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Interesting reads on… reading… and music.

Young man reading a book in the mountains.

The 10 best inspirational books that can change your life

10 inspirational books to help you feel ready to face what's next this year.
Man reading a book

The 7 best classic fantasy books to get lost in

Man reading a book and drinking coffee

12 classic sci-fi books everyone should read

The Shining movie still

Movie vs. book: Which is better? 6 adaptations taken to task

A man reading a book

Treat your mind: The 11 best short stories ever written

Man reading a book.

The best poetry books: You owe it to yourself to read these

11 best coffee books: Brew up a pot of knowledge

A man reading a book on a couch in the living room.

18 classic books everyone should read (or reread) at least once in their lifetime

A man reading a book

Misery, The Guest List, and more: 10 thriller books you might not want to read before bed

Stephen King book signing

The 13 best Stephen King books to read, ranked

Ernest Hemingway

From the Sun Also Rises to Death in the Afternoon: The best Ernest Hemingway books you need to read right now

A stack of books with headphones on either side

You can now get 5,000 free audiobooks — and they use your own A.I.-generated voice

Bartender making alcoholic cocktail in red color, metal jigger and bar environment

This $25 book can make you a more creative, expert home bartender (really!)

There's one book that unlocks the secrets of home mixology and bartending, and this is it
Ft. Wayne - Circa August 2017: Costco Wholesale Location. Costco Wholesale is a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Retailer X

Costco has a secret online store, Costco Next, that any member can access – here’s how

Did you know Costco has a secret online store named Costco Next? It's true! Here's how to access it
Terrance Hayes' So to Speak and Watch Your Language.

These 2 book releases should be on your list of summer reads

National Book Award winner Terrance Hayes is among the leading poets today. We review his latest book releases and explain why they're a mental gymnasium.
Ripe by Sarah Rose Etter.

Books to read this summer: ‘Ripe’ by Sarah Rose Etter offers a frighteningly familiar dystopia

Our review of Sarah Rose Etter's "Ripe," a grim look at life in the shadow of Silicon Valley, and one of the most anticipated new book releases of the summer.
best ian fleming james bond books ranked flemming book tour getty images

The best James Bond books by Ian Fleming

When you want to dive into the thrill of working for the MI6 - while in pjs on the couch - we've put together a list of Ian Fleming’s best James Bond books.
Man looking at watch and drinking coffee

26 must-have things every man should own

What a man genuinely needs are items that will elevate the quality of his everyday looks and life. So, here are 26 things every man should own in 2023.
Best new books.

The most exciting new book releases for the rest of 2023

Looking for what to put on your reading list for the rest of the year? Here are the best new book releases that you need to check out.
Someone about to sink a shot while golfing.

Reading this $10 book can save you thousands on golf lessons

Golf lessons are expensive, but this affordable book can actually save you thousands, and it's only about $10.
surreal man with telescope looks at infinity from the top of a stack of books in the outdoors.

These are the best fantasy books to indulge in this weekend

Eager to enter the world of dragons and wizards? These books are an excellent starting point and guide to fantasy literature.
best john steinbeck books our essential reading list ranked

8 essential John Steinbeck books everyone should read

John Steinbeck's books spur adventure and encourage compassion. Here are his best literary works, from hard-boiled reporting to whimsical allegories.

The 30 best biographies to add to your reading list

Every man should read these best biographies at least once, all chosen because of the subject matter as well as the biographer.
man reading

Calvin and Hobbes mastermind Bill Watterson is back – but no tigers this time around

Bill Watterson is back with a new novel — but he's not the illustrator, and it's nothing like Calvin and Hobbes. Here's what to know.

The best history books to transport yourself to the past

The best history books not only transport you into the past but help make sense of the present. Check out our roundup of the must-reads.

The best vinyl records (and what you need to know about this timeless format)

Your vinyl selection may vary depending on what kind of man you are, but these are the best vinyl albums that deserve to be in everyone's record collection.
Vietnam War.

The greatest Vietnam War books ever written

Including authors from the United States and Vietnam, this reading list of Vietnam War books provides a diverse range of perspective on the topic.
woman listening to podcast and smiling

These are the best music podcasts to cue up in 2023

The podcast is the new book and when music is the topic, great stories are told. Here are some of the best music podcasts to give a spin.
A man lies asleep in bed

The 7 Best Books About Sleep to Help Curb Your Terrible Bedtime Habits

Reading is fundamental. These books about sleep will help you get more of it.
The Marcus King Band at the Holland Blues Festival in 2018

The Manual Is Back for Your Music Roundup With June Tunes

Here are some of the latest music releases to enjoy this summer that released in June 2022.
Caution tape atop library shelves containing banned books

Banned Books That Will Expand Your Worldview

Here are a few potentially illegal tomes that might be illegal in your town. Feel free to crack a spine to learn what might lie inside these insidious works.
Parking lot Pride party

Know Your Pride History With These Books

PRIDE is here, a time to appreciate but also educate one's self about the LGBTQ+ movement. Here are some books to help.
Singer-songwriter and activist Allison Russell

Women and Black Artists Dominate 2022 Americana Nominations

The 2022 Americana Music Association nominations are marked by racial and gender diversity, in contrast to the genre’s reputation as a bastion of white men.
COASTS opening the Bud Light stage in 2015.

Green Rockers: Music Artists Supporting Sustainable Causes

Music acts like Drake that are taking action to ameliorate their impact, encouraging progressive efforts and positive energy to sustaining the environment.
person writing in their planner.

The Best Planners to Organize Yourself in 2022

The best planners are designed to make your life simpler. For your convenience, we've gathered the best planners for 2022.
Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre performing at Coachella, April 22, 2012.

Snoop Dogg Is on Blockchain and Death Row Is an NFT

Snoop Doggy Dogg followed a Death Row Records acquisition in March by announcing plans to turn the legendary Death Row Records hip-hop label into an NFT label.
Wilco performing at the 2019 Sound on Sound festival in Austin, Texas.

The Best Music Festivals To Lose Yourself in 2022

We're in the thick of summer and there are still plenty of great music festivals and concerts to take in. Here are the best for the rest of 2022.
Austin Butler as the King in the preview for the 'Elvis' movie.

‘Elvis’ Trailer Promises a Stunning Biopic of the King

News of an actual 'Elvis' movie preview emerging for the first time fulfills the promise and excitement of what has been a long, pandemic delayed production.

The 9 Best Wireless Headphones for Running in 2022

For many, music is a requirement for running. With a lot of options out there, make sure to pick a pair that won't force you to fiddle with wires and settings.
John Mayer strumming his guitar as he performs onstage at The Forum.

The Show Must Go On With 2022’s Best Music Tours

The world is opening again and this means live music is back. The Manual rounds up the best music tours to attend as pandemic restrictions ebb.
An Amazon Books store.

Amazon’s Brick and Mortar Bookstore Initiative Slams Shut

First, Amazon killed traditional bookstores. Then it opened its own. Now, Amazon is doing away with its bookstores.
Steve Aoki on stage during day three of Collision 2019 at Enercare Center in Toronto, Canada.

Steve Aoki NFTs Earn More In Months Than a Decade in Music

Veteran DJ and producer Steve Aoki explains how he’s made more money from NFTs than in a decade in music at the Forum in Inglewood, California, on February 10.
Kanye West on the 'Watch The Throne Tour' with Jay-Z at Gelredome Arnhem, Netherlands.

Kanye West the Latest to Spurn Spotify With ‘Donda 2’ Release

Kanye West’s move to spurn Spotify and other streaming platforms spotlights the current strife in a constantly fracturing and rehealing music industry.
Compact Disc.

Are Music CDs Coming Back and Will They Be As Popular?

It's been 17 years since compact disc sales rose (at least Adele's did). This medium’s attraction and accessibility helps the format’s rise (and ceiling).
Coachella NFTs from its Desert Reflections and Sight and Sounds Collections.

Coachella Festival NFTs Harder to Score Than Show Tickets

While this year’s festival quickly sold out, Coachella’s new NFT offerings are also not only gone, but now only available for tens of thousands of dollars.
Justin Bieber performing in Kraków, Poland during the Purpose World Tour in 2016.

Nominees For iHeartRadio Music Awards Are Out

Justin Bieber leads the way for iHeart Music awards, with a total of nine nominations, and Olivia Rodrigo follows closely behind with eight.
The first Super Bowl at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in 1967.

Who is Doing the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2022?

The Super Bowl always brings out the big names for its halftime performance. Here's who's performing at this year's game.
Mac Miller (right) during an interview on the Toronto-based 'The Come Up Show.'

Controversial Second Mac Miller Biography Released

Paul Cantor and Abrams Press released 'Most Dope,' a second Mac Miller biography, to continued controversy the day before his posthumous 30th birthday.
A possessed Dave Grohl apparently has a taste for blood in 'Studio 666.'

The Foo Fighters Cut a New Album Led By a Possessed Dave Grohl in Studio 666

'Studio 666' finds the Foo Fighters recording a new album in an old San Fernando Valley mansion, but soon realize that this haunt is possessing its lead singer.
The Weeknd performing at Massey Hall in October 2013.

The Best New Song Releases As the New Year Comes In

Five songs offering a few minutes out of busy days to kick back, relax n' recover with tracks from The Weeknd, Earl Sweatshirt, and more.




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