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Jahla Seppanen

Jahla Seppanen

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Born and raised off-the-grid in New Mexico, Jahla Seppanen is currently a sports, fitness, spirits, and culture writer in Denver, Colorado, who watches WWE, 007, and baseball in her spare time. Her writing has appeared in Maxim, SHAPE, Strong Fitness Magazine, Dwell, and InsideHook, along with international literary fiction reviews. Her vices include long runs and tequila with mango juice. Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Jahla’s work.

Man swimming out of rip current

How to get out of a rip current, according to a pro

Every guy should know how to spot and escape a rip current, whether you’re swimming at a protected beach manned by a Baywatch team or exploring uncharted coves.
Making Turkish coffee

Step back in time and learn how to make authentic Turkish coffee

We went to Ciragan Palace Kempinski in Turkey to learn how to brew traditional Turkish coffee: ingredients, method, and what treat to pair with it.
Classic margarita cocktail with salty rim on wooden table with limes and drink utensils

These are the 7 classic tequila cocktail recipes you need to know

From a margarita to a Paloma, here are seven of the best tequila cocktail recipes you need to know and should make, including a few twists on the classics.

11 best coffee books: Brew up a pot of knowledge

Coffee has a background and history that is as full-bodied as its taste and aroma. Read these best coffee books from its sociology down to its history.
Lunge split squat

The best running workouts from an expert: Exercises to increase speed, strength, and agility

Six exercises for runners (that don't involve running) that will increase agility, power, and overall strength so you can sprint faster and have less injuries.
Stephen King book signing

The 13 best Stephen King books to read, ranked

From a Stephen King reading list of almost 100 books, here are the 13 best Stephen King books, ranked. They're as chilling as they are well written.
Mad Max Fury Road

The 14 best Halloween costume ideas inspired by movie badasses

Easy, cheap, and totally cool: These are the best Halloween costumes inspired by the most iconic badasses of film.
Lighting a cigar

Mild, medium, or bold: Our cigar strength chart helps you choose to perfect smoke

We enlisted the help of Senior Tobacconist Chris Gwaltney of The Humidor to learn everything we need to know about mild, medium, and bold cigars.
Maud Stevens Wagner | badass women in history

25 badass women in history you should know about

From a Georgian Queen to a Swedish activist, and Oprah (of course), here are 25 women throughout history who push us to be more badass.

How to saber a bottle of champagne using a sword, spoon, or even a watch

G.H. Mumm's cellarmaster Didier Mariotti teaches us how to saber a bottle of Champagne with an actual saber — as well as a knife, spoon, or watch.
best 40 oz roundup

The Best Affordable 40-Ounce Malt Liquor in 2022

Cheap and strong, here are the best 40-ounce malt liquors that you can try out this 2022.
best collagen snacks

The 9 Best Collagen Snacks to Try

Sneak collagen into your day with these tasty collagen snacks that support healthy hair, strong nails, and glowing skin.
007 James Bond Lego Aston Martin DB5

The 10 Best Lego Sets for Adults To Live Out Their Childhood Fantasies

Grown-ups can play with Lego, too. These best Lego sets for adults are intricate enough to stimulate our creativity and channel the wide-eyed child in us.
Galaxy of Happiness

5 of the Coolest Boats, Yachts, and Subs

If you've ever dreamed of exploring the deep blue sea, why not take it up a notch by adding a super-luxurious yacht or personal sub to that daydream?
best travel books reading list to inspire your next adventure 2021

21 Best Travel Books to Inspire Your Next Summer Adventure

Travel to the backcountry... or just stay at home. Check out our best travel books to stimulate your imagination, be it traveling to the Amazon or outer space.

The 4 Best Workout Recovery Foods, as Recommended by Clif Bar’s Dieticians

Clif Bar's registered dieticians walk The Manual through the science of getting stronger through the right workout recovery foods. Here are their top picks.

7 Best Digital Food Scales to Smarten Up Your Kitchen and Meal Prep in 2022

Make meal prep and portion control so much easier by checking out this list of the best digital food scales to help combat portion distortion.
what are aphrodisiac foods valentines day

Naughty Noshing: What Are Aphrodisiac Foods?

Do oysters get you in the mood? Does chili pepper make for better sex? Aphrodisiac foods should increase your libido and sexual satisfaction, what foods work?
retro video game consoles

The 5 Best Retro Game Consoles in 2022

Power up one of these retro game consoles that you can buy new today. Shop from PlayStation, Sega, Nintendo, and more.
gym bag essentials

Gym Bag Essentials: Here’s What to Bring to Your Workout

These gym bag essentials will help you lift more, sweat less, and smell great when you leave. Peek inside our armory of workout gear.

14 Best Holiday Gifts for the Wild Outdoorswoman in Your Life

Find the perfect holiday gift for the outdoorswoman in your life who explores by your side, with these items that will keep her love for the outdoors alive.
best cannabis cookbook marijuana cookies featb

The Best Cannabis Cookbooks for Budding Chefs

The best cannabis cookbooks for foodies, chefs, and stoners alike teach hundreds of recipes and meals worth making.
bluesalt rande gerber feature

Rande Gerber Designed The Only Sweatpants You Need for Winter 2022

Casamigos Tequila Founder Rande Gerber paired up with California-based ethical clothing brand Bleusalt for the ultimate men's sweatpant: The Casa Pant.
Sean Connery as James Bond

Connery, Sean Connery: A Tribute To the Legendary James Bond Actor

Gone, but not, forgotten, we reflect on Sean Connery's death, legacy, and impact on all of us.
alfonso ribeiro interview 2

How to Enjoy Life: Advice from Actor Alfonso Ribeiro

Actor Alfonso Ribeiro is the man we should be emulating in 2020. He shares his advice on how to stay optimistic, and why road trips are essential.
Halloween party

How to Throw a Socially-Distanced Halloween Party

Bring Halloween 2022 back from the dead with these food, drinks, and costumes.
oktoberfest history featured image

A Brief History of Oktoberfest

How did a Bavarian wedding in the 1800s turn into the biggest beer celebration in the world? Here's everything you need to know about Oktoberfest.
is colostrum the new collagen

Is Colostrum the New Collagen? We Asked an Expert

A new superfood called colostrum may replace your collagen and probiotics. Here's everything you need to know about this supplement, with expert insights from Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer at Cleveland Clinic.
rob lowe interview diet fitness 01 atkins yr3 0034

How Rob Lowe, 56, Stays in Leading Man Shape

Rob Lowe shares his the low-carb, high-protein diet that has kept him from having a dad-bod. In-N-Out burgers are allowed (but not ice cream).
what is vegan cheese cheezymacfries

What is Vegan Cheese? The Ingredients, Taste, and Benefits of Non-Dairy Cheese

Everything you need to know about vegan cheese, from what it's made of to the best brands and products to try, and the potential benefits of making the swap from classic cheese.
Daiya Cheezy Mac dish

The Best Healthy Drunk Food to Snack On When You Get the Drunchies

Drunchies. The drunk munchies. We’ve all been there. We don’t want you to stop snacking after a boozy night (good calories and protein could help the healing process), but we suggest stocking your cabinets with these healthy drunk food snacks.
Ernest Hemingway

The 21 Best Manly Quotes of All Time

These are the 21 best quotes about being a man from athletes, artists, actors, and more.
comedy movie laughing TV remote

This Free App Lets You Stream Thousands of Movies with Only a Library Card

We watched all six Tremors movies on Netflix before realizing there was another option: stream amazing indie, classic, and blockbuster movies from Kanopy.
long distance relationship video chat

How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Research shows that long-distance relationships can be more successful than geographically-close ones. Here's how to have a long-distance relationship that is fun, trusting, and intimate.
best workout songs according to science man prepping for listening music in the gym unsplash

The Best Workout Songs, According to Science

Lauren Pufpaf, co-founder of, shares the best tunes for runners, lifters, cyclists, boxers, and rowers. Step into our beat laboratory.
connor the puggle puppy

Your Guide to Getting a Puppy

From the first night at home to training, this guide to getting a puppy will help you become the best dad dog on the block.
Man leaning against a concrete block doing dips.

Is Calisthenics Right For You? A Guide to Bodyweight Workouts

We asked professional trainers what exactly calisthenics is, the best exercises for a bodyweight workout, and realistic expectations.
Guns N’ Roses x Off White

Our Favorite Music and Apparel Collaborations

Rep you favorite punks, metalheads and folk rockers in style with these menswear staples designed by rock 'n' roll legends Metallica, Ramones and Nirvana
books every man should read

20 Books By Female Authors Every Man Should Read (or Re-Read) in 2022

From the harrowing dystopian world of Margaret Atwood to Japanese noir, these are the best books by female authors that all men should read at least once.
north face 1900s extreme collection 20191008 tnf felber m 90 wind suit fiery red combo 04236

The North Face Relaunches Retro ’90s Extreme Collection

The North Face brings back heritage 90s style by re-releasing its 90 Extreme Collection originally designed for big-mountain athletes who shattered the safe, pastel aesthetic of in-resort skiing.
Outdoor Retailer

8 Coolest Things We Saw at Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show 2021

The best gear showcased at Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show 2021 includes a tiny home, fire-starting kit, flexible ski boot, chemical-free waterproof jacket, and more.
Diplomático Rum Distillery

Don Juancho, The Nobleman, Is Still Making Rum Today

Meet the (fictional) nobleman who created one of the most recognized rums in the world, Diplomático Rum. Some know him as Don Juancho, but the real legend is José Rafael Ballesteros Meléndez.
cuffing season

What Is Cuffing Season? Everything a Guy Needs to Know

Cuffing season describes the time roughly between October and February when normally single people find themselves with the urge to enter a new relationship and be “cuffed” or boo-ed up. Here's why.
The Monarch Bar Negroni

What Is Ultrasonic Homogenizing and What Does It Have to Do With Cocktails?

Futuristic mixology tools are here and making cocktails smoother than ever. Here is everything you need to know about ultrasonic homogenizing from an expert at The Monarch Bar in Kansas City.
When I Dip You Dip

5 Fun Ways to Use Pimento Dram in Cocktails

If you devour pumpkin pie and love fall spices and dark rum, you’ll love Pimento Dram. Here are 5 cocktails to make using this herbal and spicy cool-weather liqueur.
Nutritional yeast seasoning

How to Cook with Nutritional Yeast

Cooking with nutritional yeast is an easy way to add nutrients and a cheesy, plant-based creaminess to dishes and snacks. Check out these tips from functional medicine dietitian Brigid Titgemeier.
worst movies to watch with a date clockwork orange getty images

The Absolute Worst Movies to Watch with a Date

You thought asking for their number was difficult? Choosing the wrong movie will destroy you, your rep, and any mood you hope to create. Here’s a list of the 14 absolute worst movies to watch with a date. Some may be tremendous films, but they are terrible date flicks.
Hunter S. Thomsson

You Can Sleep in Hunter S. Thompson’s Colorado Cabin

Hunter S. Thompson's cabin in Aspen, Colorado available for rental. The two-bedroom, one-bathroom house at the Owl Farm compound is complete with Thompson's typewriter. Mescaline not included.
Maestro Dobel Tequila Diamante

Maestro Dobel Diamante Blends 3 Tequilas Into One

Instead of choosing between a reposado, añejo, or extra añejo, try the newest expression from Maestro Dobel which blends all three then filters the dark, aged concoction until it's crystal clear.
smartwool intraknit base layer review hero image  unrelated to product

An Honest Review of Smartwool’s New Intraknit Base Layer

Smartwool's new Intraknit base layer technology is finally here. The Manual tested the first base layer to see whether it's worth the hype and price tag.