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From Tumi to Globe Trotter: The 6 best Rimowa alternatives

Man with tatted arm packs suitcase for adventure travel trip. Packing bag with camera, laptop, portable battery charger and electric toothbrush.
BublikHaus / Adobe Stock

If you want great new luggage but you don’t want to plump for Rimowa, there are still plenty of options with many of the best luggage brands suiting your needs. Whether you want something with a different style to Rimowa, looking for additional features, or just want to try something other than the brand that tops our look at the best luxury luggage brands, we’re here to help.

Below, we’ve picked out all the best Rimowa alternatives currently available. It’s a pretty exciting bunch with some great options for cool looks or if you simply need something bigger, or want to think sustainably with your purchase. Excited to see what we’ve featured? Let’s take a look.

The best Rimowa alternatives in 2024

  • Buy if you want the best overall alternative.
  • Buy if you want a more affordable Rimowa alternative.
  • Buy if you want a versatile luggage brand.
  • Buy if you want a cool timeless look.
  • Buy if you want large luggage.
  • Buy if you want a sustainably made luggage set.


Best overall

Tumi luggage on a white background.
Pros Cons
Extensive range of luggage Not as stylish as Rimowa
Robust build

Tumi offers a wide range of luggage options. It’s possible to filter its range down according to luggage size, trip duration, as well as weight, and the material it’s made out of. That gives you plenty of options with many different color choices too so you can find the right design for you.

One of its best models is the 19 Degree International Expandable Carry-On. It’s made with a recycled polycarbonate shell and it’s built for both international and domestic travel so it’s fairly flexible. The model has a built-in USB port along with plenty of storage options such as zip pockets, and compression straps. Its wheels are robust while there’s easy zip entry and retractable handles for your convenience. Other models include the Extended Trip Expandable Checked Luggage which is useful for bigger trips and you can also choose carry-ons designed for short journeys. There’s truly something for every occasion here.


Best affordable Rimowa alternative

Away luggage on a white background.
Pros Cons
Very affordable Not the best looking of cases
Large sizes are available

Away is a highly affordable alternative to Rimowa. If you’re looking for style, well, that’s where the price cuts are shown. Away luggage looks nice but isn’t exactly exciting looking so if you want something to attract attention at the airport, this isn’t it. However, if you want to keep costs down, Away is reliable. A basic example is the Carry-On Flex which is available in many different colors. The name is there because it has a flex feature where you can create some extra space for last minute items by fully expanding it. Before that though, the luggage works well as a carry-on option but you can also go bigger with other choices in the Flex range. It has a durable yet lightweight shell while there are plenty of storage pockets.

Away also has aluminum options with its The Carry-On: Aluminum Edition while there’s also The Trunk for something that’s even more robust. In all cases, you get 360-degree spinner wheels, along with some smartly designed interior organization so you can’t go wrong.


Best versatile Rimowa alternative

Samsonite luggage on a white background.
Pros Cons
Extensive amount of choice Could be smoother in transit
Personalization features

Established back in 1910, Samsonite is a well-known luggage brand for good reason. It knows how to develop sturdy and well-made luggage with many different designs. Over the years, it’s adopted necessary TSA-approved locks along with expandable compartments and robust materials. Its luggage is frequently made from polypropylene so it won’t crack. Much of its range has expandable storage while there are packing cubes and compression bags for more room. Not all of its range has 360-degree spinner wheels which is a minor downside but they’re still pretty good.

Look out for luggage like the C-Lite and Respark with each offering plenty of ways to store items, useful additions like an integrated USB port, and plenty of handles, a TSA-approved lock and everything else you could need. A plentiful supply of color choices gives you the personal touch but you can also add a laser-engraved message on the handle to truly make it yours.

Globe Trotter

Best timeless look

Globe Trotter luggage on a white background.
Globe Trotter
Pros Cons
Stunning looks Expensive
Built to last

For a luggage set that will last through the generations and have a timeless look from days gone by, you need to invest in Globe Trotter. Everything it sells looks great with a focus on luggage that looks like it’s from centuries ago in the good way. Delivery usually takes a little bit so you’ll need to plan ahead rather than use this as a last-minute solution but it’s worth investing.

The highlight is its Centenary range with many different colors and designs. All are made with a famous 14 layers of recycled paper bonded with zinc to create Vulcanized fiberboard. It’s built to be tougher than leather yet lighter than aluminum. Durable handles come from core materials bonded together for 48 hours before construction while there are gorgeous leather corners to ensure robustness and style. It’s hardly surprising that Globe Trotter has collaborated with Aston Martin in recent times with exclusives like a No Time To Die luggage set also featuring. It’s all classy stuff.


Best for large luggage

Antler luggage on a white background.
Pros Cons
Very spacious Can scratch easily
Easy packing

Antler offers some truly spacious luggage that is perfect for those long-haul extended vacations. Its hard shell cases use a polycarbonate exterior so there’s plenty of strength here although users have reported minor scratches are quite easy to come by. One highlight in the range is the Stamford collection which combines British design with Japanese innovation.

It has built-in functionality to keep its wheels well-greased so the luggage lasts longer. Said wheels are whisper quiet with 360-degree rotation. On the inside is a removable packing divider with a pocket that sits under compression packing straps. There’s also an expander zip on the case which extends the space with a plethora of different pockets for easy storage. Antler also sells luggage sets if you want to kit yourself out with everything possible.


Best sustainable alternative

Monos luggage on a white background.
Pros Cons
Made from sustainable material Can scuff easily
Understated beauty

Monos is a great option for anyone worried about the planet as its entire range is made with ultra-microfiber vegan leather details with a partially recycled aerospace-grade and water-resistant polycarbonate hard shell. It’s still robust though although some people have reported minor scuffs on the material.

Highlights like the standard Carry-On also has a built-in removable compression pad with zippered pocket for flat items while there are color-coordinated YKK reverse coil zippers and 360-degree spinner wheels. Even the handle has been well thought out with a telescopic handle that’s been built to last with a neat release button that is hidden underneath. There’s a lot of attention to detail placed on Monos luggage with a wide range of sizes sure to keep you happy.

How we chose these Rimowa alternatives

Once you’ve figured out you want one of the best Rimowa alternatives, it’s time to think about some other key factors before hitting the buy button. While collating this list, we considered the same things that you need to before making a purchase.

That means we gave a lot of thought to style. Luxury luggage that rivals Rimowa needs to look good and be eye-catching at the airport, so we considered that each step of the way. We also then went straight to thinking about what you’re packing and how much space you need. We made sure that each brand we featured offers an extensive range of sizes so there are basic carry-on options along with much larger forms of luggage.

Finally, we thought about any special additions. These could be particularly well-designed wheels or simply easy-to-access USB ports. It’s always good to see innovation so we focused on that.

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