and other devices and is super durable all-around.

Best Carry-on Suitcase for Professionals: Level8 Pro Carry-on with Laptop Pocket

For the professional traveler who needs unrivaled protection for their laptop while keeping everything accessible, you can’t beat this carry-on from Level8. The front laptop pocket not only folds out and provides stellar organization, but it locks shut and becomes virtually impervious to theft or impact. It also features an interior compartment for a power bank and looks great all-around.

Best Custom Suitcase: Roam The Jaunt XL

If you want a bag that truly represents your sense of style, check out this expandable carry-on from Roam. It allows you to choose the colors of the two different halves and trim, and add a personalized nameplate. The finished product looks amazing with its unique coloring and elegantly sculpted molding and will certainly stand out at the airport.

Best Aluminum Suitcase: Away Carry-on Aluminum Edition

For a bag that grabs attention fast, we’d like you to meet the Aluminum Edition from Away. This snappy suitcase boasts a bold exterior that is available in four different colors, twin latch closures with TSA-approved combination locks rather than a zipper, and it can be equipped with an optional power bank. This is a perfect, one-of-a-kind suitcase for a business trip or weekend getaway.

Best Check-in Suitcase: Away The Large

Away’s non-aluminum suitcases are great, too. The brand’s check-in luggage is big enough to pack along over a week’s worth of clothing, and it has a built-in compression pad and laundry bag to keep everything organized and clean. It’s also highly durable, and will last through a lifetime of travel.

Best Check-in Trunk Suitcase: Level8 Trunk

Level8 Trunk.

If you’re looking to pack along a whole lot of stuff—and we mean everything plus the kitchen sink—this tremendous trunk from Level8 will get the job done. With a cavernous carrying capacity of 99 liters, it will hold just about everything you could want to cram in it. It’s also highly durable and has TSA-approved locks, so you can check it with peace of mind.

Best Wheel Backpack: Osprey Farpoint Wheeled Travel Pack Carry-on

For a bag that is hyper-versatile in terms of how you travel with it, check out the Farpoint from Osprey. This multifaceted bag can be wheeled or carried like a suitcase, or you can bust out the shoulder straps and wear it as a backpack. This can be incredibly useful when navigating uneven surfaces like the cobblestones of Europe. It’s also as durable as they come, features well-organized pockets, and is available in larger check-in sizes if you need more space.

Best Underseat Suitcase: Travelpro Maxlite 5 Softside

When you’re looking for a great underseat bag, less is more. You need it to be small enough to squeak under your seat, but you also want to carry as much as you possibly can. The Maxlite from Travelpro delivers on these needs dependably, providing a roomy bag that will still meet the size restrictions. It’s also highly durable and built to last.

Best Luxury Suitcase: Globe Trotter Centenary Medium Check-in

If you’re looking to splurge—and we mean really live it large and travel in unrivaled style—then you must see the Centenary line from Globe Trotter. These elegantly crafted cases look beautiful, boasting a classic travel vibe. While they’re available in a range of sizes, the medium seems like a fine Goldilocks choice: Not too little and not too large.

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