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Spoon Heads Down New Sonic Paths on its Ninth Album

Spoon's ninth album, "Hot Thoughts," finds the band expanding its sound more than any other time in its two decade-long career.
cheat codes next pop music obsession 3

Cheat Codes Are Your Next Pop Music Obsession

LA-based trio Cheat Codes make infectious, dance-worthy music that'll get you up off your feet and moving this spring and summer.
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz Changed Tom Brady’s Life and it Can Change Yours, Too

The Four Agreements is a self-help method that offers simple ways to combat the self-limiting beliefs that create suffering and stress on a daily basis
Master & Dynamic

Master & Dynamic Headphones for Bloomingdales Top Our Must-Have List

Master & Dynamic tapped men's fashion designers John Varvatos, Michael Kors, and more for a craft headphone collection for Bloomingdales.
shinola runwell turntable

Shinola Launches The Runwell Turntable for True Audiophiles

Shinola & VPI collaborated on The Shinola Runwell turntable. It includes VPi-developed components and is a limited run of 500 pieces. Get it while you can.
Billy Bragg

Shine a Light: Billy Bragg & Joe Henry on the Railway

In which Billy Bragg and Joe Henry attempt to capture the spirit of the American rail road through song.
mag-lev audio

Spin your wax on a cushion of air with this levitating turntable

If you love vinyl but you want a more futuristic look, the gravity-defying, fricition-free Mag-Lev Audio turntable might be right up your alley.
Aksak Maboul

Reimagining Véronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul’s Not-So-Lost Masterpiece

Three decades after its initial announcement, Véronique Vincent and Aksak Maboul's collaboration has been realized and reinterpreted.
ultra subwoofer

SVS’ new 16- Ultra subwoofer will Force your Foundation to Flex

SVS has long made some of the finest subwoofers available. Now, its already outstanding Ultra subwoofer series get two new member, sure to rock your house.

Nihilism Reigns on The Wytches’ ‘All Your Happy Life’

The Wytches have created a darkly entrancing Sophomore album and have found something essential in their own sound and narrowed their focus to emphasize it.
celebrate americas space program with galactic golden vinyl voyager 1

Celebrate America’s Space Program with Galactic Golden Vinyl

Ozma Records has compiled the Voyager Golden Record into a 3-disc vinyl collection. This Galactic set is now available through their Kickstarter.
Death By Unga Bunga

Death By Unga Bunga’s Refreshing New EP, ‘Fight!’

Death By Unga Bunga's 'Fight!' EP reveals a band that has come into its own and branched out from its Sonics-influenced garage sound while remaining lively.

Aquaserge’s ‘Guerre EP:’ A Journey Into Sound

Aquaserge is a band that defies easy categorization.The shifts in sound make the band's latest EP, Guerre EP (Out now via Crammed Discs), a thrilling listen
the frightnrs

The Frightnrs Say It All on ‘Nothing More to Say’

The Frightnrs' debut full-length, 'Nothing More to Say,' is a stirring tribute to the band's late vocalist and the Rocksteady genre.
Joseph's New Album

Joseph’s New Album, ‘I’m Alone, No You’re Not,’ is a Really Big One

Joseph's new album 'I'm Alone, No You're Not' is a triumph of personal expression, and a pleasure to listen to, to boot.
River Whyless

The Evocative Folk Music of River Whyless’ ‘We All The Light’

River Whyless' 'We All The Light' stands out from the indie folk crowd with intricate composition, affecting lyrics, and gorgeous harmonies.
Lydia Loveless

Getting Real with Lydia Loveless

After dipping her toe into pop music on 2014's Somewhere Else, Lydia Loveless is set to release her 4th record, Real, through Bloodshot Records.
innocence reaches, of montreal

Of Montreal Bring In New Influences on ‘Innocence Reaches’

Of Montreal will release its upbeat, 14th studio album, 'Innocence Reaches,' on Friday, August 12th through Polyvinyl records.
quiero creedence, ccr, creedence clearwater revival

‘Quiero Creedence,’ Is a Tribute to the Band’s Popularity in Latin America

'Quiero Creedence,' released last Friday, sees a collection of Latin American artists pay homage to CCR with new takes on some of the band's biggest hits.
7 bluegrass and roots rock bands to check out in 2016 mosessumney

7 Bluegrass and Roots Rock Bands To Check Out in 2016

The Bluegrass Situation’s Executive Director Amy Reitnouer tells us the top acts to check out in 2016
a need for speed lamborghini supercars

A Need For Speed: Lamborghini Supercars

Lamborghini Supercars: 50 Years is here. The book is a complete guide to that car you've always wanted.
Hiker meditating

Q&A with David Gelles author of Mindful Work

New York Times Reporter David Gelles discusses mindfulness and mediation.
new music monday jose gonzalez jos  gonz lez

New Music Monday: José González

Vestiges & Claws, the new record from José González, is out now via Mute Records.
commons fort george plazm upright

Breweries and Art Collide: Fort George, The Commons, Plazm

When two of our favorite breweries announced a collaboration, we knew something special was on our way, but we weren't expecting this.
new music monday kasse mady diabate

New Music Monday: Kassé Mady Diabaté

Kassé Mady Diabaté's new album, Kiriké, comes out in the US on January 6 via Six Degrees Records.
new music monday meet ages

New Music Monday: Meet Ages & Ages

Introducing New Music Monday featuring Ages and Ages from Portland, Oregon!
skip songs class dj scratch academy

Skip Songs, Not Class with DJ Scratch Academy

DJ Scratch Academy will help you become the next international DJ in six short weeks!
levis 501 interpretations

Levi’s 501 Interpretations

501 Interpretations is the exciting new photography book by the iconic denim brand Levi's, commemorating 140 years in the business.
the manual meets lonely island

The Manual Meets The Lonely Island

The Lonely Island, the hilarious music trio behind "Lazy Sunday", "I'm on a Boat" and other SNL digital shorts has finally released their third album which is titled "The Wack Album". The Manual was lucky enough to meet with the trio to discuss their comedic influences, their success, and their long time friendship.
kentucky bourbon whiskey bourbonmanual

Book of Spirits

sustainable living handmadehouses

A Handmade Tale

wild cubs keegan dewitt cub

Wild Cub’s Keegan DeWitt

An interview with Wild Cub singer and songwriter Keegan DeWitt.