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The 6 best Blackstone griddle alternatives in 2024

Blackstones are the de facto griddle and Habachi-style grills. There are always a ton of Blackstone deals available, too, which makes them very accessible. But what if you want something a little different or just want to save some money? There are a lot of alternatives out there if you know where to look. Don’t fret if you don’t, that’s precisely what we’re going to explore in this guide as we cover the best Blackstone alternatives for griddles in 2024. There should be something on this list for everyone, including if you already have a grill and would like to expand your options.

Pit Boss 5 Burner Gas Griddle

Pit Boss 5 burner griddle and Blackstone alternative
Pit Boss

Also available in a slightly , the Pit Boss is the spitting image of a Blackstone, with one exception — it has an extra burner. By comparison, even Blackstone’s largest 36-inch griddles feature only four burners. Why does that matter, you ask? Because across its 753 square inches of cooking space this steel top griddle from Pit Boss offers 62,000 BTUs of heat, meaning faster, more efficient cooks when you have most of the burners lit. They are individually controlled, meaning each burner can be set to a different temperature. Locking caster swivel wheels makes moving the Pit boss a breeze, plus a shelf underneath offers plenty of space to store accessories, a cover, and anything else you might need.

Razor 37 inch 4 Burner Gas Griddle

Razor 37 inch 4 burner gas griddle

This Razor griddle features quite an innovative design. The side shelves fold up over the top, creating an impromptu cover for the steel top cooking surface. That’s pretty smart. As for the cooking features, it has 4 burners, each with individual temperature controls, and offers a large cooking surface. According to Razor, you can cook up to 57 burgers, 46 pancakes, or 27 steaks on the surface. That’s a lot of food. A bottom storage shelf, four wheels, two with locks, and a propane tank holder built-in help to sweeten the deal.

Sophia & William Flat Top 3 Burner Gas Griddle

Sophia & William 3 burner gas griddle and Blackstone alternative
Sophia & William

If you’re looking for a more traditional flat-top grill design, this 3-burner gas griddle from Sophia & William is perfect. It offers 449 square inches of cooking space and 33,000 BTUs of heat and power. There is a for cheaper, too. Back to the 3 burner, it features individual temperature controls for each burner, with two side shelves, a pair of wheels to move it around easier, and front paneling with a front-facing seasoning storage rack.

Cuisinart CGG-999 30-inch Round Flat Top Griddle

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Actually designed similarly to a Big Green Egg, this flat-top Cuisinart grill has a round cooking surface. It features 3 independently controlled burners, with a 360-degree grease pan that naturally funnels grease away from the cooking area. If you don’t like your meat slathered in grease it’s a fantastic feature. Two foldaway side prep tables offer a place to store your dishes, food, and utensils, meanwhile, wheels make it easy to move around the local area, particularly a patio or deck.

Royal Gourmet PD1301S Portable 3 Burner Griddle

Royal Gourmet PD1301S portable griddle and Blackstone alternative
Royal Gourmet

Your average Blackstone griddle isn’t exactly portable. Sure, they have wheels, but you’re not tossing them in the back of a truck or van for a camping trip anytime soon. But with the Royal Gourmet PD1301S portable 3-burner griddle, you can do just that. It offers 24 inches or 319 square inches of cooking space, with a porcelain-enameled steel top. It takes propane and uses a piezo ignitor, delivering 25,500 BTUs of heat power when lit. All three burners have individual temperature control knobs, and a grease management system ensures nothing leaks out, which is super helpful, especially if you’re tailgating. Even if you’re not taking this thing camping, it’s still great to have around the house.

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