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Steven John

Steven John

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Steven John is a writer and journalist living just outside New York City, by way of 12 years in Los Angeles, by way of growing up in Washington, D.C. Also, there was that stint in Boston. He can occasionally be found climbing mountains, is often spotted in a kayak or canoe, and is usually found at home with his wife, son, and daughter. His books hang out at and, aside from The Manual, he has contributed to 'Business Insider,' 'New York Magazine,' and several other sites. Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Steven’s work.

Bodyarmor SuperDrink in a cooler

The 5 best sports drink brands that aren’t Gatorade

Want to switch up your sports drink regimen? Here are some of the best sports drink brands out there to try today, and they aren't Gatorade.
cigar smoke

How to get rid of cigar smell, breath, and smoke for good

If you love puffing away on a fine cigar but you (or your partner) hate the way it makes your breath, clothes, and house smell, we've got you covered.

5 types of cigars you need to know about

To help get you up to speed on the major varietals, we put together a quick reference guide to the most common types of cigars.
cigar humidor

Cigar humidor 101: What they are, how they work, and our top picks

Cigars require a specific temperature and moisture level. Without a humidor, you just won’t be able to keep them fresh. So, here are some of our top picks.
how to jumpstart a car

A well-prepared motorist’s guide: How to jump-start a car

Learning how to jump-start a car results in less unpredictable situations, so we assembled a step-by-step guide to help you hone this automotive skill.

Beyond the booze: A historian explains the real history of St. Patrick’s Day

We break down St. Patrick's Day history beyond wearing green and throwing back Irish-themed drinks.
Person on a business trip packing up his suitcase.

How to pack a suit when you’re traveling light

Need help with how to pack a suit for your trip? Pick the method that works best for you and never have to stress about that part of traveling again.
Three various Nixon watches.

Nixon watches are a fine choice for a first quality timepiece

Nixon watches bridge the gap between cheap, functional watches and pricier, luxury chronometers. For this reason, these watches a great investment
Saint Valentine Illustration.

The fascinating history of Valentine’s Day (it’s way weirder than you thought)

Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14th? What's special about it? Let's find out in our guide about the bone-chilling history of V-day.
Super Bowl XXIV San Francisco 49ers vs Denver Broncos 1990 Joe Montana

5 interesting facts about the Super Bowl’s history to gear up for the game

The Super Bowl is upon us, with the Eagles playing the Chiefs in Arizona this February. But what of the history and tradition wrapped up in the biggest game?
how to drive in snow

How to drive in the snow: The complete guide to staying safe this winter

Want to learn how to drive in snow like a pro? Here are our top tips, tricks, skills, and gear to take the sting out of winter driving.
winter snow car street

Cold weather hacks: The winter driving tips you need

For those of you who live in regions of the United States that get cold, here are a few quick ways to make driving a cold car less unpleasant this winter.
best sparkling water cocktails fresh spring

These are the best sparkling waters on the market

Call it sparkling water, seltzer water, or carbonated water, these delicious drinks deliver flavor and refreshment without the calories.
Man doing pullups in a gym.

The 10 best back exercises you can do, according to a celebrity trainer

A strong and functional back will help prevent injuries and add shape to your physique, so we've listed the best back exercises for you!
Martin Luther King 'I have a dream'

Here are 10 famous speeches that continue to stand the test of time

Great speeches transcend time and place, offering wisdom that speaks to every era and stirring souls long after their speakers' tongues have been silenced.
how to change a light fixture setting up fixtures wires getty images

How to Change a Light Fixture Without Getting Shocked

Changing a lightbulb is easy. Now if it's the light fixture itself you want to change? Oh boy... that's... well, it's actually pretty easy too, as it turns out.
A man with backpack holding two trekking polls approaching a hut in the mountains.

The 7 Best Trekking Poles for Your Upcoming Hike

In this guide, we'll give you a rundown of the best trekking poles as well as teach you how to choose the right pair of poles for your next hike.
why vinyl is coming back victrola

Why Vinyl Records Are Making a Comeback in 2022

What's behind the resurgence of records in the digital age?
best energy drinks

The 10 Best Energy Drinks to Buy in 2022

Energy drinks are a great way to give your body the added edge needed to push harder and longer physically and to stay focused and on task mentally.
A Harry and David Tower of Treats Signature Gift with various dishes on a table.

The 22 Best Gifts for Co-workers This Holiday

Level up your workplace presents by giving your colleagues something more professional yet thoughtful, like these best co-worker gifts.
man with glasses reading

9 Great Books by Latin American Authors To Read This Month

Latin American literature is hardly monolithic -- no single theme informs the major works and no set historical events define the bulk of writing.
best water filters 2021

The 10 Best Water Filters To Buy for Home and Outdoor Use in 2022

Don't be fooled by seemingly clean tap water. The best water filters for 2022 will help ensure that the H2O you consume is fresh and contaminant-free.

The 7 Best Folding Bikes for Commuting, Exercise, and Fun

You can get folding bikes suitable for hours of cycling on streets, sidewalks, and even trails without cluttering up your life. Here are the best ones.
how to change a tire

How to Change a Tire, Complete With Hacks and Mistakes To Avoid

Don't wait to be stuck in the middle of nowhere before learning how to change a tire. Knowing how to do such task is a timeless skill needed in emergencies.
Young group of friends playing board game on table at home interior.

The 14 Best Board Games to Play Right Now

Here's a list of the best board games sure to keep players of all skill levels and ages occupied for hours.
Best First Aid Kits

Be Prepared with the 8 Best First-Aid Kits for 2022

Accidents, injuries, burns, bug bites, and worse can strike at any time. Be prepared and equip yourself with the best first aid kits of 2022.
recyclable dishware cups plates bowls camping best reusable 2021

Best Recyclable Cups, Bowls, and Plates to Make Your Next Camping Trip Easier

With recyclable camping dishes, you can stick with the "leave no trace" mantra but avoid cleaning day-old food gunk off of reusable cups, plates, and cutlery.

5 Easy Camping Cocktails to Shake Your Post-Hike Thirst

The secret to making great camping cocktails while you're far from home is keeping it simple and delicious. Here are the best cocktails you can try.
rv hot spring mammoth lakes california

Best Affordable Vacation Ideas: Get Outta Town, Not Outta Cash

If you're flexible creative, your next getaway might be memorable, cheap, and lots of fun. Here are some of the best cheap vacation ideas to get you started.
lobster roll

How to Make Lobster Rolls the Easy (and Cheap) Way

Lobster rolls are all the rage, and for damn good reason (it's because they're delicious). Here's how to easily make a lobster roll without breaking the bank.
best fatherhood quotes ray romano getty images

The 15 Best Quotes About Fatherhood You Will Ever Hear

You don't have to figure out fatherhood on your own. Here are the best 15 quotes by fathers that will help you feel like you're not such big screw-up after all.
best cbd soda seltzer sparkling beverages infused water 2021

The 9 Best CBD Sodas and Seltzers That Bring Out the Flavor

CBD soda and seltzer continue to be all the rage. Here are nine of the best to try right now.
how to unclog a kitchen sink

Man School 101: How to Unclog the Kitchen Sink

The best way to deal with a clogged kitchen sink is to not let it get clogged in the first place. But a good ol' plunger might be all you need for that clog.
most expensive gins gin

5 of the Most Expensive Gins in the World

As it turns out, there are a number of high-quality gins out there that will cost you a pretty penny. Here are five of the most expensive gins in the world.
little and often trent preszler 0

How This Winery CEO’s Canoe-Building Quest Healed a Lingering Family Wound

Writing a memoir that has received early praise from Nick Offerman was a thing that Preszler never planned to do but has since done masterfully.
well groomed lawn

Spring Lawn Care Tips: How to Bring Your Yard Back to Life After Winter

You can usually revive your lawn with just a few hours of work followed by routine maintenance like mowing, light weeding, and proper irrigation. Here's how.
best products for growing food indoors herbs

The 5 Best Products for Growing Food Indoors with Zero Gardening Experience in 2021

You can enjoy fresh herbs, fruits, and veggies anytime of year when you set up an indoor garden. Here's our list for the best products for growing food indoors.
best potato mashers 2021

The 9 Best Potato Mashers to Buy in 2022

We found the best potato mashers from budget to luxury mashers, so you can easily make visually appetizing mashed potatoes.
best running books for runners 2021

The 7 Best Running Books to Read For Every Kind of Runner

The writers featured here will help inspire any non-runner to strap on a pair of shoes, and inspire current runners to push harder, faster, and longer.
25 best kitchen gifts under 2021

The 25 Best Kitchen Gifts Under $25 That Will be Plenty Appreciated

Don't let your kitchen become a nightmare with the best kitchen gifts under $25 for 2021, guaranteed to bolster efficiency without breaking the bank.
how to make pizza from scratch una210128 44  c sara stadtmiller

Pizza Icon Anthony Mangieri’s Secret To Making Life-Changing Pizza From Scratch

Chef Anthony Mangieri has made more than 700,000 pizzas in his lifetime, and counting.
best affordable work from home products male working during corona crisis

How To Upgrade Your Home Office for Less Than $100

Improving your work from home space need not mean costly renovations and remodels.
joe lo truglio st patricks day jamesonspto

Joe Lo Truglio Shows Us How To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the Right Way

Saint Patrick's Day is all about enjoying a bit of time spent with friends and without working.
les stroud survivorman interview 13584748 10153791201981275 4635546412464632835 o

Survivorman Les Stroud Has Shown a Generation of Men How to Survive in the Wild

As Survivorman, Stroud grew into globally recognized figure. In the process, he pioneered an entirely new genre: survival TV.
one small change family covid 19 young loving embracing in dining room

The One Small Change My Family Made During the Pandemic that Keeps Us Grounded

Every night, as we sit down together at dinner, we go around the table and we each say our "Thankfuls."
how to make a resume computer

The Grown Man’s Guide on How to Make a Resume

How do you write a great resume? As with all writing, concision and clarity are critical. Your task is to lay out your experience, skills, and qualifications.
high protein snacks with meat jerky best 2021

8 Best Delicious Protein Snacks if You’re Tired of Regular Shakes and Powders

Protein bars and shakes are an easy way to incorporate extra protein into your diet. Looking for something else? Check out these ready-to-go protein snacks.
why you need to stock up on groceries today walmart prime day 2021 best grocery deliver services

The 6 Best Places to Buy Groceries Online in 2022

It can be easier to get groceries delivered than to go to the store. Just remember to expect tight delivery windows and delays.
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The 15 Most Memorable Presidential Quotes of All Time

Celebrate this Presidents Day with some of the most memorable presidential quotes of all time.
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The Best Inspirational Books That Can Change Your Life

10 inspirational books to help you feel ready to face what's next this year.