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The 8 Best Razors For Sensitive Skin, According to Experts

supply co safety razor.

If your skin is on the sensitive side then you know first-hand how shaving can present quite the challenge. With sensitive skin come issues such as irritation, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs that can not only be painful, but also embarrassing.

But preventing ingrown hairs is only half the equation. You have to be equipped with a full arsenal of the right products to achieve a smooth shave without the irritation. And arguably one of the most important factors will be your razor. The best razors for sensitive skin all have one thing in common: They are specifically designed and engineered with your skin in mind.

Whether you prefer a traditional razor with multiple blades, an electric razor, or a single blade safety razor, there’s a solution for your preference. We’ve rounded up the best razors for sensitive skin to make it easier for you!

Gillette SkinGuard Men’s Razor

razor with skinguard technology for sensitive skin.

Gillette’s Skinguard is their first razor to be specifically designed for men with sensitive skin and those prone to razor bumps. With the Skinguard Technology, the razor shaves hair at the skin level, guarding the skin by reducing blade contact. You can expect minimal tugs for a better shave experience. Although this may not get you that close shave that you’re used to, your sensitive skin might end up thanking you for it.

Braun Electric Razor Series 7

electric razor for sensitive skin

Electric shavers are a great alternative to the traditional razor for the men who want the option of a dry or wet shave. The Braun Series Smart Shaver will give you a close yet gentle shave in fewer passes. This is one of the best electric razors on the market because of its smart design — you can choose between 5 personalized shaving modes, and make them as powerful as you like at the push of a button. What we also love about this is the 8-D contour adaptation that will easily adjust to the contours of your face and the density of your hair.

Bevel Safety Razor

straight razor for sensitive skin.

If you have curly facial hair that is prone to pesky ingrown hairs, then a safety razor will be your best friend. But this isn’t just an ordinary safety razor; this luxury razor is re-engineered to specifically prevent post-shave irritation, and it works perfectly for coarse hair. This single blade effortlessly cuts at skin level to reduce razor bumps, nicks, and ingrown hairs.

Hydro 5 Blade Skin Comfort Sensitive Razor

hydro razors for sensitive skin.

Enjoy a comfortable shave from this dermatologist-tested and designed razor from Schick. This razor is engineered with 5 blades to provide a close shave while the 7 cushioning gel pools made with Aloe and Pro-Vitamin B5 reduce friction. This razor also features a shock absorb handle for better control of pressure on your skin and a flip-back precision trimmer for edging.

Supply The Single Edge 2.0

single razor blade.

Don’t let the minimalist design fool you. The Single Edge 2.0 Razor is the updated version of the original Supply razor that has maintained its sleek and futuristic look complete with aerospace-grade metals. This razor uses a single-blade design to cut at the surface level of the skin to prevent ingrown hairs. This device is quite heavy compared to the average razor, engineered for proper distribution of weight to ensure the razor gently glides over the skin.

BiC Flex 4 Sensitive Hybrid Men’s 4-Blade Disposable Razor

disposable razors for sensitive skin.

The BiC Flex 4 Hybrid Men’s Razor offers a great performance at an affordable value that will help you achieve an ultra-close shave. This razor features 4 long-lasting blades with aloe enriched lubricating strips to help protect the skin from irritation, making it a great choice for sensitive skin.

Norelco Shaver 2300 Rechargeable Electric Shaver

electric razor for sensitive skin.

This electric shaver features rounded blades to gently cut your facial hair just above the skin level. The head adjusts to the curves of your face to ensure smooth contact with out the added pressure. Less pressure means less opportunities for hair tugging.

Gillette Sensor3 Sensitive Men’s Disposable Razor

gillette razors safe for sensitive skin.

This disposable razor promises you up to 10 gentle shaves. Gillette’s Sensor3 Sensitive razor’s enhanced Lubrastrip with water-activated Comfortgel technology provides you with the extra lubrication between each stroke.

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