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You Can Sleep in Hunter S. Thompson’s Colorado Cabin

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Writers, rockers, and all-around Gonzo fans who worship the work of Hunter S. Thompson can now sleep in his sheets and piss in his pot. The catch? You have to apply first.

Anita Thompson, widow to the Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas author, put his one-bathroom, two-bedroom cabin up for rent, Airbnb-style. The price is listed at $550 a night with a three-night minimum.

Now, $1,650 is steep or cheap depending on who’s doing the lodging, since the rental includes a neighboring view to Hunter’s main home (entrance not included), reference books, off-the-grid Wi-Fi unplug if requested, and Hunter’s model typewriter and desk. Even semi-serious Thompson fans can get stoked about that. The good stuff like the typewriter, however, you have to ask really nicely to use.

hunter s thompson cabin
Gonzo Merchandise

In fact, anyone hoping to click and reserve a stay at the Thompson cabin has to first be approved by emailing an application to Anita. The email must consist of one paragraph “explaining why you would like to stay at the writer’s cabin, at least two dates you would like to begin your three-night stay, and names of people who would join you.”

Only if approved do you receive “next steps” and the dates from Anita — who now owns the house, the Owl Farm property, the logo, and Hunter S. Thompson’s likeness. The chosen ones will drive 15 minutes outside of Aspen, Colorado to the Owl Farm compound, which Hunter owned and resided at until his death.

It’s no hoax that the location is an integral part of Thompson’s life and legacy, particularly his later years. Thompson first moved to Aspen in the early 1960s with his wife Sandy Colklin where they had a son. After divorcing, Thompson moved away only to return in the late 60s with this family, and rent a house in Woody Creek. Payment for the book Hell’s Angels would allow Thompson to buy the house and property. Thompson commonly described the area as a “compound.”

Fun fact: While living in Woody Creek at the Owl Farm compound, Thompson ran to be sheriff of Aspen. Unfortunately, he lost the election, and his opportunity to wear the star. (It would have made for a hell of a story, though.)

hunter s thompson cabin
Gonzo Merchandise

For all the creation that went on at Owl Farm, the land is also tinged with annihilation. In February 2005, Thompson took his own life via gunshot wound sitting at his desk in the main house.

A few renters claim Thompson’s spirit is ever-present, and that the somewhat eerie silence of the surroundings carries a haunted atmosphere. Indeed, there is a Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe in this remote compound, but it’s also beautiful, private, and must look gorgeous in the fall. Thompson’s memorial and labyrinth is a quick 5-minute walk from the cabin— a must-see during your stay.

If you’re spooked easily or need companionship, furry friends are welcome in the rental “with approval.” One bedroom consists of a king bed with views to red rock cliffs and a peacock pen, plus a big-screen TV. The second bedroom has a twin bed, blackout shades, and oversees Red Cliff Owl Farm Canyon. All renters are tacked with a $100 standard cleaning fee. So bring along your attorney, Dr. Gonzo.

If you’re looking for the Ritz, reserve a room in one of Aspen’s luxury hotels. But looking for Raoul Duke? Well, you better write a damn good application.

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