How to Open a Beer Bottle Without an Opener (Pictures)

how to open a beer bottle without an opener

The crisis? You want to enjoy a beer, but you have no bottle opener.

The solution? You bought canned beer. Hurrah! See ya next week.

Wait, what’s that? You have a bottle of beer without a twist-off cap and you forget to bring along a bottle opener? Or you somehow manage to live in a home without a bottle opener? Well, don’t panic, sir, because we’re going to get through this thing.

After all, it’s surprisingly easy to open a beer bottle without an opener. All the bottle opener does is use a bit of leverage to bend the cap, anyway. So let’s create some leverage, and then let’s drink some beer.

A quick note before we get started: It’s easy to open beer bottles using rings, but the potential for damaging your ring or your metacarpal is very high, so we’ve left that one out.

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