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Levi’s 501 Interpretations

Calling all denim heads. Levi’s 501 Interpretations is the exciting new photography book by the iconic denim brand commemorating 140 years in the biz. The Manual recently got a sneak peek at the tome and was blown away with the 501 photographs—the culmination of a global campaign designed to bring together visual interpretations of the classic 501 style by fans and celebrities—showcasing good ol’ blue on ordinary folks to stars such as True Blood’s Joe Manganiello and singer Miguel to actors Anna Kendrick and Kate Bosworth. Dedicated followers of fashion will particularly be interested in renowned photographer Francesco Carrozzini’s portraits of designers and tastemakers, ranging from Todd Snyder, Mark McNairy and actor Alan Cumming to Paper Magazine‘s Mickey Boardman, Details’ Eugene Tong and A Continuous Lean‘s Michael Williams, all sporting the classic jean in their own stylish way. Levi’s produced only 501 copies of the book globally, so run, don’t walk to get this casebound gem in high-quality linen wrap, each individually numbered and with a unique cover image so no two editions are alike. Levi’s 501 Interpretations will be sold for $55 at select Levi’s stores as of August 1 and online shortly after, with proceeds going to students at the California College of Art in San Francisco.

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